In Montserrado Inter-High School Debate: Len Miller Loses to Wesleyan High

first_imgLen Miller High School, which topped last year’s Montserrado Inter-High School Debate, has been trounced in the knockout stage of the competition by Gardnersville Wesleyan High School. Len Miller failed to maintain its excellent form which its team exhibited last year.At the start of the debate, a large section of the divided audience shouted in support of Len Miller while describing Gardnersville Wesleyan as the “underdog.”But surprisingly, at the end of the debate, the three judges announced the score in favor of Garnerville Wesleyan 86-80 points against their feared rival Len Miller.Both schools resolved on the topic, “Should the Government Grant Prosecuting Power to Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC)?”Presenting their affirmative side of the argument, Len Miller quoted section 5.1 of the LACC Act, which says, “…The Commission should have prosecuting powers to eradicate corrupt practices from the Liberian society.” Borrowing a line from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Len Miller team argued that “Granting direct prosecutorial power will strengthen the LACC, insulate it from reliance on external entities of government and help dispel notions that decisions to prosecute and not to prosecute are politically motivated.” The team contended that it was about time the President’s argument was supported and said it was convinced that LACC be granted prosecutorial power in order to properly fight corruption. On the negative side of the debate, Gardnersville Wesleyan argued that “LACC as an autonomous and independent body established through an Act of Legislature in August 2008, has no provision to prosecute, rather it is only the Judiciary that has the power to prosecute whoever commits an offense, be it a corrupt practice or not…” Meanwhile, in the other two debates Apostolic Foundation High School (Affirmative) defeated Jimmy Jolocon (Negative) 82-84 on the topic, “Should Africa Use a Single Currency?”Earlier Lombardia walked away with free points after J.J Roberts failed to turn up for the debate. The debate is held every week by the Devine Event and Consultancy under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and powered by Cellcom GSM and other partners including Samba Juice and the Ministry of Information. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

10 inmates recaptured after reportedly escaping from NOC

first_imgTen minors who were being held at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) have reportedly been recaptured after escaping from the facility, according to unconfirmed reports.The incident is said to have occurred around 15:00h on Wednesday and efforts were reportedly being made by administrators to contact the escaped minors quietly since then. When contacted late Wednesday evening, G Division (Essequibo coast-Islands) Commander Khali Pareshram said he was not made aware of any incident at the facility. “I do not have any information. I am not aware of such an incident,” the Commander said. Several calls to the telephone number for the administrator at the NOC, Mark Dover, went unanswered. However, when contact was finally made, the individual who answered said that this newspaper had the wrong number even though the voicemail attached to the phone number identified the owner as “Mark Dover”.last_img read more

Family, colleagues demand justice for nurse found dead in Mahdia

first_imgScores of nurses attached to the Linden Complex Hospital, Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice), along with family members of Schenise Apple, who was found dead in Mahdia, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni), took to the streets of Linden on Monday calling for justice for the nurse.Dead: Schenise AppleNurses from Linden Hospital Complex protestingFamily of Schenise Apple and nurses calling for justice on Monday during protest action in LindenThe deceased Nurse’s grandmother Volda DanielsApple, who was a nurse attached to the Mahdia Hospital, was discovered hanging at the Nurses’ Hostel in Mahdia on July 2, 2019. It was alleged that she committed suicide.The post-mortem examination released by the police on Friday revealed that Apple died as a result of asphyxiation and as such, the matter is being treated as a homicide, however, no arrest has been made as Police continue their investigations.On Monday nurses and family members gathered outside of the Linden Hospital Complex for two hours, chanting slogans calling or justice to be served in relation to Apple’s death.Holding placards bearing slogans such as “Better security needed”, “Nurses rights are human rights”, “Justice for Nurse Apple” and “What affects one affects all” family, friends and nurses marched along Casaurina Drive, Mackenzie, as they shouted “Justice for Nurse Apple”, “We need justice” and “Nurse Apple need justice”.Speaking with Guyana Times, one of the nurses related that Apple, who resided in Linden, was a quiet and jovial person who did not deserve such a death. The nurse related that the protest action was birthed by a group of nurses from Linden, who felt that action by Police is being delayed and they were worried that this will be another murder investigation that goes cold or unsolved.“We want justice for our colleague. She was sent there to do a job and she was there serving the people diligently. She should have been protected. The system failed her. She was such a young soul definitely gone too soon and we believe that if we do not stand up and demand action, nothing will be done,” she said.The nurses said they will continue to protest as often as possible for as long as possible until a thorough and transparent investigation is done and justice is served.Meanwhile, also speaking with this publication, Apple’s grandmother, Volda Daniels, claimed that the family members were not allowed to witness the post-mortem examination. She, however, claimed that she saw what appeared to be burn marks on the woman’s neck prior to the examination.“We want a speedy investigation, they must find the culprits…She was a quiet and decent young woman. That girl never in no story with nobody, why they do her like that? She left here, they send she so to work and now she’s dead. I’m calling on Ramjattan, the Security Minister and Health Minister Volda Lawrence, let them go to Region Eight and investigate fully …she was working and she served this country as a young woman, she had a bright future and I think they should do something,” Daniels lamented.The woman added that she buried her son only nine months ago under similar circumstances and the family is yet to receive justice. She was referring to Sherwin Apple, who was killed some time ago after he was implicated in the alleged rape of the Linden minor which was caught on video. Daniels noted, however, that justice must be served for her granddaughter as she called for staff at the hospital to also be investigated.“Why is it the Government taking so long to hold these people?” the dead woman’s uncle questioned on Monday. The family is also claiming that someone at the location was using the deceased woman’s cellphone after her death.Prior to her death, Apple had been working at the location for nine months. She was initially expected to work there for a year. Minister Lawrence has since made calls for a full probe into the nurse’s death. The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has also joined the calls.Meanwhile, a usually reliable source from Mahdia, Region Eight, told this publication that there are reports in the mining town that the nurse was murdered and the suicide was staged. “Everyone saying that the young lady was murdered. They are saying that from how the body was discovered, it was as if it was placed there, and who would hang themselves with a towel? It just doesn’t add up,” the source opined.Speaking with this publication, a nurse said that no one saw Apple during the day of July 2, but that was nothing strange.“It is normal when you finish the night shift to sleep most of the day. So after no one saw her, we didn’t take it for anything,” a nurse told this publication.However, at about 18:15h, another colleague inquired about Apple and it was then that they visited the hostel and found her body.The police were notified and the woman’s body was removed.last_img read more

We do not want parking meters – PPP/C reiterates

first_img…wants forensic audit into contractOpposition against the parking meter project continues to mount even as preparations are underway to roll out the initiative.An estimated 400 parking meters are expected to be installed along selected streets in the central business district of the capital city of Georgetown.Concerns abound over the criteria used for the selection of the streets which will be equipped with parking meters, since it registers as a discriminatory move as some patrons will be mandated to pay for parking while others will not.PPP/C MP Irfaan Ali will be moving the motion to debate the parking meter projectThe controversial parking meter contract, after being exposed in the media as being shrouded in secrecy and smelling of corruption, was reviewed by the executive for any illegalities.Among the concerns raised about the contract are the division of profits, the exorbitant amount being charged for parking, the development, as well as the terms of the agreement, and the credibility of the company undertaking the initiative.The parliamentary Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) had strongly criticised the imposition of this extra financial expense on the public, especially in light of the fact that there were absolutely no consultations on the matter beforehand.Despite the flaws highlighted in the contract, Government discovered nothing illegal and gave the green light for the commencement of the project once certain recommendations were implemented. This included a reduced fee for parking, which was eventually changed in the contract.In his most recent commentary, PPP/C Member of Parliament (MP) Anil Nandlall re-emphasised that the Opposition completely rejected the instalment of parking meters around Georgetown on the basis of the current economic state.“The PPP party has spoken on this matter. We are of the view that we do not need and do not want parking meters in Guyana. It will impose an additional financial and economic burden on the people of this country. The economy cannot sustain parking meters at this point in time,” he posited.He argued that the Government’s overconcentration on taxing people was the wrong focus since it would only hurt the economy.“Whilst they continue to pile taxes on our people, the production sectors are declining, our people are earning less, their disposable income reducing, no new jobs created, no new investment, every day people are losing jobs,” he said, referring to the dismissal of employees at Barama and GuySuCo.“We have survived without parking meters for 50 years and we can go another few years without parking meters,” Nandlall expressed.Further, the PPP/C intends to address the matter in the upcoming sitting of the National Assembly.According to the parliamentary agenda, PPP/C MP Irfaan Ali will be moving the motion to debate the parking meter project on the grounds that there were no public consultations, stakeholders have pleaded with the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) to revise the initiative, and the contract may have violated tender procedures.The motion will also address the fact that some Councillors have objected to the project’s implementation and the question of whether the legal hurdles and protocols have been addressed, such as the M&CC having authority over public roads, such as Regent Street, Water Street and Avenue of the Republic.The PPP/C in its motion will be calling on the Auditor General of Guyana, Deodat Sharma to conduct a forensic audit into the Georgetown Municipal Council, including the parking meter contract.last_img read more

Fort St. John U-16 Black Ice volleyball team takes silver in Grande Prairie

first_imgThe girls came out strong on the first day of the tournament.  The team did a great job of serve reception as well as placement of attacks. The team played with a quick tempo and high energy that got them into the finals for day two of the event.Unfortunately, the team fell to the Parkland Ravens in the final game of the tournament, and as a result of put themselves in a great spot to pick up where the left off entering provincials.The provincial tournament gets underway from Edmonton this Saturday.- Advertisement –last_img

Spartan Controls lead Pro-Am after day one

first_imgWith day two of the Petron Communications Charity Pro-Am golf tournament underway, team Spartan Controls is entering the last round in the lead.The Spartan Controls team, comprised of amateurs Randy Neher, Dale Szoo, Gene Danyluk Keith Rost and pro Ryan Stugis, have the team lead entering the last 18 holes of the tournament, with a score of 141.Holding the second place spot, with 142 points, is team Lakepoint #3. Representing the team are amateurs Merlin Gerber, Greg Pallister, Annette Reeder, Stephen Brandman and pro Owen McCarthy.- Advertisement -Entering the final round in third is team Doug Sather with 144 points. Doug and Don Sather, Bob Brown, Kim Arnston and pro Devin Carrey make up the team. The final round began at 8 a.m., Wednesday.Advertisement Prize presentations for the tournament will take place at 3 p.m.last_img read more

Granger somersaults on plantain chip recommendation

first_img…tells Berbicians to get into manufacturingIn what is considered a complete backpedalling of his previous advice to young Guyanese, President David Granger is now calling on Berbicians to stop selling plantain chips at the Berbice River Bridge and get into manufacturing instead.The Head of State made this statement on Friday in the country’s oldest town as he declared the 2019 New Amsterdam Town Week open.Persons selling plaintain chips at the Berbice River BridgeIn October of last year at Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, the President, responding to a question from a young lady about the availability of job opportunities as promised on the 2015 campaign trail said “The possibilities of employment with the Government are limited but the possibilities of self-employment are unlimited. When you ask what are the job opportunities and about the brain drain, I tell you that you don’t have to run and leave because this is the land of promise and opportunities. Young people must learn to go out and create jobs and there are so many possibilities here in East Berbice, anytime you go by the Bridge [Berbice River Bridge] you see people with these big laundry baskets selling plantain chips. That is business, don’t laugh at them”.The Guyanese leader has been saying that there is scope for Guyana’s growth by selling plantain chips and cook-up rice.However, former President and economist Bharrat Jagdeo, who is the current Opposition Leader, has slammed the President’s idea of job creation, saying that an economy cannot be run on plantain chips.The President had defended his “plantain chip economy” proposal in the past, saying that “It may start with plantain chips… small things could end up big… Some people call it the plantain chip economy. I would like those same people to go to the regional exhibitions which we have been holding around the country and see women coming out of Yupukari and Hiawa, see housewives getting into the microeconomy; and you can see something happening in Guyana”.But now, the Head of State is suggesting that persons stop selling plantain chips at the Berbice Bridge and get into manufacturing. He said Region Six (East Corentyne-Berbice) should get more into agro-processing.“Region Six can produce enough processed food for the entire Caribbean. My friends, you have the potential, you have the land, you have the expertise [and] you have the resources. This region has all of the most important ecological geographical zones. It has coastland, it has grassland called the intermediate savannahs, it has high land in the south; the New River area, it has hilly sand and clay zone,” the President stated.Region Six, he went on to say, has become the economic engine of the east of Guyana – a region which is rich in resources and agricultural produce.Bauxite, rice and sugar, he noted, are some of the commodities coming out of the region thus making it the agricultural heartland of the country.Half of the sugar and a quarter of the rice produced in Guyana come from Region Six alone. The region also produces a substantial portion of fish, cattle and livestock along with more than twenty-five per cent of the vegetables grown in Guyana.As it relates to fruits, Region Six produces more than twenty per cent of what the country produces.Despite this, however, the President said the region is not doing enough. To this end, he pointed out that agro-processing is the way forward.“Stop celling plantain chips at the Berbice River Bridge…,” the Head of State stressed.Zeroing in on New Amsterdam and Town Week activities, President Granger said as the town celebrates its 128th anniversary as a municipality, it is a time to celebrate the town’s rich history and heritage.Meanwhile, the Town’s Mayor, Winifred Haywood, boasted that over the past year, New Amsterdam has made great strides with the rehabilitation of the Bermine Ground and the synthetic track, which is currently being constructed at the Burnham Park. The restoration of the Esplanade Park and the street lighting project were also heightened by Her Worship.Among the activities planned for the one-week programme are the Mayors Ball, birding competition, inter-school debating competition, senior citizens breakfast, high school basketball competition, all-white cocktail party, male empowerment pageant, domino competitions, softball cricket competitions, poetry competition, big people party one-man band, medical outreaches, renaming of streets in Stanleytown, a street fair and exhibition. The week of activities will conclude on November 3, with a duck curry competition and cooler fete.last_img read more

Barkley to quit Everton, says Ronald Koeman

first_imgKoeman claims Barkley has made it clear he wants to leave and the Dutch coach expects the 23-year-old to eventually get his wish, with Arsenal and Tottenham both keen on signing the Everton youth team product.Asked if he was 100 percent sure, Barkley would go, Koeman told reporters: “Yeah. Ross told me at the end of the season he wanted another challenge.“His personal situation is really not so difficult: we made a good offer to him to sign a new contract, he declined that contract and told me that he is looking for a new challenge.“It is his decision, I need to respect that and then we will see what happens but what I heard from the board is there is not really an offer on the table for Ross.“My priority is not Ross, with respect, it is his decision. I look more to other players. I knew this at the end of the season.“Everyone knows what the situation is and that’s enough, I don’t talk any more about this.”Barkley is currently injured, having had surgery on a minor groin problem, and will be out for up to four weeks.Koeman has already brought in Davy Klaassen from Ajax to replace Barkley and is eyeing a move for Swansea playmaker Gylfi Sigurdsson.But when Barkley returns to fitness, Koeman has no plans to remove him from the squad until a transfer is sealed.“He had his groin surgery last week and normally it takes three to four weeks before he is back,” Koeman said.“He has one more year of contract and we work with respect for people and if he is back after his surgery, after the injury, and back for training he will be part of first team sessions.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Everton midfielder Ross Barkley looks to be heading out of Goodison Park © AFP/File / Oli SCARFFLONDON, United Kingdom, Jul 26 – Everton manager Ronald Koeman sparked a transfer chase for Ross Barkley on Wednesday by revealing he is “100 percent” certain the England midfielder will leave Goodison Park.Barkley is in the final year of his Everton contract and last season he was told by Koeman he would be sold if he didn’t sign the Premier League club’s offer of a lucrative new deal.last_img read more

Liverpool midfielder set for January transfer window move?

first_imgLiverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva is growing increasingly unsettled at the club and could be set for a move away from Anfield in January.The out of favour Brazilian has only made two Premier League starts so far this season and has revealed that he came close to linking up with former manager Rafael Benitez at Napoli during the summer.“I want to play, whether in Liverpool or another club. In the past there were contacts with Atletico Madrid, but did not materialize,” the player told TuttoNapoli.“There were also contacts with Napoli, but it was not a good enough proposal to all parties.”Napoli manager Benitez, who brought Lucas to Anfield from Gremio in 2007, has always held the Brazilian in high esteem and could be set to renew interest in the 27-year-old once the window reopens. 1 Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva last_img read more

La Russa mum on Mariner rumors

first_imgFrom news services Tony La Russa had little to say Wednesday about speculation he will leave the St. Louis Cardinals after a dozen seasons to manage the Seattle Mariners next season. “No reaction,” La Russa said. “Nothing to it?” La Russa was asked. “I don’t think so,” he responded. Last year’s World Series champions faded in September and are all but a lock to miss the postseason. “I just want us to finish strong, that’s the No. 1 thing,” La Russa said. “We’ve been finishing strong in effort, I just want us to finish strong and get enough wins to where we have a good taste.” There has been speculation that La Russa and General Manager Walt Jocketty might leave after the season for the Cincinnati Reds or the Mariners. La Russa, the third-winningest manager in major league history, led the Cardinals to the postseason seven times in his first 11 seasons, also making it to the World Series in 2004. His three-year contract, worth $2.8 million per season, expires after the season. It’s standard practice for La Russa to finish a contract before signing a new one in St. Louis. Bonds rips collector Barry Bonds said the man who bought his 756th home run ball and announced plans to let the public decide its fate is an “idiot.” Fashion designer Marc Ecko had the winning bid Saturday in the online auction for the ball that Bonds hit last month to break Hank Aaron’s record of 755 home runs. The final selling price was $752,467, well above most predictions. Ecko, 35, has set up a Web site that lets visitors vote on three options for the ball: give it to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, brand it with an asterisk before sending it to Cooperstown or blast it into space on a rocket ship. The asterisk would suggest that Bonds’ record is tainted by alleged steroid use. The Giants slugger has denied knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs. “All of those options don’t weigh anything,” Bonds told the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday night in Phoenix. “In baseball, that number (756) stands.” Bonds said Ecko could have found a better way to spend three-quarters of a million dollars. “He’s stupid. He’s an idiot,” Bonds said. “He spent $750,000 on the ball and that’s what he’s doing with it? What he’s doing is stupid.” Ecko did not directly respond to Bonds’ comments, but said in a statement he would make Bonds a custom T-shirt that says, “Marc Ecko paid $752,467 for my ball, and all I got was this `stupid’ T-shirt.”‘ Ecko plans to announce what he will do with No.756 after voting ends Sept.25. Around the leagues Braves: Jeff Bennett, who last pitched in the major leagues in 2004 for Milwaukee, will face the Brewers today when he makes his first start for Atlanta. The Braves also recalled outfielder Brandon Jones and reliever Joey Devine from triple-A Richmond. To clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Bennett, pitcher Kevin Barry was designated for assignment. Brewers: Ace right-hander Ben Sheets traveled back to Milwaukee for an MRI exam on his injured left hamstring. Sheets left Tuesday night’s game in Houston after one inning because of tightness in the hamstring. He was still in pain after the game. Cardinals: Pitcher Mark Mulder, who struggled in three September starts coming back from rotator cuff surgery, will undergo another operation that will end his already abbreviated season. Results of an MRI exam on Tuesday revealed only partial healing of the rotator cuff, while the labrum was completely healed, the team said. Reds: Right fielder Ken Griffey Jr. had to leave the game against the Cubs in the eighth inning after straining his lower abdomen as he tried to make a throw to the infield. Red Sox: Reliever Hideki Okajima won’t pitch for several days because of a tired arm. Okajima has not appeared in a game since Friday, when he allowed a career-high four runs, including two homers – in one-third of an inning in an 8-7 loss to the Yankees. Red Sox manager Terry Francona was evasive about the exact nature of Okajima’s health, but said the left-hander was given time off to “refresh” his arm. Yankees: Slugger Jason Giambi was out of the starting lineup and an MRI exam of his bruised right foot came back negative. Giambi was hit by a pitch from Baltimore’s Daniel Cabrera in the second inning of New York’s 8-5 win Monday. … The Yankees have sold more than 4.26 million tickets for this season to break the franchise record set last year. The club said it has sold 4,262,761 tickets, snapping last season’s mark of 4,243,780. Miscellany: The Dodgers, Padres and Mariners are being considered for possible exhibition games in China during spring training. The games would be played during the second week of March, two baseball officials familiar with the planning said. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img