Canadians who are dual citizens of countries affected by Trump immigration order

first_img Twitter Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Canadians who are dual citizens of Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen will not be allowed to enter the United States under an order issued by U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday.Dual citizens who hold Canadian passports as well as a passport from any of those countries are covered by the ban. But those who were born in one of those countries but only hold a Canadian passport, and are not dual citizens, appear to be unaffected by the ban. Facebook Advertisement Login/Register With:last_img

Woman says police ignored sex assault complaint against alleged Winnipeg serial killer

first_img(Alleged Winnipeg serial killer Shawn Lamb, 52)APTN National NewsWINNIPEG-A Winnipeg woman says police ignored her sexual assault complaint against a Shawn Lamb, an alleged serial killer accused of murdering three Aboriginal women.The First Nation woman, who requested anonymity, was working as a sex worker when she said Lamb tried to rape her about five months ago after inviting her into his apartment to smoke crack.“He proceeded to put himself on me, he was trying to be aggressive on me, trying to rub me and trying to rape me,” she said, in an interview with APTN National News, which airs Wednesday. “I fought him off me and I was screaming, but I fought him off me. I grabbed a hammer and I swing it at him and told him, ‘If you don’t let me out of your house, I’ll smash your house up.’”The woman said she then went to police.“My voice wasn’t heard. They didn’t do nothing about it,” she said. “They just thought it was a bad date gone wrong.”Lamb, 52, is currently facing three counts of second degree murder in the deaths of Tanya Jane Nepinak, 31, Carolyn Sinclair, 25, and Lorna Blacksmith, 18.All three women disappeared within the space of five months around the same street, Ellice Ave, known locally as Winnipeg’s “street of tears.” Nepinak disappeared last September, Sinclair in December and Blacksmith disappeared in January of this year.According to court records, police allege that Blacksmith was killed Jan. 12, while Sinclair was killed Dec. 18, 2011, and Nepinak was murdered on Sept. 13, 2011.Sinclair and Blacksmith’s bodies were found in dumpsters while police are still searching for Nepinak’s remains.The families of the women have long claimed they believed the women’s deaths were all connected.last_img read more

BC protesters look to get creative with demonstrations

first_imgAPTN National NewsOver the years people fighting for a cause have found ways of getting their voice heard.However, in British Columbia a group calling themselves Nations United Against Pipelines are taking their right to protest to new levels.They say by changing their tactics their message will be loud and clear.APTN’s Tina House has the story.last_img

Cindy Blackstock eyes Federal Court to force Ottawa to treat First Nations

first_imgAPTN National News If the federal government won’t abide by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling on First Nations children, Cindy Blackstock says she’ll take them to the Federal Court.“We see this as a track to the Federal Court,” said Blackstock Tuesday on the eve of a non-compliance hearing that is to begin at the human rights tribunal.The tribunal called the hearing to examine why the federal government has yet to abide by a Jan. 2016 ruling that it discriminates against First Nation children.The three-day hearing begins Wednesday in Ottawa but in its most recent filing the government has said the tribunal can’t force them to do anything.“The tribunal does not have the statutory authority to enforce its own orders,” wrote the Department of Justice, which is headed up by Jody Wilson-Raybould, a former regional chief with the Assembly of First Nations.Instead, the department said the tribunal should have a little more faith the government will execute the ruling.“They should generally operate under a presumption that their rulings will be executed with reasonable diligence or good faith,” wrote the department.Since its January 2016 ruling, where it determined Ottawa racially discriminates against First Nations children by underfunding programs compared to what non-Indigenous children receive under provincial programs, the tribunal has issued two non-compliance orders.Blackstock said if the federal government didn’t believe the tribunal had authority to enforce its own orders then why did the feds agree to the ruling?She also questions why the federal government didn’t seek a judicial review if it never intended to fully comply with the ruling.“Tomorrow we are going to (the tribunal) because Canada has failed to observe three legal orders to stop racially discriminating against 165,000 little kids,” said Blackstock.She said the government has said it can’t move forward until it finishes it’s “engagement strategy” that has Ottawa talking to groups and organizations to determine their need.“We asked them what is it that you need to know that you don’t know? They have no idea,” said Blackstock. “They don’t know when this engagement is going to be finished.”Blackstock is calling on the Minister of Youth to step in – that’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.“There certainly can’t be a more important issue for the Minister of Youth then to end racial discrimination of its own government towards kids,” said Blackstock. “He needs to take a leadership role in this and demand his government come into full compliance right now.”She estimated the government is at about 30 per cent compliant.The government has said in affidavits to the tribunal it’s provided nearly three quarters of the $71 million earmarked for 2016 for the First Nations Child and Family Services program (FNCFSP). It’s part of $634.8 million funding over five years announced in last year’s budget for FNCFSP. That funding was decided upon before the tribunal made its ruling said Blackstock.Blackstock has maintained at least $10 million of that stayed in Indigenous Affairs for various costs associated with providing the funding to groups across the country.She has said there needed to be at least $200 million in immediate funding to try and meet urgent needs.Blackstock first filed the human rights complaint over 10 years ago, along with the Assembly of First Nations. The former Conservative government tried multiple times to have it read more

Families in Poplar Hill First Nation struggle for answers after children die

first_imgBrittany Hobson APTN National NewsAPTN recently returned from Poplar Hill First Nation where the community has been hit by two suicides of children.The deaths didn’t happen in the community near the Ontario/Manitoba border but hundreds of kilometres away in group homes.The families speak of their pain and unanswered questions.bhobson@aptn.calast_img

Winnipeg family whose 4 year old son needs transplant is getting the

first_imgAshley BrandsonAPTN NewsA Winnipeg family is in need of a transplant for their young son and are now spreading the word for more Indigenous people to become donors.Tanner McLeod is four and a half years old and has a rare blood disorder.“He has been diagnosed with a rare form of anemia,” said mom Miranda McLeod. “They call it sideroblastic anemia. Apparently, there’s very few Manitoban’s that have been diagnosed with it.”They learned of the boy’s condition when he was six-months-old.He goes for regular blood transfusions every three weeks.It’s an all-day process that starts with getting needles at nine o’clock in the

Alberta looking at ways to reduce number of Indigenous children in care

first_imgChris StewartAPTN NewsA number of groups that deal with children in care are meeting to discuss how to curb the number of Indigenous kids who are apprehended each year.According to provincial statistics, over 70 per cent of the children in care are First Nation, Metis or Inuit.The Alberta College of Social Workers, the Indigenous Social work committee and Blue Quills University are holding a series of talking circles around the province to discuss ways to reduce that

Indigenous womens group declares state of emergency over inappropriate communications from male

first_imgVicki Monague says she was the victim of domestic assault. (APTN)Kathleen MartensAPTN NewsA grassroots group of Indigenous women says it’s time to do something about inappropriate texts and Facebook messages.“Let’s talk about how to stop inappropriate communication,” said Sandra DeLaronde, executive director of Manitoba Moon Voices Inc.“…especially from those in positions of power.”Read More:Dumas divorce record shows Facebook and texting concernsMorley Googoo asks chiefs to push back against AFN over suspension #MeToo Movement in Indian Country is out there – but it’s under coverThe group hosted a community gathering in Winnipeg Thursday to discuss harassment and sexual harassment.“People are afraid to come forward,” DeLaronde added, noting there were numerous phone calls from women and two-spirited people who wanted to disclose experiences anonymously.She said there was enough interest for her group to declare “a state of emergency” and call for the creation of “safe spaces and places” for those fleeing sexual violence, exploitation and harassment.DeLaronde, who co-chaired the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Coalition in Manitoba, said being disbelieved and unsupported “further victimizes” the victims.“Ultimately, this is about the safety and security of Indigenous women,” she said Friday. read more

How your smart fridge might be mining bitcoin for criminals

first_imgLONDON – Is the web browser on your phone slower than usual? It could be mining bitcoin for criminals.As the popularity of virtual currencies has grown, hackers are focusing on a new type of heist: putting malicious software on peoples’ handsets, TVs and smart fridges that makes them mine for digital money.So-called “crypto-jacking” attacks have become a growing problem in the cybersecurity industry, affecting both consumers and organizations. Depending on the severity of the attack, victims may notice only a slight drop in processing power, often not enough for them to think it’s a hacking attack. But that can add up to a lot of processing power over a period of months or if, say, a business’s entire network of computers is affected.“We saw organizations whose monthly electricity bill was increased by hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Maya Horowitz, Threat Intelligence Group Manager for Checkpoint, a cybersecurity company.Hackers try to use victims’ processing power because that is what’s needed to create — or “mine” — virtual currencies. In virtual currency mining, computers are used to make the complex calculations that verify a running ledger of all the transactions in virtual currencies around the world.Crypto-jacking is not done only by installing malicious software. It can also be done through a web browser. The victim visits a site, which latches onto the victim’s computer processing power to mine digital currencies as long as they are on the site. When the victim switches, the mining ends. Some websites, including, have tried to do it legitimately and been transparent about it. For three months this year, removed ads from its sites in exchange for users allowing them to mine virtual currencies.Industry experts first noted crypto-jacking as a threat in 2017, when virtual currency prices were skyrocketing to record highs.The price of bitcoin, the most widely known virtual currency, jumped six-fold from September to almost $20,000 in December before falling back down to under $10,000.The number of crypto-jacking cases soared from 146,704 worldwide in September to 22.4 million in December, according to anti-virus developer Avast. It has only continued to increase, to 93 million in May, it says.The first big case emerged in September and centred on Coinhive, a legitimate business that let website owners make money by allowing customers to mine virtual currency instead of relying on advertising revenue. Hackers quickly began to use the service to infect vulnerable sites with miners, most notably YouTube and nearly 50,000 WordPress websites, according to research conducted by Troy Mursch, a researcher on crypto-jacking.Mursch says Monero is the most popular virtual currency among cyber-criminals. A report by cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks estimates that over 5 per cent of Monero was mined through crypto-jacking. That is worth almost $150 million dollars and doesn’t count mining that occurs through browsers.In the majority of attacks, hackers infect as many devices as possible, a method experts calls “spray and pray.”“Basically, everyone with a (computer processing unit) can be targeted by crypto-jacking,” said Ismail Belkacim, a developer of an application that prevents websites from mining virtual currencies.As a result, some hackers target organizations with large computing power. In what they believe might be the biggest crypto-jacking attack so far, Checkpoint discovered in February that a hacker had been exploiting a vulnerability in a server that over several months generated over $3 million in Monero.Crypto-jackers have also recently targeted organizations that use cloud-based services, in which a network of servers is used to process and store data, providing more computing power to companies who haven’t invested in extra hardware.Abusing this service, crypto-jackers use as much power as the cloud will allow them to, maximizing their gains. For businesses, this results in slower performance and higher energy bills.Martin Hron, a security researcher at Avast, says that besides the rise in interest in virtual currencies, there are two main reasons for the rise in attacks.First, crypto-jacking scripts require little skill to implement. Ready-made computer code that automates crypto-mining is easy to find with a Google search, along with tips on the vulnerabilities of devices.Second, crypto-jacking is harder to detect and is more anonymous than other hacks. Unlike ransomware, in which victims have to transfer money to regain access to their computers blocked by hackers, a victim of crypto-jacking might never know their computer is being used to mine currency. And as currency generated by crypto-jacking goes straight into a hacker’s encrypted wallet, the cyber-criminal leaves less of a trail.Both Apple and Google have started to ban applications that mine virtual currencies on their devices. But Hron, the Avast researcher, warns that the risk is growing as more everyday devices are connected to the internet — from ovens to home lighting systems — and that these are often the least secure. Hron said that cheaply made Chinese devices were particularly easy to hack.Some experts say new techniques like artificial intelligence can help get a faster response to suspicious software.That’s what Texthelp, an education technology company, used when it was infected with a crypto-jacker, said Martin McKay, the company’s chief technology officer. “The risk was mitigated for all customers within a period of four hours.”But security researcher Mursch says that these precautions won’t be enough.“They might reduce the impact,” he says, “But I don’t think we’re going to stop it.”last_img read more

Quebecor banks on new wireless and broadcast services to grow Videotron

first_imgMONTREAL – Quebecor Inc. is banking on new services in wireless and television broadcasting to fuel the growth of Videotron, while performance continues to slow in its media division.Ramping up for the launch of Fizz, a low-cost cellular and internet provider, and Helix, a new internet-connected television platform, the Montreal-based media giant said it is looking to increase the number of customers.Quebecor’s new mobile phone plan provider aims to compete with brands such as Koodo, owned by Telus, and similar services from other telecom giants.Videotron’s share of the Quebec wireless market sits at around 17 per cent, compared with nearly 30 per cent for Bell.Outgoing Videotron chief executive Manon Brouillette aimed to reassure analysts, who asked if Videotron would cannibalize its current customers and spark a decline in average revenue per user when Fizz comes on the scene.“We will not target the same customers,” she said. “We believe we can be successful in both segments. Our challenge is to compete with other giants and their affiliates.”Videotron said it can reduce costs with Fizz since it is self-service and sells only online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores. In addition to low-cost plans, the conglomerate’s new service allows its users to roll over unused wireless data to the next month.“We will be able to generate significant margins thanks to this platform,” said the manager of the key Quebecor subsidiary.Videotron added 41,500 mobile customers last quarter, helping to boost subscribers to more than 1.12 million.“Quebecor has the potential to increase its market share in Quebec and we believe that there are interesting growth prospects for the next few years,” said Desjardins Capital Markets analyst Maher Yaghi, despite “disappointing media” revenue, which fell 8.5 per cent.Quebecor reported Thursday that its net income attributable to shareholders increased almost five per cent to $186.7 million in the third quarter on strong wireless numbers and overall revenue growth.The company earned 80 cents per share for the quarter ended Sept. 30, up from 74 cents per share or $178.4 million a year prior.On an adjusted basis, income from operating activities rose 37 per cent to $142 million or 61 cents per share in the third quarter, compared with $103.7 million or 43 cents per share in the third quarter of 2017.Quarterly revenues rose 1.7 per cent year over year to almost $1.06 billion.Quebecor was expected to earn 51 cents per share in adjusted profits on $1.064 billion of revenue, according to analysts polled by Thomson Reuters Eikon.Total net income decreased by 18 per cent to $191 million, from $233.3 million a year ago when it recorded one-time gains from the sale of spectrum licences and impairment of goodwill.Companies in this story: (TSX:QBR.B, TSX:T, TSX:BCE)last_img read more

Trump and Trudeau discuss detained Canadians in China

first_imgTORONTO — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office says Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump have agreed to continue to seek the release of two Canadians detained in China in apparent retaliation for the arrest of a top Chinese tech executive.Trudeau spoke to Trump on Monday and his office says he thanked Trump for strong U.S. statements “in response to the arbitrary detention of two Canadians in China.”The two also spoke about the U.S. extradition request of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou who was arrested while changing planes in Vancouver on Dec. 1. Meng faces fraud charges in the U.S.Nine days later, the Chinese detained Canadian ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig and entrepreneur Michael Spavor on vague allegations of “engaging in activities that endanger the national security” of China.Rob Gillies, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Ridgeview Village Evacuees reminded to checkin at the Pomeroy Sport Centre

first_img A look at the building early Sunday morning on 86 street. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Residents of Ridgeview Village are being reminded to check in at the Pomeroy Sport Centre.Residents who were evacuated Saturday night and have not checked in at the Emergency Social Services Centre at the Pomeroy Sport Centre between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m Sunday.  Residents who were evacuated can receive immediate support from the Province and City of Fort St. John.If you can’t make it during those times, please contact your property manager and they will help set up a time for you to meet with ESS to get you registered. As we get more information about the fire, we will post updates here.  If you have any pictures or video to share email Ridgeview Apartment fire First Choice Towing Fire Russell Peters Deported World Tour Trev Talks – June 29 2018 100 ave Flooding June 26 Thank you Canada Announcement for Dawson Creek Ridgeview Village Apartment Fire in Fort St. John Ridgeview Village Apartment Fire Ridgeview Village Fire in Fort St. John Tommy Lakes Forest Fire Security tries to stop breastfeeding mom [Mic Archives] Mic This 16-Year-Old Schooled a Republican senator [Mic Archives] Mic It’s time for Fox News to Tell white men to stop shooting people [Mic Archives] Mic Seven unexpected things yoga does to your body [Mic Archives] Mic How To Use Menstrual Cups [Mic Archives] Mic This waterjet cutter is one sharp machine [Mic Archives] Mic Domestic violence in Bangladesh is a serious problem, this woman is taking control of the problem. [Mic Archives] Mic Powered by According to the Emergency Social Services Centre, they are working to determine what is the need for people evacuated by the fire.  Once they have made that determination, they will let the community know what is needed and how donations can be accepted.A fire broke out at around 11 p.m. Saturday night at the Ridgeview Village Apartments on 86 street.  The official cause is not known at this time, but eyewitnesses suggest it started on a balcony of one apartment building.center_img 1 of 12 Firefighters battle a fire at the Ridgeview Village Apartment building last Saturday night. Submitted photo. last_img read more

Fort St John Fire Department responds to fire at Formula Powell trucking

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Fire Department responded to a small structure fire on the West Bypass Road early Saturday morning.Crews were called to the trucking storage yard in the 10200-block of 116 street at approximately 2:20 a.m.The Fire Department says there is a small structure fire that has spread into rows of stacked material on pallets. A fire at the same facility in 2008 caused the City of Fort St. John and the Fort St. John Fire Department to implement new bylaws for what can be stored within City limits.After the fire, the new bylaw was put into place so that hazardous chemicals would be stored farther away from residential areas. At the time of the fire, then-Deputy Fire Chief, Curtis Redpath says, the bylaw will also require, the disclosure of the types of materials stored in existing and future facilities. The Fire Department is currently working with staff from the business to move unburnt material to provide better access to the burning material.Crews are expected to be on scene for some time yet.last_img read more

BC Hydro to restore power in Old Fort Monday evening

first_imgSince that time, B.C. Hydro crews have been working around the clock to install 45 new power poles and 3,300 metres of power lines.B.C. Hydro has also applied to the BC Utilities Commission to provide bill credits to customers who were evacuated due to the landslide. If the Commission approves the application, credits will be automatically applied to customers’ accounts for the electricity consumed during the period they were out of their homes. UPDATE – The lights are back on in the Old Fort.  Power was restored shortly after 7 p.m. Monday.FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – B.C. Hydro will restore power to the Old Fort Monday night.B.C. Hydro expects power will be restored to residents in the Old Fort Monday evening after being out since October 6.  Late last week the Peace River Regional District issued permits for Hydro to enter the area and begin restoration work.last_img read more

GoT S8 episode 2 leaks online hours before HBO airing

first_imgNew Delhi: The second episode of the eighth and final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ leaked on the Internet ahead of its scheduled broadcast time on HBO on April 21. According to The Wrap, fans of the epic fantasy series alerted on social media about the leak, claiming that the to-be-aired episode was released early via Amazon Prime Video in Germany. The show, whose first episode of the eighth season premiered last week, airs on HBO at 9 pm Eastern Time. Some social media users responded to the leak. Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: Priyanka”You can legally watch leaked episode on Amazon in Germany #GameofThrones,” a user wrote on Twitter. A German Reddit user posted, “Why can I see the second Episode yet (sic)?!” The post also featured a screenshot from Amazon Prime in Germany that showed the opening titles of the show, captioned: “Game of Thrones, Staffel 8 [dt./OV] Folge 2” or season eight, episode two. This is a second leak of the show after the release of S8.last_img read more

Jolt to BJP in HP 3time former MP joins Cong

first_imgShimla: In a major jolt to the ruling BJP, three-time BJP MP from Hamirpur Suresh Chandel on Monday joined the Congress.His decision to join the Congress despite having been denied the ticket to contest against Anurag Thakur, also a third-time MP has surprised many in the BJP circle. His presence in the Congress campaign will be the biggest selling point for the party in its campaign, not alone Hamirpur but also across the state. Former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal was first to react. ” Anyone leaving the party, especially such juncture is a loss to the party family,” he said. He joined the Congress in presence of Rahul Gandhi, Himachal Congress president Kuldeep Rathore, leader of opposition Mukesh Agnihotri and All India Congress Committee (AICC) in-charge Rajni Patil. Chandel was in constant touch with senior AICC leaders as had spurned the efforts made by Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur to stay put in the BJP. The Congress has given the ticket to Ram Lal Thakur, a sitting MLA. Chandel will join his campaign on April 25 when Thakur files nomination. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”Chandel is our prize cash. It’s a huge blow to the BJP. Our doors are open to all those BJP leaders, who are willing to join us and support the party to win all four seats,” said PCC president Kuldeep Rathore. Asked about his role, Rathore said the party has assured him that he will be given due place in the organisation keeping in view stature, seniority and political relevance. Hailing from Bilaspur town, Chandel had been BJP’s state president and had held several key positions in the party including its organising secretary in 1990-91. Chandel was one of 11 MPs, 10 from the Lok Sabha, who was accused in the ‘Cash-for-question’ sting operation in 2005 and lost his membership of the Lok Sabha. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KHe terms the episode as ‘tragedy of his life”. ” I have paid a very heavy price for it. Yet, I have decided to move putting a bad chapter of my political career behind,” he says. Back in the party’s folds in 2006-2007, Chandel was given a ticket for state assembly in 2012, which he lost and this time, was not considered for the state assembly polls. Knowing that the BJP will re-field Anurag Thakur in Hamirpur, Chandel lobbied in the Congress. It was at the last minute that the party ticket was given to Ram Lal Thakur leaving Chandel high and dry. “Today, I told Rahul Gandhi that ticket was never his priority though it’s fact that I wanted to fight Hamirpur Lok Sabha poll – a constituency I had won three times. Nevertheless, I will work for the Congress whole heartily,” he told the Millennium Post.last_img read more

Rahul Gandhis image now worse than in 2014 Rupani

first_imgMumbai: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani feels Rahul Gandhi’s image is now worse than what it was in 2014, and says he pities the Congress president when he sees him getting trolled on social media over his “immature” behaviour. In an interview to PTI, Rupani also says that after the ‘Modi wave’ in 2014, the country will for the first time this year witness the “Modi tsunami”. “I feel pity for Rahul Gandhi seeing him being trolled excessively on social media over his immature behaviour. His image is of a non-serious politician…with his winks in Parliament, antics like hugging Modiji. All this shows his immaturity. His image is now worse than it was in 2014,” he says. Rupani was in the city to campaign for BJP’s Mumbai-North East candidate Manoj Kotak, to seek support of the city’s Gujarat community for the party candidate. “In 2014, there was a Modi wave, this time around, the country will witness a Modi tsunami because in the last polls, the sentiment was that Modiji should be made the prime minister and now, after he became the PM, people believe he is the right choice,” he says. Modi has ensured that every sector sees growth, unlike the previous governments, he claims. Rupani says the country has witnessed a “trustworthy and transparent” governance after several years. “After Pulwama (terror attack), he (Modi) is known as a decisive prime minister heading a strong and stable government. People will vote only in the name of Modi,” he says. Asked if Priyanka Gandhi’s formal entry into politics will hurt the BJP, specially in Uttar Pradesh which sends the maximum number of MPs to Parliament, Rupani says the Congress may think she is the party’s ‘trump card’, but “she is limited to UP and not seen anywhere outside”. “The Congress has asked her to campaign for it to save its own existence there. (SP leader) Akhilesh (Yadav), (BSP supremo) Mayawati did not even accept the Congress. The party is nowhere in the picture in UP. They will barely be able to win one-two seats,” the chief minister claims. To another query, he says the Congress created an “anti-majority” and “anti-Hindu” feeling among the majority population by coining terms like “Hindu terror” and its refusal to abolish Article 370 of the Constitution, which provides special status to Jammu and Kashmir. “Due to all this, the absolute negativity towards the Congress in the minds of people is evident. The majority Hindu population is upset with the Congress and will not vote for it,” he says. Asked if fielding Malegaon blast accused Pragya Singh Thakur for the Lok Sabha polls was the BJP’s mistake, he says, “The Congress has tried to malign the image of Hindus with terms like ‘Hindu terror’. Sadhviji was fielded as an answer.” On Thakur’s comments against slain Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Rupani said she should not have said it. Thakur, who is contesting the Lok Sabha poll from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, recently claimed that Karkare died during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks as she had “cursed” him for “torturing” her. To another query, Rupani says the surgical strikes and the recent air strike on terror camps in Pakistan were a victory of the armed forces, dubbing the actions as a reply to the neighbouring country over its “misadventures”. “Modiji gave the Army a free hand at the right time, while the Congress talks about taking back the armed forces. While the current government believes in zero tolerance (towards terrorism), the Congress believes in appeasement. People are seeing this difference and appreciating Modi,” he says. Asked how the BJP will fare in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Rupani says the environment is much better than in 2014 and that the party will win the polls with a majority. “It is difficult to predict the exact figures, but the BJP and NDA will fare better than last time,” he says. On the opposition’s criticism over the BJP not giving tickets to veteran leaders L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, Rupani says his party believes in “graceful retirement” after 75 years of age. “Advaniji is 92 years old now and even in his blog, he has only expressed his apprehensions for the country. He is a large-hearted man who has strengthened and made the party what it is today. He cannot be unhappy for not getting a ticket,” he says. Advani in his blog earlier this month said the essence of Indian democracy is respect for diversity and freedom of expression. “Right from its inception, the BJP has never regarded those who disagree with us politically as our ‘enemies’, but only as our adversaries,” he wrote in the blog.last_img read more

PM Modi upper caste by birth backward on papers Tejashwi

first_imgPatna: Leader of Opposition in Bihar Assembly Tejashwi Yadav on Sunday rebuffed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion of belonging to an “ati-pichhda” (most backward) caste, insisting that he saw this coming from the PM a week ago.Addressing a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh Saturday, the prime minister aggressively pitched his backward caste identity, declaring that he was not just an OBC, but was “born” into the “most-backward caste”. Yadav, in a tweet, said Sunday, “I had said on April 20 (2019) said that @narendramodi ji, after portraying himself as fake OBC, will call himself a person belonging to extremely backward caste. He did so yesterday (in Kannauj rally in UP). Also Read – J&K won’t remain UT forever, says Shah”The fact is that he is an upper caste (person) by birth and backward on papers. He (PM) will say so many things just to fetch votes.” Notably, the former Bihar deputy chief minister had said on April 20 that Modi would call himself a son of extremely backward caste parents, hours before the prime minister held a rally in the Araria Lok Sabha constituency. “PM @narendramodi ji is coming to Bihar today. He would portray himself as the son of extremely backward caste. He will make an abortive bid to polarize voters. “Bihar is expecting lies and jumlas from him. Hope that the PM would give account of his 2014 promises,” the RJD leader had tweeted.last_img read more

Rafale Rahul Gandhi files reply in SC on contempt notice issued to

first_imgNew Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi Monday filed a fresh affidavit in the Supreme Court after a notice was issued to him on a contempt case for his remarks on the Rafale case verdict and again expressed regret for attributing the “chowkidar chor hai” remarks to the apex court. The Congress President also sought dismissal of the contempt petition filed by BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi, saying it was an abuse of the process of the court. In his counter affidavit, Gandhi expressed regret for the “chowkidar chor hai” remark on Prime Minister Narendra Modi while referring to the Rafale judgment. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss account details under automatic exchange framework “It is also clear that no court would ever do that and hence the unfortunate references (for which I express regret) to the court order and to the political slogan in juxtaposition the same breath in the heat of political campaigning was ought not to be construed as suggesting that the court had given any finding or conclusion on that issue,” he said in his affidavit. The apex court had on April 23 issued notice to Gandhi on a criminal contempt petition filed against him by Lekhi for his remarks. Also Read – Trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for work on cells, oxygen In his affidavit, Gandhi said he did not have the slightest or remotest intention to bring the court into political arena, or bring it into disrepute by attributing something which the court had not said. “At the outset, it is clarified that the answering respondent (Gandhi) did not have the slightest or remotest intention, desire or even thought process to bring the court into the political arena, or bring it into disrepute or attribute to it deliberately or wilfully that which the court has not said or meant,” he said Gandhi said, “Several limbs of the government and of the ruling party” have repeatedly stated that the December 14 last year’s order of the apex court constitute a clean chit to the government. “The answering respondent (Gandhi) would also submit that his statement on April 10, 2019, had also been made in that context, purely politically, to counter the aforesaid misinformation campaign being led by senior functionaries of the BJP as well as the government that the judgement of this court dated December 14, 2018, was a clean chit to the government regarding all the aspect of the Rafale deal,” he said. “It is also noteworthy that the Rafale issue which had been and continues to be one of the most prominent political and social issues in this country for many months and despite the matter being sub judice it has been the subject of incessant discussion in civil society and the media,” he said. The counsel appearing for Gandhi mentioned the matter before a bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and said they be allowed to file a reply on the contempt notice. The bench, also comprising Justices Deepak Gupta and Sanjiv Khanna, allowed advocate Sunil Fernandes, who was appearing for Gandhi, to file the counter affidavit. The apex court had earlier said it will hear the criminal contempt petition on April 30.last_img read more