first_imgIT was cold, but it was stunningly beautiful as competitors came from near and far for the Ballyliffin Coastal Challenge – and often-gruelling 10-mile Easter Saturday race around some of Ireland’s most stunning scenery.If you took part, you can see where you came below:Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club 1 646 57.29 Pius Mc Intyre SM Foyle Valley2 230 58.09 John Harkin SM Tullamore Harriers3 128 59.32 Stephen Connor SM Individual4 498 61.10 Shaun Mc Shane SM Individual 5 485 61.18 Peter Stevenson SM Individual6 123 61.23 Noel Diver SM Individual7 76 62.03 Mark Sheridan SM Individual8 517 62.34 Martin Mooney SM Inishowen A C9 397 63.04 David Jackson SM Individual 10 378 64.10 Mark Greer SM Individual11 12 64.34 Brendan Devlin SM Individual12 156 64.36 Karen Alexander SW Individual13 459 66.13 Christian Mc Ginley SM Inishowen A C 14 257 66.20 Michael Mc Laughlin SM Individual15 2 66.58 Andrew Wallace SM Individual16 83 66.58 Nigel Buchanan SM Individual17 616 67.40 Sean Bradley SM Individual18 339 67.40 Oliver Harlin SM Individual19 596 67.55 Chris Millar SM Individual20 384 68.02 Declan Donaghey SM Individual21 184 68.06 Frank Fogarty SM Individual22 590 68.19 Brendan Mc Dyer SM Individual23 151 68.36 Jonathan Burke SM Individual24 273 68.46 Shaun Mc Daid SM Individual25 177 69.06 Kieran Harkin SM Individual26 609 69.16 Patrick Mc Callion SM Individual27 401 69.16 Kieran Coyle SM Individual28 559 69.21 John Mc Geehan SM Individual29 13 69.24 Billy Orr SM Individual30 359 69.57 Alison Rankin SW Springwell31 489 70.06 Aaron Smyth SM Individual32 424 70.09 John Paul Wilson SM Individual33 385 70.14 John Crilly SM Individual34 501 70.50 Manus Mc Hugh SM Individual35 101 71.15 Seamus Roddy SM Individual36 172 71.43 Seamus Doherty SM Individual37 332 71.45 Johnny Golgie SM Individual38 148 71.48 Tony McGinn SM Individual39 205 71.51 Danny Harkin SM Individual40 558 71.54 Noel Gallagher SM Individual41 487 72.03 Conor Mulkerns SM Individual42 349 72.13 Karen Mc Laughlin SW Springwell43 216 72.14 Shaun Boyle SM Individual44 368 72.15 Eugene Mc Cafferty SM Individual45 635 72.23 Mick Toland SM Individual46 239 72.26 Sean Toland SM Individual47 175 72.30 Dermott Kane SM Individual48 354 72.37 Michael Deery SM Individual49 309 72.39 Karen Flannery SW Individual50 557 72.44 Vinny Hegarty SM Inishowen A C51 372 73.01 John Morrissey SM Individual52 199 73.09 Kevin Grant SM Individual53 610 73.25 Adran Lynch SM Individual54 448 73.30 Patrick White SM Individual55 213 73.33 Martin Cullen SM Individual56 586 73.41 Michael Collins SM Inishowen A C57 289 73.56 Theresa Doherty SW Inishowen A C58 544 74.01 Brian Scullion SM Individual59 232 74.03 Gerry O Doherty SM Finn Valley A C60 293 74.05 Michael Mc Donald SM Individual61 369 74.32 Brendan Mc Bride SM Individual62 234 74.34 Kevin Murray SM Individual63 404 74.48 James Mc Bride SM Individual64 261 74.55 Christopher Kelly SM Individual65 556 74.57 Michael Madden SM Individual66 399 75.08 Dermot Mc Granaghan SM Finn Valley A C67 275 75.09 Conor Mc Gonagle SM Finn Valley A C68 444 75.22 Steven Doherty SM Individual69 256 75.23 Neil Hartin SM Individual70 463 75.26 Duncan O Tole SM Individual71 462 75.28 Elizabeth Mc Daid SW Inishowen A C72 295 75.31 Joanne Doran SW Individual73 28 75.31 Darren Wallace SM Individual74 197 75.54 William Mc Gonigle SM Individual75 519 75.59 Cathal Doyle SM Individual76 523 76.02 Ryan Davenport SM Individual77 483 76.05 Sharon Mc Daid SW Inishowen A C78 595 76.08 Henry Mc Kinney SM Individual79 494 76.18 Declan Carlin SM Finn Valley A C80 198 76.29 Seamus Grant SM Individual81 89 76.37 Pawel Dudek SM Individual82 611 76.39 Eamonn Mc Gonigle SM Individual83 488 76.41 Kieran Mc Colgan SM Individual84 566 77.25 Michael Doherty SM Individual85 388 77.26 Ryan Colhoun SM Individual86 310 77.27 John Flannery SM Individual87 237 77.28 Paul Mc Elhinney SM Individual88 400 77.39 Seamus Mc Laughlin SM Individual89 276 77.49 Mark Gilmore SM Individual90 539 77.51 Charmain O Brien SW Finn Valley A C91 491 77.58 Jim Porter SM Individual92 461 77.58 Seamus Mc Daid SM Inishowen A C93 435 78.15 CJ Bermingham SM Individual94 512 78.28 Jonathon Doherty SM Individual95 589 78.30 Colin Mooney SW Individual96 490 78.36 Julia Kelly SW Individual97 447 78.38 James Carlin SM Individual98 403 78.45 Ciaran Mc Laughlin SM Individual99 393 78.48 Gerard Hirrell SM Individual100 44 78.49 Henry Donaghey SW Individual101 617 78.51 Jamie Friel SM Individual102 189 78.53 Jim Doherty SM Individual103 355 78.57 Gavin Deery SM Individual104 505 79.07 Peter Mc Kinney SM Inishowen A C105 224 79.09 Michael Doherty SM Individual106 561 79.15 Sean White SM Individual107 291 79.17 Danny Mc Laughlin SM Individual108 440 79.21 Padraig Doherty SM Individual109 173 79.22 Bernard Mlaughlin SM Individual110 585 79.27 Breege Collins SW Inishowen A C111 331 79.33 Katherine Woods SW Individual112 363 79.35 Kevin Cooley SM Individual113 227 79.55 Liam Harkin SM Individual114 3 80.08 Aidan Maguire SM Individual115 546 80.13 Mary Connolly SW Finn Valley A C116 529 80.21 Ellen Doherty SW Individual117 149 80.42 Mark Nolan SM Individual118 340 80.44 Andrew Mc Gonigle SM Individual119 538 80.45 Andrew Mc Dermott SM Individual120 82 80.53 Marie McConologue SW Individual121 150 80.55 Theresa Doherty SW Individual122 330 81.12 Peter Doherty SM Individual123 214 81.13 Dermot Furey SM Individual124 88 81.18 Padraic Slattery SW Individual125 100 81.19 Stephen McGrath SM Individual126 625 81.30 Ciaran Browne M35 Finn Valley A C127 168 81.32 Sean Harkin SM Individual128 220 81.33 Michael Doherty SM Individual129 619 81.42 Brendan Lafferty SM Individual130 41 81.53 George Gill SM Individual131 265 81.53 John Farren SM Individual132 608 81.55 Aidan Browne SM Individual133 338 82.18 Conor Woods SM Individual134 297 82.20 David O Driscoll SM Individual135 446 82.26 Kevin Doherty SM Individual136 637 82.27 Mark Logue SM Individual137 47 82.29 John Torrans SM Individual138 513 82.33 Maria Mc Gonagle SW Finn Valley A C139 581 82.35 John Shortall SM Individual140 38 82.43 Frank O’Deorain SM Individual141 280 82.49 Oliver Walsh SM Individual142 316 82.54 David Furey SM Individual143 335 83.07 Pat Harkin SM Individual144 311 83.09 Jamie Anderson SM Individual145 221 83.09 Vincent Doherty SM Individual146 626 83.21 Philip Scott SM Individual147 389 83.40 Stephen Mc Cracken SM Individual148 613 83.48 Edmund Doherty SM Inishowen A C149 598 83.53 Paul Smith SM Individual150 238 83.59 John O Brien SM Individual151 90 83.59 Patrick Rooney SM Individual152 17 84.03 Connor Smith SM Individual153 441 84.10 Declan Mc Dermott SM Individual154 495 84.11 Ben Mc Gonagle SM Individual155 445 84.12 Martin Mailey SM Individual156 362 84.12 Georgina O Leary SW Individual157 361 84.26 Anne Mc Daid SW Individual158 305 84.37 Michael Mc Laughlin SM Individual159 543 84.39 Orlaith Furlong SW Individual160 40 84.40 Gary Power SM Individual161 615 84.44 Barry Mc Donald SM Individual162 531 84.44 Peter Doherty SM Individual163 155 84.48 Shaun Doherty SM Individual164 98 84.50 Simon L Rice SM Individual165 104 84.58 Thomas Walsh SM Individual166 443 85.02 Ruth Doherty SW Individual167 449 85.03 Eoghan White SM Individual168 225 85.15 Wendy Read SW Individual169 604 85.16 Aideen Mc Laughlin SW Individual170 567 85.44 Garrett Duffy SM Individual171 576 85.48 Dave Murtagh SM Individual172 612 85.55 Gemma Faulkner SW Individual173 453 85.56 Laurenz Egan SM Individual174 371 85.58 Catherine Bell-Allen SW Springwell175 409 85.59 Seamus Mc Daid SM Individual176 39 86.10 Gerry Keane SM Individual177 19 86.10 Conor Keane SM Individual178 473 86.29 Mickey Bradley SM Individual179 578 86.31 Patrick Browne SM Individual180 633 86.33 Garret Doherty SM Individual181 548 86.36 Liam Barron SM Individual182 580 86.47 Patricia McLaughlin SW Individual183 24 87.00 Christopher Pope SM Individual184 66 87.05 Martin Harkin SM Individual185 360 87.08 Michael Rankin SM Springwell186 392 87.18 Ciaran Doherty SM Individual187 427 87.20 James Davenport SM Individual188 178 87.26 Roisin McMonagle SW Individual189 466 87.26 Michael Porter SM Individual190 342 87.34 David Patterson SM Individual191 475 87.48 Darryl Mc Gee SM Individual192 235 88.06 Siobhan Kearney SW Individual193 166 88.19 Gary Fleming SM Individual194 278 88.25 Kevin Gilmore SM Individual195 259 88.28 Aine Lunney SW Individual196 86 88.30 Pauline Sheridan SW Individual197 450 88.40 Gary Whitre SM Individual198 105 88.40 Ursula Lynch SW Individual199 49 88.41 Joe Whoriskey SM Individual200 588 88.42 Deirdre Rodden SW Individual201 364 88.44 Karen Mc Dermott SW Individual202 274 88.45 Linda Mc Daid SW Individual203 577 88.45 Noeleen Heanen SW Individual204 565 88.45 Neil A Mc Colgan SM Individual205 61 88.45 Leo Sheehy SM Individual206 124 88.57 Martin McDaid SM Individual207 418 89.02 Kyle Craword SM Individual208 474 89.02 Breda Bradleyf SW Individual209 91 89.15 Patrick Hamson SM Individual210 193 89.32 Rory Convery SW Individual211 344 89.33 Shannon Mc Allister SW Springwell212 345 89.34 Alison Mc Allister SW Springwell213 135 89.35 Johnny Farren SM Individual214 520 89.37 Stephen Browne SM Individual215 267 89.37 Olle Flygt SM Individual216 343 89.40 Mickey Mc Daid SM Individual217 73 89.41 Marie O’Donnell SW Individual218 484 89.54 Tanya McDaid SW Individual219 286 89.59 Chris Cooley SM Individual220 99 90.00 Seamus Kelly SM Individual221 65 90.08 Maria Doherty SW Individual222 391 90.22 Jamie-Lee Logue SW Individual223 573 90.26 James Griffin SM Individual224 547 90.29 Seamus Mc Laughlin SM Individual225 554 90.30 Brendan Mc Gonagle SM Individual226 469 90.35 James Sheridan SM Individual227 21 90.35 Conor Watson SM Individual228 229 90.35 Richard Watson SM Individual229 209 90.54 Matthew Kirkham SM Individual230 540 91.10 Muara Mc Laughlin SW Individual231 552 91.10 Maureen Collins SW Individual232 460 91.12 Ernie Pollock SM Individual233 122 91.14 John Keyes SM Individual234 300 91.16 PJ Mc Faul SM Individual235 163 91.22 Noel McGonigle SM Individual236 545 91.37 Peter Cavanagh SM Individual237 29 91.40 Damian Downey SM Individual238 600 91.45 Martin O Donnell SM Individual239 555 91.51 Eugene Carlin SM Individual240 438 92.11 Oonagh Mc Gowan SW Individual241 614 92.12 Colm Mc Daid SM Individual242 408 92.18 Jane Mc Ginty SW Individual243 563 92.20 Sean Foley SM Finn Valley A C244 640 92.38 Aileen Doherty SW Inishowen A C245 639 92.41 Eddie Barrett SM Individual246 492 92.49 Volker Ronge SM Individual247 241 92.54 Stephen Doherty SM Individual248 481 92.59 John Mulhern SM Individual249 11 93.13 Breige O’Kane SW Individual250 185 93.23 Pauline Gill SW Individual251 186 93.23 Caroline Harkin SW Individual252 292 94.05 Noreen Mc Laughlin SW Individual253 4 94.06 Aine Doherty SW Individual254 506 94.18 Laura Mc Daid SW Individual255 356 94.19 Dunla Cassidy SW Individual256 357 94.20 Aodhran Gallagher SM Individual257 549 94.22 Cathy Harvey SW Individual258 80 94.23 Monica Coyle SW Individual259 110 94.28 Tricia Doherty SW Individual260 277 94.46 Allanah Kearney SW Individual261 518 94.58 John Peto SM Individual262 74 95.02 Martina Quirke SW Individual263 454 95.05 Kate Hegarty SW Individual264 455 95.06 John Fitzgerald SM Individual265 52 95.11 Kyle Duncan SW Individual266 279 95.11 Roisin Toland SW Individual267 551 95.19 Denise Mc Carron SW Individual268 218 95.24 Charlie Doherty SM Individual269 10 95.25 Brian Westman SM Individual270 597 95.47 Jullianne Millar SW Individual271 240 95.53 Cathal Sheridan SM Individual272 35 95.54 Finn McKernan SM Individual273 432 96.00 Jacqueline Molloy SW Individual274 428 96.35 Trina Mhic Dhonaill SW Individual275 236 96.37 Matthew Mc Crossan SM Individual276 22 96.38 Claire Heeley SW Individual277 260 96.41 Bernard Mc Daid SM Individual278 130 96.45 Ann Marie McColgan SW Individual279 131 96.45 Gail McColgan SW Individual280 120 96.46 Andy Stvart SM Individual281 129 96.54 Roisin McColgan SW Individual282 562 97.00 Matthew Mc Laughlin SM Individual283 374 97.03 Roisin Breslin SW Individual284 375 97.03 Roisin Mc Cay SW Individual285 212 97.08 Alan Kennedy SM Individual286 211 97.08 Jamie Morris SM Individual287 451 97.15 Clare Mc Kinney SW Individual288 191 97.19 Stephen Parker SM Individual289 390 97.23 Paul Dobbins SM Individual290 433 97.24 Tracey Bradley SW Individual291 26 97.33 Debbie Tutty SW Individual292 18 97.33 Caroline Taylor SW Individual293 20 97.42 Catherine O’Connor SW Individual294 410 97.46 Miriam Durves SW Individual295 622 97.48 Andy Mc Gonagle SM Individual296 641 97.53 Serena Doherty SW Inishowen A C297 405 98.01 Breda Mc Bride SW Individual298 373 98.07 Martin Mc Erlane SM Individual299 367 98.27 Patricia Mc Dermott SW Individual300 507 98.34 Mary Durkan SW Individual301 407 98.44 Brid Mc Ginty SW Individual302 605 98.47 Con McLaughlin SM Individual303 114 98.56 Stephen Fitzpatrick SW Individual304 398 99.10 Maurice Murray SM Individual305 532 99.10 Bridgetta Clifford SW Individual306 632 99.13 Philip Mc Glynn SM Individual307 553 99.16 Davie Mc Dermott SM Individual308 50 99.20 John McCandless SM Individual309 302 99.28 Clare Marie Passmore SW Individual310 226 99.34 BFG Finn-Gallagher SM Individual311 263 99.37 Siobhan Mc Auley SW Individual312 571 99.38 Charlotte Simpson SW Individual313 550 99.56 Henry Sproule SM Individual314 294 100.23 Jackie Gill SW Individual315 154 100.33 Ellen Doherty SW Individual316 146 100.34 Arlene Gallagher SW Individual317 16 100.37 Carolne McCaul SW Individual318 564 100.44 Breege Mc Colgan SW Individual319 320 100.47 Isobel Mc Donagh SW Individual320 158 100.48 Mary Troisi SW Individual321 426 100.49 Louise Larkin SM Individual322 430 100.52 Iggy Larkin SM Individual323 102 100.52 Sinead Gleeson SW Individual324 23 101.05 Caitriona Doherty SW Individual325 636 101.05 Denis Hegarty SM Individual326 77 101.15 Michelle Donaghey SW Individual327 87 101.41 Patricia Barnett SW Individual328 132 101.47 Bridgeen Doherty SW Individual329 526 102.37 Eamon Murphy SM Individual330 9 102.43 Bernard McDaid SM Individual331 508 102.44 Clare Mc Gonigle SW Individual332 174 102.50 Peter Lawlor SM Individual333 353 102.53 Kenneth Bacon SM Springwell334 69 102.57 Mary Van Ruiven SW Individual335 204 102.57 Kathleen Harkin SW Individual336 425 103.14 Sharon Wilson SW Individual337 54 103.25 Kevin McKenna SM Individual338 57 103.25 Liz McKenna SW Individual339 317 103.29 Elaine Doherty SW Individual340 420 103.31 Nicola Duffy SW Individual341 231 103.33 Margaret O Doherty SW Finn Valley A C342 58 103.40 Liz Gallagher SW Individual343 25 103.40 Dorothy McHugh SM Individual344 233 103.42 Alice Allen SW Individual345 272 103.42 Jimmy Galloway SM Individual346 30 103.58 Elaine Connolly SW Individual347 51 104.03 Jacqueline DohertyWhoriskey SW Individual348 5 104.03 Anne Marie Grant SW Individual349 541 104.37 Clare Kelly SW Individual350 542 104.37 Cecilia Mc Ilhatton SW Individual351 470 104.54 Brigeen Mc Connalogue SW Individual352 584 105.06 Grainne Gillen SW Individual353 134 105.10 Roy Kelly SM Individual354 15 105.40 Christina Corbett SW Individual355 436 105.44 Louise Mailey SW Individual356 437 105.46 John Mailey SM Individual357 386 105.56 Mary Colhoun SW Individual358 387 105.56 Laura Colhoun SW Individual359 602 105.58 Kate Mc Colgan SW Individual360 601 105.58 Gemma Breslin SW Individual361 36 106.04 Fiona Walls SW Individual362 452 106.17 Siobhan Maher SW Individual363 365 106.35 Siobhan Hopkins SW Individual364 169 106.40 Michael Canny SM Individual365 167 106.41 Stephen McCallion SM Individual366 482 106.53 Anne Graham SW Inishowen A C367 79 107.13 Mary Gallagher SW Individual368 63 107.20 Lois McGrath SW Individual369 113 107.25 Sharon Gill SW Individual370 411 107.32 Ronan Duffy SM Individual371 207 107.45 James Mulhall SM Individual372 208 107.45 Serena Mulhall SW Individual373 503 107.57 Christine Devlin SW Individual374 78 108.05 Mary Rose Lavery SW Individual375 534 108.10 Bridie Baldrick SW Individual376 95 108.18 Sam Duncan SM Individual377 308 108.34 Roseena Mc Laughlin SW Individual378 422 109.03 Fiona Doherty SW Individual379 366 109.19 Seamus Hopkins SM Individual380 301 109.21 Peter Passmore SM Individual381 638 109.33 Pearse MC Crory SM Individual382 192 109.48 Catherine Dillon SW Individual383 379 109.49 Geraldine O Donnell SW Individual384 477 110.04 Daniella Mc Kinney SW Individual385 476 110.05 Donal Mc Kinney SM Individual386 32 110.13 Eileen Mallon SW Individual387 413 110.22 Siobhan Cullen SW Individual388 370 110.37 Shirley Jackson SW Springwell389 439 110.38 Catherine Vaughan SW Individual390 423 110.42 Anne Marie Coyle SW Individual391 493 111.11 Stefanie Oelfhe SW Individual392 59 111.18 Lisa McMonale SW Individual393 464 111.18 PJ Mc Monagle SM Individual394 500 111.26 James Doherty SM Individual395 7 111.33 Billy Farren SM Individual396 434 111.33 Declan Farren SM Individual397 271 111.40 Ultan Coyne SM Individual398 568 111.40 Caroline Stead SW Individual399 412 112.28 Angela Mc Athur SW Individual400 380 113.13 Colum Duffy SM Individual401 323 113.17 Clayton Coates SM Individual402 324 113.43 Karol Harkin SM Individual403 472 113.44 Finghin Doherty SM Individual404 465 113.45 Daniel Conaghan SM Individual405 247 113.45 Maria Mc Elwaine SW Individual406 298 114.10 Ben Collins SM Individual407 337 114.13 Ryan Mc Laughlin SM Individual408 299 114.15 Ryan Collins SM Individual409 243 114.17 Anne Marie Donaghey SW Individual410 245 114.20 Pamela Mc Eleney SW Individual411 333 114.20 Eoin Mc Laughlin SM Individual412 67 114.24 Mary E McColgan SW Individual413 14 114.43 Caroline Farren SW Individual414 34 114.43 Elaine Harkin SW Individual415 223 114.46 Jacqueline Mc Daid SW Individual416 358 114.46 Caroline Browne SW Individual417 250 114.48 Stuart Mc Kinley SM Individual418 111 115.19 Denise O’Donnell SW Individual419 112 115.21 Laura Farren SW Individual420 336 115.22 Ann-Marie Mahon SW Individual421 599 115.39 Shauna Cunningham SW Individual422 196 115.52 Neil Fox SM Individual423 42 116.09 Grainne Doherty SW Individual424 303 116.12 Denis Gillespe SM Individual425 296 116.26 Jo O Sullivan SW Individual426 510 116.27 Fidelma Mc Coppin SW Individual427 334 116.42 Bernie Mc Laughlin SW Individual428 159 117.45 Helen McLaughlin SW Individual429 341 118.43 Phena O Connor SW Individual430 348 118.46 David Toland SM Individual431 268 119.09 Karen Toland SW Individual432 133 119.32 Lisa Kelly SW Individual433 119 119.41 Angela O’Donnell SW Individual434 321 120.06 Rose Doherty SW Individual435 419 120.10 Tara Mc Kinney SW Individual436 248 120.14 Angela Kelly SW Individual437 246 120.24 Catherine Kelly SW Individual438 479 120.35 Siobhan Mc Keevey SW Individual439 592 120.36 Mary Kelly SW Individual440 402 120.36 Grainne Cullen SW Individual441 478 120.46 Ambrose M Connell SM Individual442 262 120.46 Owen Hackett SM Individual443 287 121.06 Emer Doherty SW Individual444 288 121.44 Yvonne Farrell SW Individual445 121 121.44 Mary McGeehan SW Individual446 504 122.32 Lucy Blenner-Hassett SW Individual447 285 122.37 Marion Grant-Mc Nally SW Individual448 406 123.00 Elish Hartney SW Individual449 215 123.48 Alison Johnston SW Individual450 431 124.16 Liam Meenan SM Individual451 290 125.40 Marianne O Connor SW Individual452 266 126.27 Linda Toland SW Individual453 64 126.31 Louise McGroarty SW Individual454 33 126.31 Ed McGroarty SM Individual455 623 127.14 Noel Doherty SM Individual456 284 127.17 Andrew Doherty SM Individual457 153 127.19 Liam Grant SM Individual458 157 127.58 Michael McGonigle SM Individual459 126 128.39 Della Canny SW Individual460 210 128.44 Mary Grant SW Individual461 352 129.06 Mary Moran McGonigle SW Individual462 351 130.38 Sarah Hunter SW Individual463 350 131.05 Deborah Clawson SW Springwell464 624 131.24 Trudy Mc Laughlin SW Individual465 179 131.40 Shauna Doherty SW Individual466 180 131.57 Noeleen Doherty SW Individual467 587 132.06 Elaine Grant SW Finn Valley A C468 634 132.06 George Harkin SM Individual469 195 132.28 Niamh Fox SW Individual470 194 133.00 Rose Fox SW Individual471 583 133.05 Kathleen Doherty SW Individual472 582 133.14 Patsy Ann Mc Laughlin SM Individual473 139 133.36 diver emma SW Individual474 147 133.38 Yvonne McLaughlin SW Individual475 37 133.58 Fiona Lavery SW Individual476 53 133.58 Kate Lavery SW Individual477 480 134.56 Karen Doherty SW Individual478 249 134.56 Chantal Mc Gilloway SW Individual479 528 134.58 Catherine Murphy SW Individual480 627 135.00 Breda Gibbons SW Individual481 591 135.00 James Gill SM Individual482 536 135.03 Mary Shiels SW Individual483 394 135.21 Mary Sweeney SW Individual484 396 135.29 Kate Mc Dermott SW Individual485 109 135.31 Jane Boyd SW Individual486 108 136.07 Ann Graham SW Individual487 421 136.07 Eva Mc Closkey SW Individual488 327 136.15 Sarah Mc Gonigle SW Individual489 456 137.06 Kate Devlin SW Individual490 647 137.06 Grainne Hession SW Individual491 94 137.06 Rosella McLaughlin SW Individual492 244 137.24 Caroline Donaghey SW Individual493 603 137.32 Maria Kearney SW Individual494 315 138.46 Sean O Sullivan SM Individual495 242 138.47 Kathy Mc Laughlin SW Individual496 145 139.09 Mickey McLaughlin SM Individual497 144 139.22 Con O’Donnell SM Individual498 143 139.51 Owen McElhinney SM Individual499 314 139.51 Katherine Grant SW Individual500 328 140.02 Laura Mc Gonigle SW Individual501 522 140.20 Emer Mc Laughlin SW Individual502 521 140.20 Rebecca Doherty SW Individual503 269 140.22 Pat Higgins SM Individual504 270 140.33 Marina Doherty SW Individual505 306 140.35 Simon Mac Donald SM Individual506 307 140.51 Joan Mac Donald SW Individual507 200 140.51 Caudine Mc Carron SW Individual508 282 141.30 Yvonne Doherty SW Individual509 201 141.31 Kelly Doherty SW Individual510 55 141.45 Kerry Doherty SW Individual511 222 141.45 Marielaune Doherty SW Individual512 62 141.47 Liam Whoriskey SM Individual513 648 142.05 D Mc Gonigle SM Individual514 219 142.17 Diarmuid Mc Daid SM Individual515 346 142.21 John Mc Carron SM Individual516 326 142.25 Meta Mc Gonigle SW Individual517 383 142.32 Lucy Mc Carron SW Individual518 347 142.35 Frank Hands SM Individual519 217 142.36 Aileen Doherty SW Individual520 312 142.39 Margaret Andrews SW Individual521 125 143.16 Maire Mullan SW Individual522 31 143.17 Elaine Rooney SW Individual523 27 144.27 David Nolan SM Individual524 56 144.27 Carolne Grant SW Individual525 203 144.35 Orla Devine SW Individual526 514 144.36 Catherine Lynch SW Individual527 515 144.36 Samantha Mahon SW Individual528 152 144.36 Brid Grant SW Individual529 533 144.40 Catherine Grant SW Individual530 535 144.41 Roisin Diver SW Individual531 537 144.50 Clare Grant SW Individual532 649 144.51 T Duffy SW Individual533 516 145.06 Pauline Johnston SW Individual534 116 145.07 Sheila Gibbons SW Individual535 115 145.12 Liam Gibbons SM Individual536 118 145.14 sarah Harkin SW Individual537 313 145.32 Caolan Harkin SM Individual538 329 145.33 Lorraine Coyle SW Individual539 325 145.37 Patricia Devlin SW Individual540 283 145.38 Kathleen Doherty SW Individual541 202 145.41 Angela Doherty SW Individual542 117 145.42 zita Harkin SW Individual543 43 145.57 Hayley McLucas SW Individual544 8 145.58 Bridget mclaughlin SW Individual545 281 145.59 Brid Kenny SW Individual546 642 146.35 Sally Doherty SW Individual547 643 146.47 Susan Roddy SW Individual548 644 146.48 Mary Hannon SW Individual549 607 146.49 Ann rowne SW Individual550 579 147.29 David Nugent SM Individual551 606 147.29 Sheila Nelson SW Individual552 395 147.35 Paid Sweeney SW Individual553 264 147.36 Michael Farren SM Individual554 502 147.36 Edward Doherty SM Individual555 253 148.10 Nicola Mc Kinley SW Individual556 46 148.55 John McGeoghegan SM Individual557 251 148.55 Lynne Mc Kinley SM Individual558 70 149.23 Matthew Kemmy SM Individual559 181 150.29 AnnMarie Doherty SW Individual560 81 151.43 Marie McLaughlin SW Individual561 84 151.43 Niall McLaughlin SM Individual562 96 151.44 Sharon McLaughlin SW Individual563 190 153.28 Adeline Hegarty SM Individual564 467 153.45 Clare Mc Dermott SW Individual565 162 153.45 Terence Gibbons SW Individual566 140 154.21 Kathleen Noone SW Individual567 468 154.24 Ellen Mc Dermott SW Individual568 618 154.27 Mary Kerr SW Individual569 628 154.30 Anne Doherty SW Individual570 416 154.30 Leana Mc Connell SW Individual571 414 154.32 Bernie Healy SW Individual572 304 154.32 Ruth Waring SM Individual573 575 154.48 Alice Mc Menamin SW Individual574 574 154.48 Rita Keappock SW Individual575 572 154.48 Paddy Simpson SM Individual576 569 154.48 Marian Simpson SW Individual577 570 154.49 Raymond O Donnell SM Individual578 68 155.55 Martin McCaul SM Individual579 322 156.18 Aine Mc Laughlin SW Individual580 318 156.36 Patricia Moran SW Individual581 319 156.37 Kathleen Mc Laughlin SW Individual582 107 156.46 Sharon Quinn SW Individual583 106 156.46 Christina Quinn SW Individual584 164 157.06 Sharon McGonigle SW Individual585 165 157.15 Paddy Duffy SM Individual586 183 159.20 Sueanne McGonigle SW Individual587 182 159.20 Maggie Lynch SW Individual588 509 160.05 Angela Mc Laughlin SW Individual589 187 161.15 Margaret Doherty SW Individual590 188 161.15 Ann Doherty SW Individual591 415 162.16 Rosaline Connor SW Individual592 417 162.16 Rhona Mc Daid SW Individual593 160 162.47 Una McFeeley SW Individual594 530 163.20 Anna Doherty SW Individual595 645 163.20 Mary Carlin SW Individual596 496 165.32 Mary Mc Conway SW Individual597 255 167.03 Carolyn Mc Kinley SW Individual598 258 167.08 Adeline Hartin SW Individual599 376 167.33 Ann Mc Mahon SW Individual600 377 167.33 Nico Sweeney SM Individual601 527 168.25 Carmel Murphy SW Individual602 72 168.25 Maura Rice SW Individual603 497 169.13 Rose Kelly SW Individual604 138 169.49 edward Devlin SM Individual605 141 169.49 Geraldine McLaughlin SW Individual606 136 173.00 Sheila McDaid SW Individual607 137 173.00 Teish McDaid SW Individual608 524 175.45 Michael Wilson SM Individual609 525 175.55 Bronagh Wilson SW Individual610 161 176.32 Bernie Wilson SW Individual611 228 180.26 Jude Mc Crossan SM Individual612 381 180.28 Patricia Kerr SW Individual613 382 180.30 Grainne Kerr SW Individual614 97 180.35 Sarah Delaney SW Individual615 620 180.36 Louise Walls SW Individual616 621 180.36 Nuala Cunningham SW Individual617 254 182.38 James Mc Kinley SM Individual618 85 184.22 Orla McKernan SW Individual619 206 184.22 Therese Mc Kernan SW Individual620 629 186.36 Evelyne Agnew SW Individual621 631 186.36 Mary Mc Laughlin SW Individual622 630 186.36 Siobhan Mc Laughlin SW Individual623 71 187.30 Marcella Rice SW Individual624 45 187.30 James Rice SM Individual625 1 187.30 Anita D’urso SW IndividualTotal Runners: 62531 Márta Page 16 of 16 RESULTS: SO WHERE DID YOU COME IN THE BALLYLIFFIN COASTAL CHALLENGE? was last modified: March 31st, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens 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Hardik’s performance is important for us, says skipper MS Dhoni

first_imgHardik Pandya who made his ODI debut in Dharamsala against New Zealand on Sunday had a special mention from captain MS Dhoni after returning with impressive figures of 3 for 31. (Pandya, Kohli heroics hand India 6-wicket win over NZ) New Zealand, after put in to bat, kept losing wickets at regular intervals and could only manage to put 190 on the board, thanks to the fifties from Tom Latham and Tim Southee. Virat Kohli scored an unbeaten 85 as India easily chased down the total with six wickets remaining. At the post-match presentation, skipper Dhoni said that if Pandya keeps on performing consistently then things would look good for Team India in the future. “Hardik’s performance is important for us, if he continues to do well, then it will be good for us – going into the future.” There was not much on offer for the bowlers from the pitch but Dhoni lauded the effort put in by his bowlers, especially Pandya.  “Fantastic effort from the fast bowlers. We didn’t think the pitch will help them this much, they hit the good lengths, especially Hardik, they bowled well and got regular wickets. Coming to the batting, Virat guided us well after the openers got us off to a fast start,” Dhoni said.  However, Dhoni not being critical of Axar Patel and Amit Mishra’s bowling wants both the bowlers to hit consistent lines. “The early wickets helped us, Axar and Mishra were good, but they need to hit consistent lines.” (I was nervous, says Hardik Pandya) India’s limited-overs captain looking at the low target wanted to spend more time at the crease before getting run out for 21. “I was in no hurry with the bat, I wanted to spend some time, the target wasn’t big and I knew I could spend some time in the middle.  “The tosses will be important in all matches, especially considering the conditions, we need to be at our best,” Dhoni said. India now go 1-0 up in the five-match series and will play the second one-dayer in Delhi on Thursday.advertisementlast_img read more

Milner optimistic of a positive Reds response

first_imgJames Milner is urging his Liverpool teammates to step up their game after losing two successive games in the League and Cup ties.The Reds slumped to another 2-1 loss at Wolves in the cup on Monday after losing to Man City at the Etihad.With a trip to Brighton next, Milner expects his side to crank up the pressure on City by beating the Seagulls to go seven points clear before their clash with Wolves.“Back-to-back defeats isn’t really good enough for us but you have blips in a season,” said the 33-year-old via Sky.“It’s not something you want, especially at Liverpool, we know what’s expected. We have to make sure we bounce back and look at where we can get better.Top 5 Premier League players to watch for next weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 With the international activity cooling down for the next month, we go back to the Premier League’s Top 5 players to watch this weekend.After…“It’s not about blips, they are expected but it’s how you respond and bounce back. You’ve seen the character in the squad over the last few years, and the players we have, to know we will bounce back.“It’s easier saying that but we have to do that at the weekend.”He said: “I should do better. The pitch all night was a bit tricky and lively. It’s the same for both teams. It was my mistake for the first goal and it’s cost us, if not it’s 1-1 and we get a replay.“It was a pretty good finish from their lad but they didn’t have many chances. We didn’t either but that’s what separated the teams, my mistake and a very good finish for the second goal.”last_img read more

Stolen mule reunited with owner suspect in Escondido police custody

first_img February 26, 2018 FacebookTwitter ESCONDIDO (KUSI) — A man suspected of stealing a mule early Monday from a drifter making camp for the night in a North County park was caught hours later and arrested on suspicion of grand theft of livestock.David Albert Martinez, 28, and a cohort allegedly untied the roughly 1,000-pound animal, named Little Girl, from a tree at Grape Day Park in Escondido while her owner slept nearby and walked off with the mule shortly after midnight. A surveillance camera captured images of the perpetrators, according to police.The mule’s keeper, 70-year-old John Sears, awoke around dawn to find his pack animal gone and immediately reported the theft, Lt. Ed Varso said.Officers searched the neighborhood and surrounding areas for hours with help from a sheriff’s helicopter crew. About 2:30 p.m., police caught up with Martinez as he led Little Girl alongside a road near Dixon Lake, about a mile east of the spot where she had gone missing, the lieutenant said.The 28-year-old mule, appearing none the worse for the ordeal, was then reunited with her relieved master, Varso said.What inspired the alleged theft was unclear, the lieutenant said. Officers remained on the lookout for the outstanding suspect.Sears has traveled California on foot with a succession of mules, often three at once, for decades, according to a website that documents his travels. He gravitated toward his “ages-old nomadic life” because it’s where he and his animals “want to be” and because doing otherwise “makes no sense,” a statement on the site asserts.Sears acquired Little Girl in 1993, according to the website, which explains that he began traveling the state and living outdoors in the mid-1980s and has been doing so full time since retiring in 2001. Stolen mule reunited with owner, suspect in Escondido police custody KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News Updated: 5:58 PM Posted: February 26, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Eaton Will Make Wilmington Proud

first_imgDear Editor,I have known Jonathan Eaton for many years. I have found Jonathan to be honest, hard working and caring regardless of the situation.  He has the knowledge, poise and drive to represent the people of Wilmington in a way that will make us proud. I wholeheartedly support Jonathan as our new Selectman.Sincerely,Elaine HoffNOTE TO CANDIDATES & CAMPAIGNS: Got announcements, press releases, letters to the editor, etc.?  Email Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wilmington Finance Committee Chair Endorses Eaton For SelectmanIn “Letter To The Editor”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Eaton’s Experiences & Credentials Make Him An Ideal Selectman CandidateIn “Letter To The Editor”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Eaton Has Shown A Commitment To The CommunityIn “Letter To The Editor”last_img read more

This 32inch Insignia Fire TV is a steal at 100

first_img 18 This 32-inch TV has built-in Amazon Fire TV smarts, and an Alexa-powered remote to go with it. Best Buy To my thinking, any TV you buy today should have either Amazon Fire TV or Roku built in. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay a premium for those awesome “smart” interfaces.Proof positive: Today only, and while supplies last, Best Buy once again has the Insignia 32-inch LED TV with built-in Fire TV for just $99.99 (plus tax). That’s $70 off the regular price, and a repeat of a sale from about a month ago.See it at Best BuySo, Fire TV or Roku? The latter gets more attention these days, but Fire TV is arguably just as good and may be even better. It affords most of the same streaming apps: Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so on. (Alas, if you want YouTube, you have to access it via a web-browser app.) And it comes with an Alexa-enabled remote, so you can bark orders at the TV.Fire TV also affords access to various Alexa skills and a huge library of Amazon apps. For example, you could play the excellent party game Quiplash — something Roku can’t do.  Read more: The best TVs for 2019There’s a built-in tuner should you wish to connect an antenna, and three HDMI inputs for things like cable boxes and game consoles.Here’s the only real hedge: The TV tops out at 720p (that is, 1,366×768-pixel) resolution, meaning it’s definitely not suited for computer use. Some would also argue that 720p is a bit low for a 32-inch screen. I’d say it’s the cutoff point: Anything larger and you’ll definitely want 1080p. But here it’s probably sufficient.Indeed, look no further than the 1,300-plus customer ratings, which average out to 4.6 stars. Few people appear to have an issue with the 720p resolution.Your thoughts? TVs Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Amazon Best Buy Amazon Fire TV News • Apple Music is now available on Amazon Fire TV Comments 15 Photos Originally published on April 5, 2019.Update, May 10: Item is back on sale.CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter! The Cheapskate Tags Share your voice Review • Amazon Fire TV: Affordable Alexa-infused 4K streaming 7 best TVs under $1,000last_img read more

FTC looking at whether Juul marketed to minors says report

first_imgThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that “e-cigarettes are not safe for youth, young adults, pregnant women, or adults who do not currently use tobacco products.” Eva Hambach/Getty Images The Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether e-cigarette maker Juul practiced deceptive marketing, including targeting minors, says a Thursday report from The Wall Street Journal. Regulators may also seek monetary damages as they look into Juul’s hiring of social media influencers to advertise its nicotine vaping devices, said the Journal.”We fully cooperate and are transparent with any government agency or regulator who have interest in our category” a Juul spokesman said in a statement to CNET.The company also said its paid influencer program was a “short-lived pilot that ended in 2018.” Juul said it worked with fewer than 10 adults who were all smokers or former smokers over the age of 30.Separate investigations into the company and possible vaping-related health issues have been launched by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several state attorneys general and the Food and Drug Administration. The FTC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.  Share your voice 0 Get your vitamins by vaping Wellness Politics Post a commentcenter_img Now playing: Watch this: FTC 4:37 Tagslast_img read more

Chaddies become popular poll plank in Maharashtra

first_imgIn picture: NCP chief Sharad Pawar.Twitter/Sharad Pawar [Representational Image]As campaigning for the third phase of Lok Sabha elections ended, Maharashtra politicians plummeted to new lows when they virtually bared each other’s ‘chaddis’ while hitting out at opponents.The first soft tug at the secret garment was made by Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar at an election rally on Sunday in Madha.The normally composed Pawar, 78, suddenly seemed to have let his guard down when he hit out at a senior NCP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Vijaysinh Mohite-Patil, whose son Ranjitsinh recently crossed over to the BJP. Last week, Mohite-Patil Sr. even attended a rally addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Solapur.”Now that you went there, I have nothing to say. But next time, don’t go there clad in half chaddies. Don’t compel us to see your thighs and legs… Exercise caution… What will people think?” Pawar said amidst huge cheers and catcalls at the rally.The obvious taunt was to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) whom opposition politicians usually refer to as ‘khaki chaddiwalas’ in private conversations.Hitting back at Pawar, a livid Mohite-Patil, 75, said at another meeting, jeeringly asking “why the ‘langoti-clad pehelwan’ of Baramati ran away from the election arena” if he was not scared of the ‘chaddiwalas’.As the controversy snowballed, the 48-year-old Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also jumped into the haute-couture political discussion by helpfully pointing out that the so-called “half ‘chaddi’ had given way to (brown) trousers long back (2016).””Don’t forget… it was with the support of these very same ‘chaddiwalas’ you refer to, that you had become Chief Minister first time (1978),” Fadnavis lashed out.He warned that “it would be clear on May 23, when the election results are declared, whose ‘chaddi’ remains”.The full-fledged ‘chaddi-langoti’ political war erupted a week after Samajwadi Party leader in Uttar Pradesh, Azam Khan made similar unparliamentary remarks on his BJP opponent and former Bollywood actress Jaya Prada.Khan had created shockwaves with his comment: “In just 17 days, I had gauged that (her) underwear is of ‘khaki’ colour,” and has been booked for the same.Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) President Raj Thackeray went beyond ‘chaddis’ last week at a public meeting where he played a videotape on Modi announcing how 850,000 public toilets were built in a week in Bihar under the Swachhata Mission.”How much is he fibbing? As per our calculations, the figure comes to seven toilets built per five seconds… You don’t even ‘get it out’ so quickly, but toilets were constructed at such top speeds,” Thackeray commented, having the audiences in splits and his speech videos went viral all over.last_img read more

England vs Australia First Ashes Test 5 reasons for Aussie teams resounding

first_imgAustralia registered a hard-fought but comprehensive winTwitter/ICCThe 2019 Ashes series is off and running with the visitors recording a thumping victory over the hosts and favourites England. It’s a good start to the most hyped series in international Test cricket as the five days witnessed a gripping contest between bat and ball where the brilliance of Steve Smith proved too much for the Joe Root-led side.With this loss, England find themselves in the unenviable position of having to fight back from a trailing position to regain the Ashes. On the other hand, it has reassured the Australians, going through a tough phase in Test cricket, that they are back to being a highly-competitive side.As dust settles at Edgbaston ground where England suffered their first Test loss since 2001, it’s time to look at what made Tim Paine’s side victors. Here is a brief summary of the five biggest factors in shaping the outcome of the first Ashes Test. Smith played two brilliant innings in this TestTwitter/Cricket AustraliaSmith, Smith, SmithAt 122/8 in their first innings, the thought of even winning the match would have been distant in the minds of Australian fans. Winning by 251 runs, the eventual result, would have been beyond the imagination of the most optimistic Aussie. The reason for this turnaround is simply one man – Steve Smith. Returning from a year-long ban for ball-tampering, Smith showed that his hunger for runs and appetite for batting long has only been intensified by his exile. It wasn’t just the first innings where he rescued his side. In the second also, they were three down while still trailing by 15 runs. To take his team from that position to one of invincibility was incredible. Bowlers around the world, beware! Anderson’s injury hurt England badlyReutersAnderson’s injuryLosing any of your frontline bowlers after he has bowled just four overs in the first innings is very troubling. To lose your best bowler is an outright kick to the guts. That’s what England suffered on the very first day as James Anderson went off the field with an injury that eventually prevented him from bowling anymore. While Broad and Woakes combined well in the first innings, it is reasonable to assume that Anderson might have been way more effective in troubling the Aussie batsmen. Without him, England were severely handicapped. The pitch didn’t provide much home advantage to EnglandTwitter/ICCThe PitchEngland had asked for the batch of balls which were used last summer against Indian and Pakistan to be used this year as well. They expected the red cherries to swing as much in 2019 as they did in 2018. But the conditions weren’t the same, especially, the pitch was much less green than last year’s tracks. As a result, the batsmen didn’t have much to worry them after the new ball had the shine off. This negated England’s home advantage and proved very suitable to Australia. Moeen Ali was disappointing in this TestReutersMoeen’s failureMoeen Ali’s bowling has been superb since he came back into the English Test side last year during the fourth Test against India. But in this match, when the conditions were perfectly in his favour and he was given the job of being the leading wicket-taker, the off-spinner floundered badly. He bowled poorly and allowed the Australians to pile on the agony. How deadly he could have been was revealed by the delivery that clean bowled Paine. It was a classical off-spinner’s ball that pitched outside the off stump and spun sharply to hit the sticks. If only Ali had bowled that line consistently, things could have been very different. Nathan Lyon proved the effectiveness of spin on this wicket on the final day. Moeen proved innocuous just a day before. Australia winning the toss and batting first was crucialTwitter/ICCThe tossAustralia batting first after winning the toss was also a very big factor in their win. The pressure of chasing a score and getting a lead beyond it has proven to be too tough for England in recent years. The same thing happened here. Despite the hundred from Rory Burns, the team failed to bat Australia out of the game in the first innings. Last year, their only defeat to India also came in a match where they batted second. They are just not used to fighting hard when taking on a decent first-innings total.last_img read more

New deal sees an end to the US and EU trade war

first_imgTrump has insisted in recent months on the need for the EU to agree to his demands to facilitate US access to the European market and has threatened to impose tariffs of up to 20 per cent on imports of European automobiles if the bloc did not make concessions to Washington. Donald Trump Reiterates Relationship Between The U.S. And U.K. Remains Strong Close IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:01/0:29Loaded: 0%0:01Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-0:28?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading … U.S. President Donald Trump and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker speak about trade relations in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., July 25, 2018.REUTERS/Joshua RobertsUS President Donald Trump has announced he has reached an agreement with the European Union (EU) to move forward together toward a “zero tariff” situation, thus avoiding a trade war, after meeting the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.Trump on Wednesday said he had reached an agreement to work together toward a policy of “zero” tariffs and trade barriers, adding “we are starting the negotiation right now, but we know where it is going” and proclaiming “a new phase” in US-EU trade relations, Efe news reported.Meanwhile, both Washington and Brussels will “hold off on other tariffs” while the talks are underway, Juncker said.In a joint appearance before the press with Juncker, Trump said that the European Union will begin importing soybeans from the US Midwest, as well as liquefied natural gas to “diversity” its energy sources, in addition to reducing some industrial tariffs.The EC chief, meanwhile, hailed the trade agreement, which includes reducing tariffs by both parties and easing the bilateral frictions that had arisen in recent months. Juncker said that he had gone into his Oval Office meeting with Trump with both parties intending to reach an agreement.He also said that the pact establishes the “resolution” of the US tariffs on European steel and aluminium that had sparked a trade brouhaha between Brussels and Washington, although neither Trump nor Juncker specified whether these would be immediately annulled.Minutes later, at a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Juncker said that the agreement emphasised the “special” nature of the alliance between the US and the EU going on to stress that trade between the two parties comprises half of all global commerce.Juncker’s visit to Washington aroused great expectations after the exchange of accusations and the imposition of tariffs by Trump on European steel and aluminium, to which Brussels had responded with identical measures on assorted US products, including motorcycles and jeans.last_img read more