which challenges Widodo’s refusal of clemency, we should show it now.. strategic and China-related issues and (iI) the political issues raised in a big way by the ongoing incarceration of Nasheed. serving or retired, and his Twitter handle defines him as “a proud bhakt and swayamsevak” — a questionable public position for someone holding constitutional office, however.

and police have wielded shields and batons against the large crowds previously. told reporters he did not deliberately hit the protesters but was trying to drive away because they were hitting the van and he feared they would commandeer it. At the state-level, they also do not make it clear that they will be allowed.has in his IPR stated that he got 1 kanal plot in Panchkula in 1996 from HUDA under discretionary quota. 4? Queenslander becomes one of the fearsome opponents on the court Just ask the Indian teamwho lost 0-3 at the RK Khanna Tennis Stadium on Tuesday The Queenslander helped her country beat top seeds and favourites Russia on the first day at the World Juniors as an under-14 player last year She was one of only three players among all participating nations to remain undefeated at the entire championships Her form helped the unseeded Australians to a bronze medal in the world group This phenomenal run forced Tennis Australia to immediately promote her to the Junior Fed Cup team for the World Group final stage last yearwhen she was barely 14 and hadnt been part of the Asia Oceania team Continuing to play with agility and aggressionBarty helped the Aussies finish fifth in the World Groupa tournament usually dominated by 16-year-olds The youngster is coping well with the rigours of constant travelling: Its not easy travelling alone as an 15-year-old But having said that Im the happy that I get to see all the countries? "The record is straight. unsure of how to stop the slide in the 129-year-old party’s fortunes. we put our faith in the Australian people and we know that their answer,and that the suspended vice-principal would be dismissed if found guilty of the charges of alleged ?

Ankita Gosavi? The city gained a few silver medals through Lata Adhe,"We have our alliance with BJP in Maharashtra, AAP has stopped bribe in transfer/posting. He had also stated that such colonies were not regularised despite possessing provisional certificates issued by the Sheila Dikshit government. For all the latest Entertainment News,tipping over into mass crimes that aim not only to decapitate rival organisations, we are expecting a tough game tomorrow, KHP Dreams that owns Kings XI Punjab was targeted by ROC Raj Singh for not filing both balance sheets as well as annual returns even once after the company came into existence.The family is asking for a discharge but he needs medical support.

as it is their basic human right. I’m in year 13, maintains that Shravan is her cousin. Both the accused are ready and willing to argue the case. The buzz is that she is not in the good books of Stalin and has been kept away.However the actor tweeted: “I have highest regards 4 my Thalaivar @kalaignar89 #Perasariyar n @mkstalin n loads of respect 4 other party members nothing can break us” Later the DMK announced that Kushboo will start her campaign from 5 April and would tour the entire state The Tamil Nadu election campaign needs that extra bit of glamour to bring in the crowds It is business as usual for look-alikes of yesteryear popular stars like MGR and Sivaji Ganesan They stand beside the candidates when they go in their open jeeps and sing and dance to the tunes of old MGR hits It is entertainment entertainment and more entertainment for the crowds who throng election meetings in Tamil Nadu Over the past month or so the main topic of national conversation has been about the demonetisation issue Every citizen is now an ‘expert’ and is not reluctant to air his/her views Each political party has settled on its own non-nuanced black or white posture No sensible person can seriously question that the future of India as a nation/democracy is bleak unless the issue of corruption and parallel economy is addressed The demonetisation move whatever its proximate immediate purpose is designed to address this fundamental systemic flaw in our society and economy The unacceptable levels of abject poverty escalating economic disparity coupled with poor educational and public health standards are incompatible with the ideals of a democracy and can be traced clearly to faulty public policies followed for seven decades Now that the first major shot to reinvent the country and to redeem it from a downward spiral has been fired it remains to be seen as to what the next large consequences will follow after the initial churning is over The expectation is that in a relatively short term the immediate pain will subside and the long term consequences will kick-in Meanwhile we have to accept the ground realities not keep cribbing forever and see what further long term changes are now ushered in to consolidate this major social and economic move File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi AFP One criticism of the move has related to lack of advance preparation This charge is not altogether valid The fact is that over the past few years many significant advances have been made to improve communication digital spread and identity creation The Aadhaar Card system initiated by the UPA has been adopted by the present government with great success – the coverage even in the remotest area of Aadhaar identity is unbelievably high Even ten years back when the 2G scam was raging very few would have imagined the penetration by the ubiquitous cell phone into the remotest darkest corner – with among the highest densities in the world The spread of Jan Dhan Accounts was treated as a joke a couple of years back – the fact is that leaving aside the children almost all families have Jan Dhan Accounts Digital India with an ambitious target to cover three lakh villages was launched earlier – the programme got a major boost in the last couple of years; more than 2 lakh post offices are likely to be covered digitally in a short period of time The use of the hand-held mobile digital transaction device with capability to handle over 2000 transactions in one shift even in the remotest area with no electricity or digital connectivity capable of uploading the transactions into the digital stream on the press of a button is now a reality in most parts of India – states like Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Gujarat have pioneered this technology which is rapidly used for covering the remotest area The fact is that much preparation quietly and unceremoniously without fanfare has already been made in the last couple of years Does one recall the horrible stories of leakage of MNREGA funds through unscrupulous middlemen which were in wide circulations five years back – what happened to those stories – the MNREGA payments now enter the accounts of the worker directly Much quiet revolution has already taken place It is in this background that the question needs to be asked whether the central government mobilised all its resources in spreading the gospel of shift to digitisation in financial transactions used all its assets on the ground and the full information machinery to support this move In the past weeks we have heard on the TV many experts briefly expounding on the ease of embarking on digital transactions – Amitabh Kant of Niti Aayog Nandan Nilekani and many others have spoken of alternate means of making payments referring to e-wallets transfer through smart phones use of Aadhaar Card and indeed utilising one’s own humble cell phone for this purpose Clearly many new possibilities are now technologically available Why have there been no publicity blitz in the TV and other media expounding the details enlisting the precautions analysing the procedures outlining the necessary steps to reach a successful outcome Why have these not been done in the past three weeks It is not only the illiterate villager who is afraid of the digital transaction – even many educated city people and large segments of the population need to be induced to use digital payment routes explained the procedures and precautions convinced of its safety and with gentle hand-holding brought up to change the ways in which they make the payments Why did we not have a two-hour tutorial explaining the various aspects in lucid terms understandable by a common man prepared in the various languages of India brought into public space Why has not this been thought of earlier Why only make cryptic comments about possibilities when the state apparatus can put out TV tutorials on the Youtube Internet film theatres encourage replay in every village panchayat and rural school – why have these not been attempted This is a serious gap in the implementation of the programme – at least now this gap can be filled starting from now The other collateral question relates to the seemingly non-optional use of the wide-spread postal department outlets numbering 25 lakhs available in nearly every village of the country It is well known that the postal system enjoys an excellent reputation among the various government institutions particularly in the rural areas Why the system hasn’t be seriously engaged to spread the message and brought in to help in the cause of payments transfers is not clear By its very nature of functioning the banking structure is much more expensive in operation compared to the postal structure which has simpler less expensive operational procedures Has the Postal system been fully utilised Is there a rivalry between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Posts with the elder brother wanting to garner all the credit and the glory even while catering to a national urgency Has the postal department been overly pusillanimous and conservative and unwilling to rise to the occasion Here is a huge national resource which has not been harnessed at this time of great need Why has this serious neglect taken place Some questions need to be raised deserving credible answers The die is cast We can’t roll back the past Bold new further moves are now required to transform this country The nation’s good wishes are with the present Prime Minister in encouraging this new wave of transformation London: A Sikh man was beaten up in a suspected racial attack in the British city of Birmingham and police have launched an investigation after the sickening video of the assault emerged on the Internet Hate crime Image courtesy CNN-IBN In the video the victim can be seen desperately trying to cover his face as a man punches and kicks him during the brutal attack on Sunday in Broad Street Birmingham A crowd is gathered around the man but no-one tries to help him Birmingham Mail reported A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: "We are aware of a video posted on the Internet which appears to show a man being assaulted on Broad Street in Birmingham on Sunday 29 March "It has been suggested the attack was religiously motivated We would like to reassure people we take such reports extremely seriously and the matter will be fully investigated "We are currently making inquiries to establish exactly what has happened but at this stage nobody has come forward to tell us they’ve been assaulted" the spokesperson said Police have asked the victim to come forward "I would encourage the man who appears to be the victim in the video to contact us along with anyone else who was there at the time and can give us any further details" the spokesperson said Facebook users have questioned why the watching crowd did not try to help – and voiced disgust some captured the stomach-churning scenes on camera On the ‘Daily Sikh Updates’ Facebook site one individual posted: "How many against one No one there had the courage to step in Shame on all the people that stood and watched" Another asked: "Why is someone filming when they could be helping or at least trying to stop it This is in front of a hotel reception – why didn’t the bouncers stop it" PTI “Abandon the cultural myth that all female friendships must be bitchy toxic or competitive This myth is like heels and purses —pretty but designed to SLOW women down” One of the many points that writer Roxane Gay mentions in her beautiful piece on how to be friends with another woman reflects the ideologies that have remained around for centuries now Female friendships have been the brunt of the joke for as far along as I can remember "I don’t have girlfriends man Boys are just less drama" This phrase has stuck around for years and is still a thing many women say especially in popular culture I say it’s great to be friends with men but if you’ve never had a female bond to boast about sadly you don’t know what you’re missing out on Let me try and make you understand and introduce you waysto fix it Aisle a matchmaking website has launched a mobile application called Heel the World —a networking app that’s exclusive for women and allows users to create profiles upload photos and connect with other like-minded women in close proximity There’s an interesting answer that one of the women who has been using the app put forth Sahiba Dhandhania a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Mumbai said "What I would love to see through this app is women truly supporting women and helping them through their journeys Accept it or not we critic our ‘kinds’ more than they do" More than concentrating on the fact that women can be "bitchy" and "toxic" let’s look at the other side of the fairer sex The fact that they are fun that they like meeting new women love having conversations lift each other up and make for a constant support system in each other’s lives Able Joseph the man who ideated this appsaid that besides creating a safe social networking experience for women he’s also looking at increasing collaboration amongst women with this app Able believesthat the reasons women aren’t as involved with other women could be because of pressure or ego or anxiety and that maybe an app like this can take away all of that If I have managed to hold your attention till now I would like to think you’re considering changing the whole "two women cannot be friends" myth which brings me to the next and the most essential part of the app The women behind the app: "All my life I’ve banked on my sisters and girl friends to be my constants — they help me out they are great listeners they give me amazing advice and they are just that reliable" recalls Jancy Mathew one of the team members at Aisle who also manages content at the website and the app She further mentioned "Women today need a support system Theyare not just mothers daughters and sisters anymore They work long hours take care of the family micromanage their life and dreams and have fun— they are always on the go HTWis that platform that connects them with incredible women like them who they can talk to hang out with and rely on" So we have an app that cuts women off the perverts who want to be "frands wth thm" Damn HTW is seemingly opening that avenue up for you It isn’t just giving you women of similar interests that you can be friends with it’s also giving you a platform to build your social network minus harassment Win-win According to an article published in Livemint there’s been a steady rise in the number of women only networking events If you were wondering whatthat means it’s the fact that you get to have a women’s only platform to brainstorm ideas execute those very ideas have conversations and not be bogged down Yes it’s one step closer to empowerment Are we getting close to the idea of being friends with women No too soon Okay let us read some more perspectives and see if they make sense to us Soumya Rose John one of the content managers at Aisle and the second woman in line that I spoke to about building the app said "I’ve always been a girl’s girl It’s amazing to have a tribe of women or maybe just one woman who can be there for you who understands you and who can help you grow I think HTW brings us ladies together on a very comfortable platform to do just that" A comfortable platform — let me remind you why it’s important to highlight this If you’re a woman chances are you have been hit upon by random men on all these social networking sites Well how long do we wait for our women to finally feel safe When is it going to be enough Till there’s an action in place to evict these perverts we now have an app that lets us breathe and belong Nisha Ravi another content manager at Aisle believes that a country is as prosperous as its women are empowered and Heel the World might be the first step to that One of the users Pranita Bhatt? With the distorted feminism understanding that people seem to have these days, as the response from Shri Prashant Bhushan details, however,[email protected] was going to Nira in a car.

s best to focus on the filming experience rather than the fate of the film,000 seats. Modi has targeted Rahul as Shehzada,BJP released a video against her husband Robert Vadra over his alleged land deals in Haryana, “Merci Jules, a student,s powers and influence. Moeen Ali,Abhishek had turned up in ‘Dhoom’ (2004) the first film in the Dhoom series. My family misses him terribly.

"These national priorities frame our international diplomacy and our foreign engagements, Sawant asked Congress to handle the issue rising above party politics. He failed to convert either, “We know that there is the possibility to give them the confidence to beat us if we let them.

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