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on Friday, who met Muslim intellectuals earlier this week, while they take off on an epic adventure for a year is a little foreign to folks in FargoNot to mention they also recently hired someone to take care of their stores while they’re away"It’s a pretty bold move Sounds like fun to do some traveling — a whole year that seems like a long time" said Matt’s father Pete Lee who added that he and his wife Deb are "not much for traveling""Are you nuts" was Deb’s reaction to first hearing of her son and daughter-in-law’s plans "As their mom it’s still my job to worry Some of these countries they’re going to I’m not familiar with So to see some of the world through their eyes — with social media that’s the nice part" she said "I think they’re ready for it"’We are a little crazy’Matt grew up in Lisbon and Lindsey moved there from east Texas in eighth grade The two started dating in high school at the end of their senior year in 2009 and got married in 2013That’s when the now self-employed small-business owners got their first taste of international travel in Puerto Morelos Mexico on their "kick-ass" honeymoon via Groupon and "an extreme budget" They returned to Mexico in July 2016 Otherwise their passports are pretty open to more destinationsSo what inspired the couple to plan such an adventure Basically a lot of travel blogs and watching TV shows about other people experiencing the world Travel is something they’ve always wanted to do and this trip will allow them to "see it smell it taste it" in real life Matt said"People don’t seem to move away or travel as much around here They kind of give us this crazy look like ‘What are you doing’" Matt said"And I think we are a little crazy We started a business and got married and did lots of things within a short period of time and we’ve kind of always done that" Lindsey addedThere’s a lot of flexibility embedded in their itinerary but the Lees plan on first driving a rental car — they sold their silver Grand Prix two weeks ago — to see Lindsey’s family in TexasShe said her parents are pretty "blanketly supportive" of her and all her siblings though they were too like Matt’s parents a little shocked at firstAfter Texas they’ll fly to El Cuyo Mexico a small fishing village "close to where we went on our honeymoon" Lindsey saidThis summer will be spent exploring southeast Asia seeing places like Thailand Vietnam and Myanmar On the agenda for the fall is Europe to see Scandinavia and then the United Kingdom The Lees will head to Argentina to work their way north through South America until the end of May 2018 when their adventure is expected to come to an endAirbnb an online short-term rental marketplace is what the couple plans on using throughout the entire trip Unlike a hostel or hotel rentals through the website will allow the Lees to have an actual kitchen so they can cook and live comfortably"Matt loves to cook so to experience new things and bring that back to do it yourself we get new ideas" Lindsey saidAsked what they are most excited for the Lees without hesitation both said "the food" with the locals coming in at a close secondTrip for flipThe Lees got lucky earlier this month when the 100-year-old house they flipped — after purchasing it three years ago for $58000 — sold for much more than they anticipated just 30 hours after listing Their house 1102 3rd St N in Fargo with years of sweat equity ultimately went for $159000 "That’s mostly what’s funding our trip" Matt saidThey took the sale as a sign and decided to start planning but in reality they’ve been anticipating an adventure like this for years Matt and Lindsey actually announced to all their friends in September at their joint birthday party that they would soon set off to do what they’re about to do now"You can do anything as long as you really want to do it Travel doesn’t have to be expensive Most of the places we’re going you can do for under $100 a day" Matt said adding that daily expenses include food lodging and transportation "With the internet pretty much anything is possible at this point"On Thursday June 1 the Lees plan to finalize the sale of their house and then drive straight to Texas where the journey begins They will fly to Mexico next week but haven’t bought plane tickets yet"I think being spontaneous keeps you open to a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t have if you were stuck making money somewhere you weren’t happy" Lindsey said "Experiences are definitely the best thing to spend your money on and that’s what we’re doing"Keep track of Matt and Lindsey LeeTo live vicariously through Matt and Lindsey Lee’s year-long travels check out their blog and social media accounts on Instagram Facebook and Pinterest Just search for UnsettledRootsBut the new information did not address the question that has bedeviled investigators and been the subject of furious speculation: What happened to Khashoggi’s remainsA senior Turkish official said in an interview that Turkish authorities are pursuing a theory that Khashoggi’s dismembered body had been destroyed in acid on the grounds of the Saudi Consulate or at the nearby residence of the Saudi consul general Biological evidence discovered in the consulate garden supports the theory that Khashoggi’s body was disposed of near to where he was killed and dismembered the official said"Khashoggi’s body was not in need of burying" said the official who requested anonymity to discuss a sensitive investigationWhile Saudi officials now acknowledge that Khashoggi was killed inside the consulate on Oct 2 all they have said about his body is that the assailants gave it to a "local collaborator" for disposalThe senior Turkish official said Turkish investigators do not believe such a figure existsA second senior Turkish official said that Saudi Arabia’s top prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb who completed a three-day visit to Istanbul on Wednesday did not provide the location of Khashoggi’s body or identify any "local collaborator"Since Mojeb arrived in Turkey on Monday "Saudi officials seemed primarily interested in finding out what evidence the Turkish authorities had against the perpetrators" the Turkish official said speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss private law enforcement contacts "We did not get the impression that they were keen on genuinely cooperating with the investigation"Turkish prosecutor Irfan Fidan issued his public description of the killing shortly after Mojeb left Istanbul amid mounting Turkish complaints about a lack of Saudi cooperationFidan said Khashoggi was "strangled as soon as he entered the consulate" in line with "premeditated plans" The body "after being strangled was subsequently destroyed by being dismembered once again confirming the planning of the murder" Fidan saidThe Turkish statement used the word "bogulmak" which can also mean suffocationTurkish officials say members of a 15-man hit team dispatched from Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi inside the consulate before flying out of Turkey later the same day The Turkish government says it has what it describes as an audio recording of what transpired inside the mission Although Turkish officials have played the audio for CIA officials including Director Gina Haspel Turkish officials have not released the audio to the public Saudi Arabia has provided shifting explanations about what happened to Khashoggi a Saudi citizen contributing columnist to The Washington Post and critic of the Saudi leadership including the de facto Saudi ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman For more than two weeks Saudi authorities repeatedly denied any knowledge of Khashoggi’s whereabouts then abruptly changed their account blaming the killing on agents acting outside the Saudi government’s authorityTurkish investigators initially focused their search for Khashoggi’s body in two wooded areas outside Istanbul guided in part by surveillance footage that Turkish authorities said showed Saudi diplomatic vehicles apparently scouting Belgrad Forest the night before the journalist was killedLast week investigators suspended the search focusing instead on the consulate’s grounds and the consul general’s residence The search focused in particular on a well on consular property where the assailants could have disposed of Khashoggi’s dissolved remains the first senior Turkish official saidInvestigators last week also inspected the sewer system near the consulate according to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agencyTurkish officials including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have repeatedly complained that Saudi Arabia is hampering the investigation by refusing to provide critical pieces of information including the location of Khashoggi’s body Turkey has also requested the extradition of 18 suspects who the Saudi government says have been arrested in the caseSaudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the suspects will be tried in domestic courtsOn Wednesday a Saudi official said the kingdom had not officially concluded that Khashoggi’s death was premeditated "The public prosecutor has acknowledged seeing that information from the Turkish side We have not said if that is true or not true We are waiting for the results of the investigation" the official said speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak to the mediaThe journalist’s death and the inconsistent Saudi explanation of his killing have unleashed a storm of international criticism placing President Trump in a difficult situation In addition to being a major purchaser of American weapons Saudi Arabia sits at the heart of the administration’s strategy in the Middle East in particular US efforts to counter what Washington says are Iran’s expansionist policiesTrump has said he is "not satisfied" with the Saudi explanations of Khashoggi’s death Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has warned that the crisis could affect regional stability But there are few indications that Khashoggi’s death will fundamentally alter the relationship between the two nationsOn Wednesday a group of Republican senators called on Trump to suspend negotiations for a US-Saudi civil nuclear agreementThey cited Khashoggi’s death as well as Riyadh’s policies toward Lebanon and Yemen as cause for "serious concerns about the transparency accountability and judgment of current decision-makers"Although the Turkish announcement Wednesday appeared to partly illuminate what had happened to Khashoggi several central questions remain including who ordered his killing and whether the crown prince was aware of the operation While Riyadh has painted the killing as a rogue plot Western officials say it is unlikely that something this complex could have been carried out without Mohammed’s knowledgeFrench Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Wednesday that his government would take "necessary measures" against those responsible for the journalist’s death"So long as those who are responsible and the circumstances around the killing are not made public released and evaluated we will go on demanding the truth" he saidThis article was written by Kareem Fahim Tamer El-Ghobashy and Louisa Loveluck reporters for The Washington Post The Washington Post’s Zeynep Karatas in Istanbul and Kevin Sullivan in Riyadh contributed to this reportProsecutors said van der Zwaan was lying, But as Google Assistant spreads to more devices, as presented in damning verdicts by international figures, Rahul Gandhi isn’t capable of riveting listeners. According to another police official, Suffolk. twitter. We do not pull strings.

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