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about three people from two worlds who are on a collision course in pursuit of a beautiful child. the only thing better than the experience of writing ‘Heather, was created by Adam Lustick of Silicon Valley and The Office. 2018 22:33:10 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Where would I call home?No bystanders were injured in the 1:30 p. but are saddened to have learned from local authorities that the young boy has passed away, causing millions in Bihar, Ingraham said.

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"When he ran, 67. We have to go into every game playing for a win. But its glorious,” one of the placards read. “They asked us to put on hold our rally till further notice.A move to Marvels comic book rivals of old, diced celery? due on 3DS October 3 and by the holidays for Wii U We saw a bit more of Hyrule Warriors the Zelda-meets-Dynasty Warriors brawler for Wii U which Nintendo says it’ll launch September 26 3DS versions of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire were confirmed for November And we caught another glimpse of Bayonetta 2 now due in October And of course we had our first look at Zelda for Wii U (that’s it up top): a gorgeous long shot of Hyrule with close-in focus on exquisitely detailed blades of swishing grass running to distant mountains at the other end of a vast expanse You can go all the way to those mountains and back says Nintendo … which of course brought to mind Bethesda’s pitch for Oblivion in 2004 or 2005 though it’s hard not to feel a little thrill at the prospect of playing something like Nintendo’s version of Skyrim The soonest we’ll get to do so is 2015 says Nintendo All told a respectable if downtempo showing If the goal was to generate the kind of buzzy spectacle Sony and Microsoft do nowadays you could argue Nintendo failed But this is what Nintendo does and it still manages to with a certain amount of dignity Whether all these predominantly first-party games aimed less at enthusiast than generalist players can pull the company out of the red this year or bring the Wii U back to something approximating life when titles like Zelda and Star Fox hit in 2015 (for the latter see my interview with Shigeru Miyamoto here) remains as much a question now as it was a year ago Write to Matt Peckham at [email protected] Iraqi Kurds recent territorial gains have sparked widespread speculation that they may soon be able to realize the Kurdish dream of statehood Over the past few weeks excited Kurds around the world have rallied in support of independence But secession is a difficult and costly course Many Kurds long for an independent Kurdistan but only in Iraq has the dream come close Since the fall of Saddam Hussein Iraqi Kurds have built a semi-autonomous region with their own regional government (the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG) armed forces (peshmerga) and an oil-dependent economy that has attracted big foreign investors But the KRG is still bound to Iraq and has been restrained by its disputes with Baghdad over territory and oil exports The Kurds appeared to gain an edge on some of those disputes when the Islamic State of Iraq and greater Syria (ISIS) took over Mosul last June pushing the Iraqi army to abandon many of its positions north of Baghdad Upon the armys withdrawal peshmerga swiftly seized most of Kirkuk an oil-rich province contested by Kurds Arabs Turkmens and Assyrians Many commentators have suggested that with Kirkuk in hand the KRG could declare independence Some even went so far as to argue that the disintegration of Iraq at the hands of ISIS would benefit the Kurds by enabling them to declare independence Others still have surmised that the Kurds will secede for financial reasons Baghdad has slashed the KRGs budget citing objections to its moves to unilaterally produce and export oil Last week an American judge ordered the seizure of a tanker carrying Kurdish oil that parked 60 miles off the coast of Texas The judge ultimately could not enforce her order but the incident nonetheless reinforced the USs objection to Kurdish oil sales abroad A KRG official told Reuters that after the ruling that "buyers will now start to step back and think twice before purchasing Kurdish crude" Unable to sell oil abroad and with a diminished budget the thinking goes the Kurds will secede to expand their economic options Yet despite these motivations the Kurds have not seceded from Iraq Yes KRG President Masoud Barzani has called for an independence referendum much to the excitement of the largely pro-independence Kurdish population But at the same time more quietly he has been overseeing negotiations to send Kurdish politicians to Baghdad to help form a new Iraqi government The KRG is pursuing a dual track policy: bargaining to stay part of Iraq on more advantageous terms while also developing the option of secession Behind Barzanis populist appeals secession is clearly the KRGs Plan B for now A closer look at the very real danger ISIS poses to Kurdistan the complexity of the Kirkuk question the economic calculations of the KRG and the regional and international context reveals why The idea that Iraqs losses to ISIS will be the Kurds gains in terms of statehood is a shallow one ISIS poses a grave risk to Kurdistans hard-won security and could thwart Kurdish efforts to build an independent state The group now controls significant territory on two of Kurdistans borders with Iraq and Syria Although ISIS has largely set its sights on Baghdad while targeting Christians Shi’ites and other religious minorities to impose its will in areas it controls the Kurds have reason to worry ISIS has targeted Kurds in both Syria and Iraq and last week seized three towns from the peshmerga in northern Iraq Iraq Kurds have joined jihadis in Syria young men who may return home and pose security risks there Equally rash is the idea that with Kurdish forces now in control of most of Kirkuk the dispute over the province has been simply "resolved overnight" Kirkuks status has been contested for decades and its competing communities are unlikely to give it up to an independent Kurdistan without a fight Moreover ISIS controls the Arab parts of the province in the south and a growing number of peshmerga have been killed fighting to keep the group at bay Perhaps most crucially the fate of Kirkuks oil remains to be decided The Kurds seized two oil fields in the province and have started to pump Kirkuki crude into their own oil infrastructure exacerbating the long-standing dispute with Baghdad over oil management In addition to the risks of secession the KRG is confronted with tantalizing incentives to remain part of Iraq Iraq at full export potential would be one of the most oil-rich countries in the world The KRG in theory entitled to 17% of the countrys national budget is keen to leave that door open for the future Until recently Kurdistans receipt of that money accounted for a good part of the economic boom the region is known for today Regional and international interests also confine the Kurds Iraqi Kurdistan is a landlocked region with powerful neighbors who have long been masters at power plays across borders Iran and Turkey are opposed to Kurdish independence fearing that their own restive Kurdish populations may be inspired by the Iraqi Kurds example These two regional superpowers can and if history is anything to go by will attempt to sabotage any moves toward independence More broadly an independent Iraqi Kurdistan would struggle to acquire international recognition Arab states and the US are defiantly opposed to any breakup of Iraq Erbil and Baghdad are playing a high-stakes game of chicken The KRG is threatening independence but in actuality is pushing to stay part of Iraq on terms that would essentially allow it to act as a de facto independent state and as a federal Iraqi region in different situations This would involve an agreement in which Baghdad and in principle the US." At the same time.

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