first_imgApr 30 2018 Tradeshow Talks with EMPEROBooth D18Can you tell us a bit about the company and why are you here at Health GB?Related StoriesNew research could help design algae that produces fuels and cleanup chemicalsStudy shows link between gut microbiome health and successful joint replacementCurved shape of bacteria can make it easier to find foodWe are a manufacturer of kitchen aid treatments for 30 years. In the last two years, we started to manufacture food service distribution trolleys for hospitals. We are here at Health GB to promote our products.Can you tell us about the products that you have on show today?The product we have on show at Health GB is the food distribution trolley for hospitals, which allows hospitals to serve food in one tray whether it is hot or cold. It is more practical, more hygienic and more professional for the hospitals while they serve food to the patients.Can you tell us the benefits your product will have for the healthcare industry?Firstly, it is more hygienic. In the long term, it is also more economical for the hospitals.The main benefit is the hygiene because the trolley keeps the food at a certain temperature, let’s say 90 degrees. If the food drops to less than 60degrees, it will start to create bacteria, in hospitals they are always careful with this. For cold foods it can also keep them at a certain degree such as 5 degrees, or 3 degrees, to keep the food cold.For example, yogurt, if it gets to a higher temperature it would start to create bacteria.Where can our readers got to find out morePlease visit our Booth D18 at health GB or visit our website

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