first_img Disney Games announced LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Stay on target Lego DC Super-Villains is not the only noteworthy game dropping this month. Check out all  the games you should check out this October.center_img I appreciate Lego games not just because they turn beloved #brands into charming slapstick comedy, brick-based video games. I appreciate them because they’re consistently excellent games that are good for kids but not absolutely insulting in their simplicity. This is especially true as Lego games become increasingly open-world, a huge genre typically dominated by mature fare. At New York Comic Con, Lego DC Super-Villains may feature bad guys, but it’s good for everyone.The first full Lego DC game since they wrapped up their Batman trilogy, DC Super-Villains features the famous rogues galleries of Justice League members from the Legion of Doom to the Suicide Squad. There’s Lex Luthor and The Joker and Darkseid (voiced by Clancy Brown, Mark Hamill, and Michael Ironside!) There are all manner of evil smart apes just as Grodd intended. And upcoming Aquaman and Shazam content guarantees there’ll be plenty of Black Manta and Black Adam action. The sheer amount of deep DC lore reminded us of the montage in The Lego Batman Movie where Joker lists off all the absurd villains that really exist.But DC Super-Villains also hands off the powerful character creation tool to the players. Using the clever in-universe explanation of Amazo abilities, players can customize the look and superpowers of their evil avatar. We wound up with prancing trickster with half of a crocodile jaw, wings, and the ability to shoot pink lightning from their chest. As players progress they’ll also gain new powers to use in their fight against good.Using a Boom Tube, we switched to main man Lobo and flew across the twin open-world cities of Gotham and Metropolis on a dolphin. Metropolis is a shining city of tomorrow while Gotham is a spooky neon nightmare surprisingly similar to its appearance in he much darker Batman: Arkham Knight. Here we could also take on missions like a trip to Gorilla City or Apokolips or Smallville.But as bad guys we really just wanted to smash stuff up. We wanted to use Harley Quinn’s ghetto blaster to wreak havoc. We wanted to see just how Arnold Wesker’s ventriloquist dummy works in a Lego game. We wanted to fly around on Granny Goodness’s hulking walker, testing out the new grapple combat. And we wanted to try out the included heroes like Green Lantern squirrel B’dg. Cause too much trouble though, and cops come after you thanks to the full-on Grand Theft Auto-style wanted system.Lego DC Super-Villains delighted an old Justice League fan like me. And the new inclusion of multiple difficulty modes should allow an even greater range of players to join in. Lego DC Super-Villains tells Superman to shove it on October 16 when it launches on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.last_img

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