first_imgStay on target Yet another robot-powered restaurant is opening soon. This time, it’s one of former president and cheeseburger lover Barack Obama’s personal favorites: Shake Shack.Now, the image above isn’t from Shake Shack’s media folk. It’s clearly Bender working the kitchen in the Futurama episode “My Three Suns.” Still, it would be awesome if the kitchens were actually being staffed by humanoid robots rather than a bunch of disembodied mechanical arms and conveyor belts, wouldn’t it?Like Cafe X on the other side of the country, the new Astor Place Shake Shack location will still have human workers on staff. CEO Randy Garutti says their official job titles will be “hospitality champs” and they’ll focus on customer interactions instead of food prep chores.The restaurant will also be the company’s first completely cashless location. Customers will input orders at kiosks and pay with a card or app, and the “hospitality champs” will be at the ready to assist with any technical difficulties that arise.Once the automated kitchen has finished preparing a customer’s food a notification gets sent via SMS. That means you’re not limited to waiting within range of one of those clunky buzzin discs. You’re free to roam anywhere you want as long as you’ve got signal. Presumably, you’ll want to stay fairly close so you don’t return to a room-temperature burger, soggy fries, and a runny shake.As for fears that the modernized ordering system and robot kitchen will mean fewer jobs for humans, Gerutti says that’s not the case at all. “We’re doubling the amount of kitchen equipment and hiring a similar number of staff members because we’re expecting higher volumes to come with the shorter lines,” Eater reports.They’ll be paid decently, too. Staff at this particular location will be hired on at $15 an hour, which is $2.50 higher than the Shake Shack average. That’s partly to prepare the company for minimum wage hikes that are coming shortly.As for the extra kitchen equipment, Garutti says it should give the Astor Place Shake Shack enough capacity to add delivery options in the near future. No word yet on whether humans or robots will be doing the delivering.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Review: ‘Daemon X Machina’ Has Big Robots, Small Fun on Nintendo SwitchThis Robot Is Equal Parts Lawnmower and Snow Blower last_img

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