Buy stocks like Bank of America and New York Times

first_img– Advertisement – (This story is for CNBC PRO subscribers only.)While investor anxiety remains high, Wall Street analysts say there are a myriad of stocks to buy no matter what happens with the presidential election. Analysts urged clients this week to remain calm and take advantage of the rare opportunity to acquire quality stocks.CNBC Pro combed through recent Wall Street research to find the best companies to buy amid the election uncertainty. – Advertisement – – Advertisement – Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of AmericaScott Mlyn | CNBClast_img

UK, Ireland say breakthrough needed in Brexit talks this week

first_img“Otherwise, it gets quite difficult and we do start to run out of time to implement it,” Eustice added.Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney said time was running out for a deal.“If you want to use sporting parlance, this is move week. We have got to make big progress this week. Hopefully we’ve got to get the big issues resolved, in principle, this week,” Coveney told Sky.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – There has to be a breakthrough this week in talks for a post-Brexit trade agreement, British and Irish ministers said on Sunday, ahead of the Dec. 31 expiry of Britain’s transition period for leaving the European Union.Without a deal, around $1 trillion worth of trade is at risk of disruption from import tariffs and tougher rules, just as Britain and the EU are struggling to contain the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.“This needs to be a week when things move, when we break through some of these difficult issues and get a resolution and at least have some sort of headlines, if you like, of an agreement,” British environment secretary George Eustice told Sky News on Sunday.- Advertisement – “This is very difficult but it is also very doable.”Northern IrelandThe negotiations have already missed several deadlines and remain stuck on issues such as fishing quotas, state aid rules and how to settle future disputes.Coveney said London also had to back down from its plan to pass legislation for trade between British-ruled Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit.London has acknowledged the bill could violate international law by over-riding the divorce agreement it has previously agreed with the bloc.“There’s no way the EU will agree to ratify a new agreement if the British government is breaking the existing agreement that’s not even 12 months old and breaking international law by doing that,” Coveney said.Eustice said the British government planned to press ahead with the legislation and would restore parts of the bill stripped out by the upper house of parliament last week.U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has said Brexit must not undermine the U.S.-brokered 1998 “Good Friday” peace deal for Northern Ireland, comments that have been seen as a warning to London over the bill.Former British prime minister Gordon Brown said on Sunday that Biden’s election victory was likely to push Prime Minister Boris Johnson to agree a trade deal with the EU that would avoid the need for the legislation.“I think the arrival of Joe Biden has made all the difference,” Brown told BBC television.center_img – Advertisement – A British Union flag, also known as a Union Jack, right, flies with other European Union (EU) member state flags outside the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020.Bloomberglast_img read more

Lewis Hamilton: Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart backs Mercedes driver for knighthood

first_imgLewis Hamilton clinched a record-equalling seventh F1 world title by winning the Turkish GP on Sunday; Sir Jackie Stewart backs Mercedes driver for knighthood: “He’s now a seriously top-line sportsman in the world… I think he certainly deserves it” Last Updated: 16/11/20 11:34pm Damon Hill says it is remarkable how Hamilton has been able to produce such high standards season after season “Seven world championships, more races than anybody else – this guy is better than anyone else in the world. He truly is a fantastic ambassador for Great Britain.”Hamilton fired an ominous message to his rivals after his victory in Istanbul – insisting he’s “just getting started” in Formula One. Damon Hill, who also won the Formula One world championship in 1996, says Hamilton has been “extraordinary” since winning his first world title in 2008.“I think he relishes the opportunity to show how much better he is than everyone else and he certainly did that yesterday,” Hill told Sky Sports News. Three-time F1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart says Lewis Hamilton deserves a knighthood after winning a record-equalling seventh world title – Advertisement – 0:31 2:56 Former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg says ex-Mercedes team-mate Hamilton is now an all-time great – Advertisement – – Advertisement – center_img 0:33 Silverstone managing director Stuart Pringle believes Hamilton is ‘one of the greatest’ sports stars Great Britain has produced 1:18 Damon Hill says it is remarkable how Hamilton has been able to produce such high standards season after season Three-time F1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart says Lewis Hamilton deserves a knighthood after winning a record-equalling seventh world title Sir Jackie Stewart says Lewis Hamilton deserves to receive a knighthood for his achievements in Formula One.Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of seven world titles on Sunday after clinching victory in the Turkish Grand Prix.He is now statistically the most successful driver in Formula One history – having already held the records for most race victories, pole positions and podiums.Three-time world champion Stewart, who was himself knighted in 2001, believes Hamilton should be honoured for his achievements in the sport.“I’ve been privileged to get a knighthood myself and it took me a wee while apparently to get a knighthood in comparison because I was retired from motor racing by the time my knighthood came along,” Stewart told Sky Sports News. Silverstone managing director Stuart Pringle believes Hamilton is ‘one of the greatest’ sports stars Great Britain has produced “But certainly Lewis deserves it. He’s now a seriously top-line sportsman in the world and that’s a wonderful thing to have, and the fact that he is British is the most important thing of all, with regards to the knighthood is concerned. I think he certainly deserves it.”Silverstone managing director Stuart Pringle has also backed Hamilton for a knighthood and insists the former McLaren driver is one of the greatest sportsmen the country has produced.“Lewis appeals to a huge amount of people. He’s the only true global star in motor racing and head and shoulders above everybody else,” Pringle told Sky Sports News.“He’s one of the greatest sportsmen this country has ever produced and we need to start recognising that as a country. He’s notably among the peers who have all been knighted and he hasn’t been and I question that. Former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg says ex-Mercedes team-mate Hamilton is now an all-time great “I think it’s very difficult to appreciate how exhausting it is to pull yourself together every year, year on year, to fight for a World Championship because it’s one to thing to be a racing driver and compete in Formula One, but it’s quite another to have the expectation that Lewis has created for himself every year.“That means dealing with the questions from us guys, the press, and also the requirements for sponsors and travel and organisation of your life because you can’t just turn up to a hotel and walk in the front door – he’ll never get anywhere!“It’s exhausting to do, what 13 seasons now he’s done in Formula One, and that’s hard work in itself, but to keep going and keep fresh like he has done is extraordinary.“He is saying there basically he feels fresh as a daisy so that is bit of a warning to everyone else.” – Advertisement –last_img read more

Scoring system estimates a patient’s risk for SARS

first_imgSep 9, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – By sifting data from hundreds of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) cases in Hong Kong, researchers there have developed a scoring system for predicting whether a patient with suspicious signs and symptoms has the disease.If the model is validated in studies of other SARS outbreaks, it could help emergency department physicians make decisions about hospital admission, isolation, and treatment for suspected case-patients if SARS returns, according to the report in the Sep 7 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.”Our findings suggest that a simple model that uses clinical data at the time of presentation to an emergency department during an acute outbreak predicted the incidence of SARS and provided good diagnostic utility,” says the report by Gabriel M. Leung, MD, MPH, and colleagues.To determine which signs, symptoms, and laboratory findings were the best predictors of SARS, the authors analyzed records on all patients who were evaluated in the SARS triage clinics at two large Hong Kong hospitals during 2 months in early 2003.One cohort consisted of 1,274 patients who were seen at United Christian Hospital; this group included 821 residents of the Amoy Gardens housing complex, where a major SARS outbreak occurred. The other cohort included 1,375 patients who were examined at Prince of Wales Hospital. The incidence of SARS was 29.6% (377 of 1,274) in the United Christian cohort and 13.4% (184 of 1,375) in the Prince of Wales group.The authors developed their scoring system in two steps designed to parallel physicians’ decision-making processes. In the first step they looked at demographic data such as age, sex, occupation (healthcare worker or not), contact with SARS patients, travel history, symptoms, and vital signs. By statistical analysis, the investigators determined that age, contact history, fever, myalgia, and malaise were significant risk factors for a final diagnosis of SARS.The researchers identified patients at high risk for SARS on the basis of step 1. In step 2, they analyzed the radiological and lab findings for these patients and looked further at the risk factors identified in step 1. The analysis showed that significant risk factors included haziness or pneumonia on chest radiograph and low lymphocyte and platelet counts. The further analysis also ruled out myalgia and malaise as significant risk factors. Factors that were significantly linked with a low probability of SARS included a high neutrophil count, sputum production, and young or old age (under 18 or 65 and up).The authors further developed a point score for each risk factor, making it possible to calculate the overall risk by adding up the points. Patients above the threshold for high risk were further grouped into quartiles on the basis of their scores.The scoring system worked well when the researchers tested it on the patient cohorts it was derived from, according to the article. The actual incidence of SARS in patients assigned to the low-risk group was 4.4%. In the high-risk group, the incidence of SARS was 21% in the first quartile, 39.5% in the second quartile, 61.2% in the third quartile, and 79.7% in the fourth quartile. The system achieved an “optimism-corrected sensitivity of 90%” and a specificity of 62%.The researchers suggest that during a SARS outbreak, patients found to have a low risk on the basis of step 1—which requires only a history and physical exam—could be sent home and monitored daily until resolution of their symptoms. Patients found to be at high risk on the basis of step 2 should be admitted to an isolation ward for further assessment and possible treatment, the report says.The authors list several limitations of their method, including the fact that it has not been tested against data from SARS outbreaks elsewhere. “Ultimately, the generalizability of the findings should be confirmed by using similar databases in other SARS-affected countries and should be prospectively validated if SARS returns,” they write. They also note that the system is based on data from an acute outbreak and thus may not apply to isolated SARS cases during interepidemic periods.In an accompanying editorial, three physicians from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that additional testing of the prediction system is particularly important because it is based on combined data from two “epidemiologically distinct” groups of patients. The cohort from Prince of Wales Hospital included a much higher proportion of healthcare workers with past exposure to SARS patients than the other cohort did. In addition, the Amoy Gardens outbreak has been widely discussed because of its “peculiar epidemiologic characteristics,” says the editorial by John A. Jernigan, MD, MS; Rita F. Helfand, MD, and Umesh D. Parashar, MBBS, MPH.Leung GM, Rainer TH, Fei-Lung L, et al. A clinical prediction rule for diagnosing severe acute respiratory syndrome in the emergency department. Ann Intern Med 2004;141:333-42 [Full text]last_img read more

Three new H5N1 cases push Egypt’s count to 32

first_imgApr 2, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Three more Egyptian children have tested positive for H5N1 avian influenza, raising Egypt’s H5N1 case count to 32, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported today.One of the patients is a 4-year-old boy from Qena governorate, about 416 miles south of Cairo, whose 6-year-old sister was diagnosed with the disease on Mar 28, a WHO report said. He became ill Mar 26 and was hospitalized 3 days later.The other patients are a 7-year-old boy from Sohag governorate, about 250 miles south of Cairo, who got sick Mar 26 and was hospitalized Mar 29, and a 4-year-old girl from Qalubiea governorate, just north of Cairo, who developed symptoms Mar 29 and was hospitalized the next day, the WHO said.All the children had fevers and were being treated with oseltamivir, Reuters reported 2 days ago. The WHO described all as being in stable condition. Initial investigations showed that all had contact with dead birds; their contacts are under surveillance and appear healthy, the agency said.Ten of the Egyptians diagnosed so far this year have been children. Thirteen of the country’s 32 cases have been fatal.In other avian flu developments, heath officials in Indonesia announced yesterday that a second round of tests confirmed that two patients who died of suspected H5N1 illness—a 28-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man—did have the virus, Agence France-Presse reported.Last week Indonesia announced that five patients had positive preliminary tests for the H5N1 virus. The 28-year-old woman appears to be the central Jakarta patient whose Mar 28 death was announced by the health ministry on Mar 29. However, no 22-year-old man was mentioned in the reports of possible cases last week. (The only 22-year-old mentioned as a suspected H5N1 case last week was a female university student from southeastern Sumatra who died on Mar 24.)By the WHO count, Indonesia has had 81 H5N1 cases with 63 deaths. But since Jan 29, Indonesia has reported as confirmed at least nine cases (including the two today) that have not yet been recognized by the WHO, plus several more cases with initial positive tests.See also:Apr 2 WHO statementlast_img read more

CDC sees early-season signs of Tamiflu resistance

first_imgDec 12, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – With this year’s US influenza epidemic barely getting started, there are already signs of increased viral resistance to oseltamivir (Tamiflu), the most widely used antiviral drug, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said today.In its flu surveillance report for Nov 30 to Dec 6, released today, the CDC said 45 of 46 influenza A/H1N1 viruses tested so far have shown resistance to oseltamivir.All the H1N1 viruses were susceptible to zanamivir (Relenza), the other antiviral drug in the neuraminidase inhibitor class, the agency reported. All tested influenza A/H3N2 and B viruses were susceptible to both oseltamivir and zanamivir. Sixty-three percent of all the viruses tested came from only two states.The CDC said all the H1N1 viruses also were susceptible to the adamantanes (amantadine and rimantadine), the older class of flu antivirals. However, 5 of 5 H3N2 viruses tested were resistant to the adamantanes (which do not work against type B viruses). The CDC has been recommending against using the adamantanes since January 2006 because of high resistance rates in H3N2 viruses.With only three states reporting more than scattered flu cases so far, the CDC said it’s too early to assess how common resistance to either class of drugs will be.”Limited data on antiviral resistance, as well as the uncertainty regarding which influenza virus types or subtypes will circulate during the season, make it too early to make an accurate determination of the prevalence of influenza viruses’ resistance to oseltamivir or the adamantanes . . . nationally or regionally at this time,” the report said.Increased H1N1 resistance to oseltamivir cropped up during the last flu season in the United States and a number of other countries. By the end of the season, 10.9% (106 of 969) of H1N1 viruses tested had shown the mutation associated with resistance, the CDC reported in May. All the isolates remained sensitive to zanamivir.After the resistance problem emerged last winter, the World Health Organization said there was no evidence that the resistant H1N1 viruses caused more severe illness or spread more easily than susceptible H1N1 viruses.In its update today, the CDC said only Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Texas reported local flu activity in early December. Another 24 states, with Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, reported sporadic cases, and 23 states reported no flu activity.In addition, only 1.3% of patient medical visits reported through the CDC’s Outpatient Influenza-like Illness Surveillance Network were due to flu-like illness, which is well below the national baseline of 2.4%, the agency said.The CDC said it has tested 36 isolates so far to determine how well they match up with the strains used in this year’s flu vaccine. The 20 H1N1 and 3 H3N2 isolates tested were all found to be similar to the corresponding strains in the vaccine.Of the 13 type B isolates tested, 4 belonged to the Yamagata lineage, the type used in the vaccine. However, the other 9 B isolates—8 of which were from one state—belonged to the Victoria lineage, the CDC said.The agency said “limited to no protection” may be expected when the circulating and vaccine strains belong to different lineages. However, it said the data available so far must be interpreted cautiously because so few isolates were tested and most of them came from only two states. Also, the report said, the results may not correlate with clinical protection conferred by the vaccine because the testing involves ferret serum.The B strain in the seasonal vaccine was changed from the Victoria lineage to the Yamagata lineage for this season. The switch was prompted by a mismatch last year, when most of the type B viruses in circulation were of the Yamagata lineage.See also: CDC flu surveillance report for Nov 30 through Dec 6 flu surveillance report for the week ended May 10 1 CIDRAP News story “Europe says Tamiflu-resistant virus seen in 9 countries”Feb 14 CIDRAP News story “WHO advises total makeover for 2008-09 flu vaccine”last_img read more

Alhambra Spa was rated as the best Luxury Boutique Spa in Croatia

first_imgNakon što je nedavno postao članom američke mreže vodećih turističkih subjekata Virtuoso, lošinjski 5* Boutique Hotel Alhambra dobitnik je novog priznanja. Naime, Alhambra Spa ocijenjen je kao najbolji Luxury Boutique Spa u Hrvatskoj. Nagradu mu je dodijelila priznata globalna organizacija World Luxury Hotel Awards, koja odaje priznanje luksuznim hotelima svjetske klase, a zahvaljujući izvrsnoj usluzi koja se očituje u odnosu prema gostima.World Luxury Hotel Awards ima za cilj poticanje i podizanje standarda usluga unutar luksuzne hotelske industrije diljem svijeta. Nagrade se inače dodjeljuju luksuznim hotelima u različitim kategorijama na razini pojedine države, kontinenta i svijeta. Uz to, lošinjska Alhambra dobitnik je TripAdvisorova certifikata izvrsnosti za 2017. te član renomirane grupacije Small Luxury Hotels of the World, koja broji svega 520 malih luksuznih hotela s vrhunskom ponudom koja udovoljava čak i onim najzahtjevnijim gostima.”Cilj posebno osmišljenih tretmana i rituala u luksuznom okruženju je omogućiti svakom gostu profinjeno i autentično SPA iskustvo, u potpunosti prilagođeno njegovim individualnim potrebama, a za što se koriste mirisi i arome Lošinja te kozmetika jednog od vodećih britanskih brendova Elemisa.” ističu iz hotela Alhambra koji je dio hotelskog brenda Lošinj Hotels&Villas Grupe Jadranka koji okuplja ukupno šest hotela i restorana te vile i apartman na najatraktivnijim lokacijama otoka Lošinja.last_img read more

Performance analysis of the Croatian hotel sector

first_imgDuring the first day of the most important tourist event, the Days of Croatian Tourism, which are taking place this year in Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj, three expert meetings were held to discuss some of the most current topics in Croatian tourism. During the day, trends and forecasts for the travel industry were presented, an analysis of the business of the Croatian hotel sector and the importance of establishing regional centers of competence in tourism was emphasized on the example of the Basque Culinary Center.Performance analysis of the Croatian hotel sectorPreviously, the round table “ESF – the establishment of regional centers of competence in tourism” was presented performance analysis of the Croatian hotel sector back the past sixteen years.Looking back at the period from 2000 to 2016, Horwath HTL Croatia partner Emanuel Tutek presented the trends in the development of hotel accommodation in Croatia. He pointed out that although the capacity of hotel accommodation is growing every year, especially in some regions such as Dalmatia, where the number of hotel beds has increased by 2005 percent since 30, the growth of accommodation capacity in hotels is lower than in other types of commercial accommodation. what is family accommodation, camps, etc.In addition, the importance of the hotel sector for the revenues generated in tourism and the growing share of high-class hotel accommodation was emphasized. Namely, according to the conducted research, the share of 4-star hotel accommodation in 2016 amounted to 43 percent of the total hotel accommodation and increased by 22 times compared to 2000. At the end of the presentation, the importance of hotel accommodation for tourist traffic was emphasized, ie occupancy during the pre- and post-season.last_img read more

Business Sailing Experience Cup as a unique combination of congress and sailing

first_imgBusiness conferences are increasingly trying to be different in order to differentiate themselves from the classic environments of concrete halls, and to that end one conference is moving to a sailboat as a unique set of congresses and sailing.From October 10 to 13, Trogir will host a unique model of business conferences. The Business Sailing Experience Cup, organized by the agency of the same name, will bring together experts from the digital industry, open innovation and the circular economy across Europe and sail the Adriatic Sea. A different concept of the Business Sailing Experience Agency provides participants with top lectures, but above all an unforgettable experience of sailboats and the Adriatic Sea.The new concept of business gatherings thus combines the relaxed atmosphere of sailboats, the Adriatic Sea and inspiring speeches by top experts. The conferences will have a base marina in which a large tent will be erected to serve as the main meeting place and all lectures will be held there. And while one part of the day is always reserved for socializing on land, the rest of the time will be spent in a regatta race through one of the most beautiful waters in the Mediterranean. The starting point will be the Baotic marina in Seget Donji, and the wind will carry the sailboats past Drvenik and Solta towards Hvar and the Pakleni islands, where they will spend the night and head back to Seget Donji the next day.”We made the business regatta primarily for the European market, focusing on countries that have a strong sailing tradition. So the participants who come are from countries that are known for their love of nautical but also their very strong economies. We have applications from the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, but also from the region, such as Slovenia and Serbia”, Said Tom Gavazzi, director and founder of the agency.The Business Sailing Experience Cup is the umbrella name of the regatta, but the business conference itself is divided into 3 topics. The first is called the European Digital Industry Cup, with themes aimed at the digital industry. The second is the Global Open Innovation Cup, for an open innovation industry that is gaining momentum in today’s full of challenges and short deadlines. The third is the Circular Change Cup for professionals dealing with the circular economy.”People and the market are still looking for constant innovation. We at the Business Sailing Experience Agency no longer want to conform and do conferences that have been seen hundreds of times. It is necessary to come up with a more creative way and provide business people with additional content and a reason to set off on a 3-day trip. Sailing is an ideal platform for socializing and developing ideas because it puts a person in a specific way of thinking. The relaxation of the sea will serve us all to expand our horizonsGavazzi concluded.last_img read more

Croatian nautical offer presented at the European Nautical Fair in Düsseldorf

first_imgPhoto: That nautical is a product that makes up an important part of the overall Croatian tourist offer is also shown by research data TOMAS nautics 2017 Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland are key markets that we must strive to keep because it could turn to Turkey for prices – Shangulin Port, Angelina Tours “The figures clearly show that nautical tourism is one of the key segments of our tourism industry. These are guests who are willing to spend more for a quality offer, and the continuous growth of this niche is especially important for extending the season“, Explained the president of HGK ŽK Šibenik Ivan Soža. The number of registered boats in the first nine months of 2018 exceeded the figure from the whole of 2017 – 124.394 by the end of September 2018 compared to 122.964 in the twelve months of last year – with the number of registered yachts rising to almost 3000.  “A good weekend is behind us. The first bookings have already been made, and the interest is much better than last year. I hope that this trend will continue and that we will be able to fill our capacities for this year as well. I think that Croatia needs promotion, especially this year since we are struggling a bit with booking compared to Greece, which came to life as a market, and Turkey, which woke up much faster than we thought., “Said Luka Šangulin, owner and director of the charter company Angelina Tours from Biograd and deputy president of the Association of Boat Accommodation Providers – HGK charter. Due to the very high quality and preserved resource base on the international market, Croatia occupies the position of one of the most desirable nautical destinations, points out the director of the CNTB, Kristjan Stanišić, and adds: “This is a product that we intensively promote, both during the main part of the tourist year, and for the periods before and after the season. In support of charter companies and their activities related to early booking, we conducted a large online campaign on nautical tourism in the markets of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Sweden, France and Slovenia.”, The CNTB organizes performances at the BOOT nautical fair in Tulln, Austria in March, and at the Interboot fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany in September, and there is also a business workshop in Southampton. Among the co-exhibitors participating in the fair are the Split-Dalmatia and Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board, Croatia Yachting, Marina Hramina, Marina Veruda, Angelina Tours, Ultra Sailing, Burin Yacht Charter, Offshore Boote and Denebola Charter + Anamore Yachting. As part of the Croatian stand, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and ACI, a gathering with partners was organized, as part of which a tasting of Croatian wines, cheeses and other gastronomic delicacies was held. This year, Croatia will once again present its nautical offer at BOOT, one of the most important European nautical fairs, which will be held this year in its 50th edition in Düsseldorf from 19 to 27 January. center_img Nautics is an important segment of our tourism Namely, according to these data, 56% of boaters come from households with an average income of more than € 3.500, which is almost twice the budget of summer vacation guests. The duration of the boaters’ stay is generally in the range of 4 to 7 nights (59%), followed by stays of 8 to 14 nights. Regarding the German market, according to the same research, 3/4 of sailors from Germany earn a monthly income of more than € 3.500, and during their stay in Croatia, 71% of them earn up to 7 nights. From the activities, they most often choose restaurants, shopping and sports activities. In 2018, 479 thousand arrivals and 3,2 million overnight stays were recorded in the nautical charter segment, which is an increase of 1 percent. Viewed by counties, the largest number of overnight stays in the nautical charter in 2018 was recorded in the Split-Dalmatia County (the share of the county in nautical charter nights is 44%), followed by Zadar (share 21%) and Šibenik-Knin County (17%).  The total number of charter vessels in Croatia grew to 4.375, and over half a million nautical guests realized almost 3,5 million overnight stays. Marinas, with over 17.000 berths, earned HRK 2017 million in 855. Of that, HRK 598 million was generated from renting berths, which is 70% of the total revenue generated. Compared to 2016, the total income is higher by 11,2%, and the income from renting berths by 10,9%. Online campaign in 9 emitting markets Shangulin noted that Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland are key markets that we must strive to keep because it could turn to Turkey because of prices. On the other hand, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the United States are specific markets that are harder to enter. “We also have a lot of interest from Australia, but we have not recognized the Australian license, which would be good to change in order to realize this potential for growth,” said Shangulin.  Last year, the BOOT Düsseldorf attracted more than 1900 exhibitors, almost 250.000 visitors and about 2.000 accredited journalists from 44 countries, which only speaks to the importance of the fair.  During the last year, more than 70 thousand arrivals and about 530 thousand overnight stays in the nautical charter were made from the German market, which positions this country in the first place in terms of tourist traffic.last_img read more