Listen To A 19 Year Old Prince Crush Every Instrument On Funk Fusion Jam Sessions

first_imgIn the wake of Prince’s untimely death, which was announced earlier today, we wanted to share some of his unbelievable music. Fortunately, we were lucky to find a true musical treasure from the archives: Loring Park Sessions ’77.  The mind-blowing improvised funk sessions feature a 19 year old Prince on keys/guitar, Andre Cymone on bass, and Bobby Z on drums, held in the Loring Park office rehearsal room of Prince’s first manager, Owen Husney. Prince also takes on drums and bass throughout the session, switching it up for a thoroughly impressive session.This is a must-listen for any fan! These eight instrumental tracks sound more like well-crafted compositions rather than the improvised jams that they are.Kick back and funk out, below:[via Mitch A-Palooza]last_img

My Morning Jacket Kicks Off Hometown Run With Seven Tour Debuts, ‘Purple Rain’ & More

first_imgLast night, beloved rockers My Morning Jacket kicked off a two-night stand at the Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville, KY, hitting the hometown spot with a gusto. The band is coming off of a run that saw them perform at a handful of Southern venues before giving memorable performances at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and the Austin City Limits television program. Sufficed to say; things are going well in the land of MMJ.With two nights on home turf, the band started out the show with their newest song, “Throwback (When We Were Young)” before bringing out The Waterfall track “Compound Fracture.” The show featured a total of seven songs played for the first time in 2016: “It Beats 4 U,” “A New Life,” “What A Wonderful Man,” “Heartbreakin’ Man,” “Dondante,” “Bermuda Highway,” and “Phone Went West.” Of course, several classic MMJ tunes made it into the set, like “Wordless Chorus” and “Mageetah,” as well as oldie and fan favorite “Off The Record”.  The band performed a song from almost every album, primarily drawing from Z.Watch one of the 2016 debuts, “Bermuda Highway,” below:Another major highlight was the return of the band’s cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” Watch the emotional performance via fan-shot footage below:MMJ returns to Louisville, KY tonight to wrap up this exciting two night run, before heading to the Shaky Knees Music Festival this weekend. Check out a full gallery from photographer John Miller, as well as last night’s setlist.Check out a full gallery of images below, courtesy of John Miller: Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Neil Young Bashes Monsanto, The Music Industry, And Donald Trump On Colbert [Watch]

first_imgLast night’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert featured some extended interviews with Neil Young, touching upon several of his belief systems regarding modern day America. The conversation begins with why he’s against agrochemical company Monsanto, when Colbert relays the results of a recent study that found no difference between the health of people that consume genetically modified food and those who do not.“That must be a Monsanto study that didn’t notice the terrible diseases and all of the things that are happening,” Young defended. “Why these things have been banned throughout Europe and throughout the world. Why 38 countries banned GMOs; they didn’t just label them. They’re concerned, those governments, about the people that live in the country. They want to protect them.”Soon after, a life-size corn barged onto the stage accusing Neil Young of “labeling” him for being genetically modified. “I don’t generally like to label things, but you’re so dangerous and you’re dangerous to me personally and my family and the rest of the planet,” Young explained, ultimately causing the corn to explode with anger. The hilarious cameo brings an important message to viewers, as Young sports his “Earth” shirt (also the name of his upcoming LP) and details the importance of national health. Watch how it goes down below:The conversation transitioned to a discussion about love, Bernie Sanders, his upcoming live LP Earth, and Pono, his online high resolution music service that Young describes as “even better than a Tolblerone” for your ears (watch below). The conversation took a turn into the current state of the music industry, where he explains, that “albums are not happening anymore.” Young continues, “It’s all about albums being a ripoff and only one song is good on the album so that’s all you need to get … Singles are great; it’s just that there is more to it than singles. There’s more to love than the first kiss.”Prior to the televised interview, Colbert made a stop by Young’s dressing room to get the scoop on his controversy with Donald Trump, where he used Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” without permission. When asked why he wouldn’t allow for Trump to use the song during his campaign rallies, Young responds, “the misogyny and the racism … those two key facts are something you can’t really ignore.”last_img read more

David Shaw’s Big River Getdown To Host The Revivalists, Marcus King Band, Roosevelt Collier, & More

first_img[Photo by Brian Glass] Less than ten days away, David Shaw is bringing the second annual Big River Getdown to his beloved hometown of Hamilton, Ohio. The Revivalists’ frontman will be hosting the musical event on Saturday, September 10 along the Great Miami River at the RiversEdge Amphitheater. With every detail hand-selected by the tall man himself, the one-day festival is sure to be something special.With The Revivalists leading the show, Shaw will also be performing a solo acoustic set. Performances from longtime NOLA friend and Galactic collaborator Maggie Koerner, Nashville-based rockers The Wild Feathers, young blues and funk masters The Marcus King Band, British blues-rock band The Temperance Movement, and Richmond-based jammers The Trongone Band, will round out a day of music to satisfy the likes of every need. To top if all off, pedal steel guitarist and frequent-Revs-collaborator Roosevelt Collier will also be joining the crew as an artist-at-large.Coming off a strong first year, he adds that this year will be much different from the inaugural event — especially with this lineup, hand-selected by the man and for the people. “The Wild Feathers are a band that I’d been seeing here and there on the scene and really liked what they were bringing to the table so it’s going to be a real treat to see them live. Furthermore, we are bringing back Hamilton favorite Maggie Koerner. I must’ve received at least 20 messages from people telling me to pleassssse bring Maggie back. We were happy to oblige. I’m also super stoked up about The Marcus King Band coming to town. That kid is going to be a star. He’s a natural born killer with his axe in hand. It’s going to be fun to watch him grow. Also this year we have a band from England called The Temperance Movement. They just straight up rock. There’s really not much else to say about them,” Shaw explains. To get a taste of what these bands will bring to the Big River Getdown, enjoy these videos below:Maggie Koerner – Bloody Sunday SessionsThe Wild Feathers – Lonely Is A LifetimeMarcus King – Virginia (Live From The Big House)The Temperance Movement – Only FriendThe Trongone Band – Anne Marie (Acoustic)Roosevelt Collier with The Revivalists – Not Turn Away > Common CentsThe Revivalists – Wish I Knew You (Live Session)The Revivalists – Keep GoingBringing a music festival to Hamilton, Ohio might seem like an unlikely move for someone who lives in the city of sound, but the New Orleans local felt strongly about bringing the music to his hometown. “We had been coming and playing at the city’s new outdoor amphitheater every year since it opened in 2013 and I saw that there was room for something more. Not just room for another concert but an event that the entire city could rally behind and feel good about. My friends, family, and fans always came out in droves and would ask me about this band and that band and if they would ever make a trip to little ol Hamilton, Oh. So I got to thinkin… (which is usually a bad idea) but this time it worked out. I asked friend and city official Adam Helms if the city would be into something like this and he said YES! So we got to work,” Shaw told us.With food vendors, arts, crafts, and future plans to expand the park, David Shaw’s Big River Getdown is certainly turning in the right direction.“This event is extraordinarily special to me because I believe that music can be the foundation and catalyst for big change and growth. Not just for the city but for the people deep inside at their core. When others from around the tri-state area get wind of what we’re doing here, they’re going to take notice. A city like Hamilton has a rich history filled with a lot of interesting characters, twists, and turns. I believe that The Big River Getdown will serve as a turning point for the city in terms of togetherness, morale, and pride. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both the city of Hamilton and BRGD. We’re in this as one, we’re in this together,” he concludes.Tickets are currently on-sale, with general admission starting at an affordable $20. Prices increase at the gate to $25. More information can be found on the festival’s website. Don’t miss out!last_img read more

Phish Keeps It Flowing With A Bust-Out Heavy Second Night At MSG [Review]

first_imgPhish returned to Madison Square Garden for night two of their four-night New Year’s run at the venue, and they had a few tricks up their sleeve on what turned out to be a fantastic evening in New York City. The band continued to avoid playing material from their new album Big Boat, instead focusing on bust-outs, rarities, and high-octane jamming.Night one kicked off with an a capella song, and night two got the a capella treatment as well with a rare “Sweet Adeline” opener. “Sweet Adeline” was a staple from 1990 – 1997 before being shelved, besides a handful of performances. This was the second “Sweet Adeline” of the 3.0 era, showing up after a 200 show gap since the song’s last appearance at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in 2011. The band quickly worked through the classic a capella tune before heading back to their instruments for another major surprise in Frank Zappa‘s “Peaches En Regalia”, their first performance of the song in 174 shows. The beloved cover was welcomed with a huge roar from the crowd, and the band absolutely nailed the song. Jon Fishman was on fire during this “Peaches”, really bringing it to life with his vibrant and dynamic drumming.Watch “Sweet Adeline” and “Peaches En Regalia”, courtesy of LivePhishTrey Anastasio wasted no time coming out of “Peaches En Regalia”, as he quickly transitioned to “Mike’s Song”. “Mike’s” was dark and dirty, as Anastasio used his exploratory playing to push the band. Page McConnell‘s piano playing stands out, as he created chaos with his keyboards. The band transitioned into “Secret Smile”, only the ninth ever performance of the song, and the song’s first appearance in 141 shows, before heading into “Weekapaug Groove” to complete the “Mike’s Groove”. “Weekapaug” was smokin’, as the band linked up for some impressive improvisation. Anastasio landed on a rhythmic concept that he kept flowing in and out of, building the tension greatly before releasing into a gorgeous peak and finishing the song.Ween‘s “Roses Are Free” was then trotted out for the first time this year, after a 49 show gap. This version was short and sweet, as the band quickly moved into the familiar shuffle of “Poor Heart”. “46 Days” was one of the highlights of the set, with the band linking up for a sludgy blues jam that provided Anastasio with the perfect platform to showcase his impressive guitar playing. “Brian And Robert” appeared next, seeing its first appearance of 2016 after a 58 show gap. The band kept the bust-outs coming with McConnell’s “Beauty Of A Broken Heart”, which hadn’t been played in 98 shows. Phish then brought the set to a close with an excellent pair of songs in “Theme From The Bottom” and “Split Open And Melt”. While “Theme” featured a gorgeous, soaring jam from the band, “Split Open And Melt” was all about tension-and-release. This back-to-back pairing showcased the diversity of Phish’s playing, as the band went in many different directions over the final twenty-two minutes of the set.Phish took their typical set break, and returned with one of their most classic set openers, the beloved “Down With Disease”. “DWD” was perhaps the improvisational standout of the night, as the song was stretched to just over fifteen minutes long and featured three unique sections. Phish riffed on the form of the song for a few minutes before moving into a section that featured a few teases of Queen‘s “Under Pressure”. Finally, the band moved into a more ambient section that featured minimalist playing from Fishman, before Anastasio hit the powerful opening riff of “What’s The Use”, leaving “Disease” unfinished. “What’s The Use” used to be a rarity, but has been added to the rotation in in the past few years, getting played five times in 2015 and now eight times in 2016. The song wasn’t stretched out on this occasion, however, the five-minute song was as delicate and as beautiful as could be.Watch “Down With Disease”, courtesy of LivePhishAs “What’s The Use” ended, the band launched right into “Fuego”, which featured a few minutes of standard jamming. As things started to get interesting, Phish transitioned into the beloved “Meatstick”, which really got the crowd moving. You could feel The Garden’s famous bounce prominently during “Meatstick”, and the band returned the favor with a funk that could shake your soul. “Twenty Years Later” followed, and this was easily the most interesting version of the song to-date. After blasting through the song’s form, “Anastasio” started the extremely rare “Kung” chant. The band never stopped playing “Twenty Years Later”, mashing up the two songs on the spot and with perfection. Anastasio could barely contain his laughter as the band turned “Kung” into a classic rock romp. “Kung” hadn’t been played in 156 shows, since their 2012 New Year’s Eve gag that centered around the song.The band finished the “Twenty Years Later”/”Kung” mash-up, and the room exploded with excited energy at the intro to “Makisupa Policeman”. After trying to get McConnell and Gordon involved in the song’s hijinx, it was Fishman who finally added “I vaped!”, after which you could hear the rest of the band audibly laugh, with Trey changed the lyrics of the song to “Policeman came to Fish’s house (house, house, house)”. The room filled with smoke, and Anastasio called out for a quick trip to “Mike’s house”, leading to a nasty bass solo, which served as an opportunity for Trey to move to the Marimba Lumina. When it became clear that Anastasio wasn’t moving anytime soon, McConnell and Gordon dropped their instruments and went over to the drum kit for a lengthy full band percussion jam. As the song was brought to a close, Fishman started up “Harry Hood”. After working through the song’s main form, a patient and beautiful jam quickly emerged, and the band delivered a master class in improvisation, building to a sublime peak that put an incredible cap on an incredible evening. “Hood” closed the set, and the band used the bluesy fireworks of “Julius” in the encore slot.Phish has turned in back-to-back classics with their first two nights at Madison Square Garden. Featuring ten songs that haven’t been played yet this year alongside some of their best playing of the year, it’s clear that Phish intends to send 2016 out with a bang. With a lack of songs from Big Boat, the shows have had a “classic Phish” vibe that simply can’t be topped. Phish returns to Madison Square Garden tonight for night three of their four-night New Year’s run, and if the first two nights were any indication, we’re in for another special show tonight.You can see the setlist below.Phish | Madison Square Garden | New York, NY | 12/29/2016Set 1: Sweet Adeline, Peaches en Regalia > Mike’s Song > Secret Smile > Weekapaug Groove, Roses Are Free, Poor Heart,46 Days, Brian and Robert, Beauty of a Broken Heart, Theme From the Bottom > Split Open and MeltSet 2: Down with Disease -> What’s the Use? > Fuego > Meatstick, Twenty Years Later -> Kung -> Twenty Years Later >Makisupa Policeman, Harry HoodEncore: Juliuslast_img read more

Audioslave To Reunite For First Time Since 2005 At Anti-Inaugural Ball

first_imgChris Cornell, Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tim Commerford will reunite as Audioslave for the upcoming Anti-Inaugural Ball at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles this Friday, January 20th. It is the first time the group will play together in over a decade.The event will feature a headline set from Prophets of Rage, along with special sets from Jackson Browne, Jack Black, Vic Mensa, and the Los Angeles Freedom Choir. According to a statement from Audioslave:“The Anti-Inaugural Ball is a celebration of resistance. Resistance to racism. Resistance to sexism. Resistance to homophobia. Resistance to bullying. Resistance to environmental devastation. Resistance to fascism. Resistance to Donald Trump. We are staring down the barrel of a dystopian nightmare unless we act NOW, unless we fight back NOW. We intend to create ‘No Trump Zones’ across the country; in our homes, our schools, our places of work, and our concert stages. Bad Presidents make for great music. Join us as we get loud and stand together to defend our rights, our country, and our planet.”Calling Zack de la Rocha….Audioslave – Show Me How to Live:last_img read more

Lettuce’s Eric “Benny” Bloom Talks Fool’s Paradise, Raging At Red Rocks, Jazz Fest & More

first_imgThe future couldn’t be much brighter for Lettuce’s trumpet player extraordinaire, Eric “Benny” Bloom. As a member of Lettuce, he is seeing sell out crowds coast to coast while helping host the band’s second annual Fool’s Paradise event from March 31st – April 1st in St. Augustine, FL (more info here). He and his Shady Horns partner-in-crime, saxophonist Ryan Zoidis, are even hosting a DJ Set At Sea excursion that weekend!Just a few weeks after Fool’s Paradise, the music world is coming to his home in New Orleans for Jazz Fest season! Lettuce will be playing a pair of exciting shows at the iconic venues Tipitina’s and The Joy Theater, with a slew of incredible guests. He’ll round out his Jazz Fest experience with some fun collaborations, including the Break Science Live Band and a new installment of the beloved Michael Jackson vs. Stevie Wonder concert series.From there, it will be on to Red Rocks in May, where he and Lettuce will be sharing the stage with legends like George Porter Jr., John Scofield, Ghostface Killah, and Marcus King, as well as support from Turkuaz and the The Russ Liquid Test. You can head here for your chance to win a free trip to the Red Rocks Rage Fest!With all of those big shows coming up, as well as a special set with legendary singer Chaka Khan, it looks like Bloom is living the dream as well as anyone could. Our own Rex Thomson checked in with Bloom for a quick chat about the whirlwind of musical insanity in his immediate future. Check out their conversation below:Live For Live Music: Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us. You’re obviously very busy right now, so we appreciate your squeezing us in.Eric “Benny” Bloom: Always a pleasure. We’re getting some rehearsal in real quick in a few minutes, but I am good for now.L4LM: Let’s start with the state of Lettuce in general. Your EP Mt. Crushmore gave some fresh material from the Crush sessions for the fans to dig and you guys to rock out. The overwhelming positive reaction to it must have been nice.EBB: Well, of course it’s good when the fans like the stuff. From our end, it was just time to get that stuff out there and clear the decks. We were really happy with what we did in the studio, and there was just too much stuff we loved to fit on one album.L4LM: Not to sound greedy, but is there anything else new on the way?EBB: We’re always coming up with new stuff, but I think the EP is gonna have to do it for the moment.L4LM: Fair enough. You’re out on tour for it now anyway. Each night you seem to be selling out across the country.EBB: It’s gratifying. And we’re even adding multiple nights and so on at some places. We’re happy to see them, they’re happy to see us. That’s why we rehearse, that’s why we do all the traveling.Watch Lettuce dust off and rework “Kron Dutch” at a recent show below:L4LM: Speaking of growing as a band you are once again hosting the destination event Fool’s Paradise down in sunny Florida. How does it feel to attach your name and help plan something like that?EBB: Amazing. Once again, it’s such a beautiful venue. I just think that the lineup that we put together is really great. I’m excited to just watch some of these bands.L4LM: With Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, The Floozies, The Motet and that fierce looking set of late night shows, I’m guessing you are gonna be doing a lot of sitting in and hosting pals over the course of the weekend. How hard is it figuring out which friends to invite to the party?EBB: Well, we do know a lot of bands and players but not everybody fits into what we are trying to do. And, of course, everybody has their own schedules and places to be. But it’s also about variety. What JRAD does, their sound, it’s a nice contrast to ours. And The Floozies are some of our favorite producers in EDM of… I don’t know what you call it… future funk? They play around with a song or two of ours and the chance to collaborate live will be nice.L4LM: Anything that stands out to you from last year?EBB: All the stuff with GRiZ was fun. We had a lot of fun rehearsing and playing that and the late night stuff was a lot of fun too. We all love him, so to have something like that happen…it was just great.  Looking forward to more stuff like that this year!Check out the entire Lettuce/GRiZ collaboration below thanks to The Sober Goat below:L4LM: Besides your mainland duties during Fool’s Paradise, you and your Shady Horns partner Zoidis have just been announced as hosts for the “DJ Set At Sea.” Is that gonna be just music or are they going to let you steer the boat?EBB: I don’t think letting me steer is a good idea. It’s gonna be fun! I definitely like this idea better than zip lining!Members of Lettuce, The Motet, & More To Lead Excursions With Fans At Fool’s ParadiseL4LM: As soon as this was announced the first questions asked were “Will there be drinks available on the boat?”EBB: Oh I’m sure. [Beer and wine will be available on the DJ Set At Sea excursion]L4LM: Phew! That should a few folks calm down. Speaking of drinks, you’ve been living in one of the party capitals of the world, New Orleans, for a while now. Jazz Fest is coming up soon. I assume you are getting tons of calls for guest list tickets and inquires about spare rooms like everyone else who lives there gets around this time.EBB: Yeah, you get a lot of folks reaching out with all the normal questions… best clubs, best places to eat. There is so much good everything down there, and during Jazz Fest there is just so much going on at the same time. Honestly, I just try and rest as much as possible because the rest of the time I am working.L4LM: Being local, I am sure you get some pretty epic last minute jam session requests. I heard a bit about an amazing one recently with you and a certain world famous comedian…EBB: I did go sit in with Dave Chappelle and the rapper TI, Jean-Baptiste, Robert Glasper and just a who’s who of characters. Hannibal Buress, Chance the Rapper, some NBA All-Stars came… It’s funny. I went to a small club for a regular show and I end up being involved in something like that.And stuff like that happens all the time down there. It’s like LA. Los Angeles has those kinds of things happen, so does New York. It’s just cool that those things happen down there where people are more laid back. Down there famous people don’t seem to get bothered as much by people looking for autographs and photographs. It enables them to go out and be regular people more.L4LM: Anyway, you’ve got a bunch of impressive shows lined up during Jazz Fest. You and the Lettuce guys are playing at a couple of legendary institutions with shows at Tipitina’s and  The Joy Theater lined up. I’m assuming playing such hallowed halls is always an honor.EBB: Yeah, those are some great rooms. Can’t go wrong at either place and we’re honored as always.L4LM: You’re also part of the Break Science Live Band. On paper that looks like Lettuce plus Borahm Lee, right?EBB: I mean, I guess it looks that way, but it really is Break Science‘s music with us helping make it happen live. Yeah, there are a lot of members of Lettuce but the music is very different from ours. But that’s the plus for having friends like we do. You get to choose to play with people you love but in a totally different style.L4LM: Another hot ticket among the late night Jazz Fest shows is your annual “Michael Jackson vs. Stevie Wonder” show at The Howlin’ Wolf on the last night. It seemed like last year there were just as many people outside trying to get in as there were inside.EBB: Yeah! I have some exciting artists who will be joining me. First up we have Zigaboo Modeliste and then it’s me and a bunch of my friends playing some music that is very beloved to us all. This year I think it will be Nigel Hall on keys and various other instruments, like bass. Adam Deitch on drums. I think we have DJ Williams on guitar, myself and I would think my buddy Ryan Zoidis on a couple tunes and maybe someone special on bass, but nothing confirmed.Tickets are available here.L4LM: You’ve done a couple of these now, and I know you work hard to not do too many repeats. How do you pick among such incredible bodies of work?EBB: I do try and go through and play some of the big hits but also some of the lesser known stuff as well. Personally I enjoy those just as much if not more than some of the well known songs. I know people love the hits… they’re the hits, you know? But even there i want to do some different arrangements and make it fun.L4LM: Are you taking requests?EBB: I’m always taking requests. I don’t know if I’ll do it… but I will take suggestions.L4LM: Between those two icons, which one would you say had more of an effect on you as a fan and as a musician?EBB: I love them both, obviously, but I feel like Stevie’s body of work surpasses Michael’s.Check out the Michael Jackson classic “Man In The Mirror” from last year’s sold out “MJ vs. Stevie” show below:L4LM: After the buzz saw of Jazz Fest, you have some other highlights already announced. You are playing Red Rocks with some incredible guest stars like George Porter Jr. and Turkuaz and the The Russ Liquid Test, right?EBB: Yeah, besides George Porter Jr. we just added John Scofield & Ghostface Killah!Tthat is a ways off but Red Rocks is always special!L4LM: And did I hear this correctly? Are you also playing with Chaka Khan?EBB: Oh yes! She’s one of my favorite female vocalists of all time.L4LM: That sounds amazing! I’m assuming we can look forward to “Lettuce-ized” versions of some of her classics, can’t we?EBB: I am sure she will have a couple of those she wants to play… and maybe a few surprises up her sleeve.L4LM: It certainly sounds like you are living the dream. I really don’t want to take up any more of your time. It sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you. Fun work, but still, work.EBB: Thanks! I do need to get to it! Much appreciated!last_img read more

Bob Dylan Will Finally Accept His Nobel Prize Of Literature

first_imgWhen Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize of Literature in October, fans were shocked when he remained inexplicably silent. Eventually, he acknowledged the honor, saying, “Amazing, incredible. Who dreams about something like that.” While he did not attend the induction ceremony, his speech was delivered and Patti Smith performed in his place.Now, Bob Dylan will formally receive his Nobel Prize of Literature in Stockholm, Sweden over the weekend. “The Swedish Academy is very much looking forward to the weekend and will show up at one of the performances,” Sara Danius, Nobel spokesperson, wrote in a statement.“The good news is that the Swedish Academy and Bob Dylan have decided to meet this weekend. The Academy will then hand over Dylan’s Nobel diploma and the Nobel medal, and congratulate him on the Nobel Prize in Literature. The setting will be small and intimate, and no media will be present; only Bob Dylan and members of the Academy will attend, all according to Dylan’s wishes,” she added.In addition, Dylan will deliver a taped version of his speech “at a later point.” Speeches are required by the committee, and so Dylan will fulfill this on his own time within the official 6-month period. While he was unable to attend the ceremony due to “scheduling reasons,” he did provide an official acceptance speech that was read at the December gala by Azita Raji, United States Ambassador to Sweden.“But there’s one thing I must say. As a performer I’ve played for 50,000 people and I’ve played for 50 people and I can tell you that it is harder to play for 50 people. 50,000 people have a singular persona, not so with 50,” Dylan wrote. “Each person has an individual, separate identity, a world unto themselves. They can perceive things more clearly. Your honesty and how it relates to the depth of your talent is tried. The fact that the Nobel committee is so small is not lost on me.”Congratulations to Bob Dylan![via Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Something Strange Happens To Spotify When You Listen To The “Stranger Things 2” Soundtrack

first_imgWith last weekend’s release of the second installment of Netflix original series Stranger Things, the world is once again buzzing about the show and its lovable young cast of misfits. Even if you hadn’t had a chance to binge the new set of episodes yet (it’s been a busy couple weeks, no spoilers!), you can still get into the mood with the season two soundtrack. However, as you listen to the new soundtrack (or the old one, for that matter), you may begin to notice something…strange…happen to your Spotify: Listen to the Stranger Things season 2 soundtrack below via Spotify:Watch Stranger Things’ Eleven Rap A Season 1 Recap, Mic Drop, Throw Eggos At ‘Tonight Show’ AudienceWhoa! When you open the Stranger Things soundtracks in Spotify, and either let the player sit or use the slider to navigate within a song, the streaming program takes you to “The Upside Down,” the frightful alternate dimension that the show’s young heroes have to understand and navigate in order to save their missing friend Will in the show’s first season. It doesn’t exactly do anything other than look fun and creepy, but hey, it’s good fun, and there’s always room for that.‘Stranger Things’ Is Releasing Its Soundtrack On Cassette, And It’ll Be Sold Exclusively At Urban Outfitters (Obviously)This season’s new set of tunes, once again composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the electronic band Survive, continues the nostalgic ’80’s synth-groove aesthetic that made fans fall in love season 1’s audio backdrop, and is a perfectly creepy soundtrack for your next run, subway ride, work day, or whenever. So pop it on Spotify and dive into the Upside Down…just don’t get stuck there, it’s not the most pleasant place to chill.Stranger Things Star Finn Wolfhard Plays Guitar On Mac DeMarco’s Shoulders In Atlanta [Video]All episodes of Stranger Things 2 are streaming now exclusively on Netflix. Head here to watch.last_img read more

Spafford Packs The Ogden Theatre On Night One Of Colorado Run [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images Photo: Bill McAlaine Spafford performed to a packed house on Thursday night at The Ogden Theatre in Denver. The show was the first of a three night run in Colorado, with The Aggie in Fort Collins on Friday and Denver’s Globe Hall on Saturday. “Spaffnerds” flew in from all over the country to make it to the opener and for good reason. The entire show was high energy from start to finish, with an extra something special in the air. With Spafford playing their largest room to date, it was an especially exciting experience for all. If last night’s attendance was any indication of Spafford’s presence among the scene, the rooms will presumably continue to increase in size very soon.Spafford Announces 2018 Winter Tour DatesAfter Spafford’s VIP sound check jam, a part of the “All In” CID entertainment package, their first set included a funky “The Postman” opener, a crowd pleasing “Eternity”, and closed with a heartfelt “Spell Yourself” with a special sit in by Don Cheek who wrote the song. Don Cheek has a special relationship with the band, as he gave them their start in Arizona by offering them a New Year’s gig at Coyote Joe’s in Prescott in 2009. The sit-in was special and representative of the band’s eagerness to remember their roots–a sentiment mirrored in their decision to play a three-night New Year’s run in Phoenix to close 2017.Spafford Releases Live 53-Minute Improv Studio Session And More [Pro-Shot Video]Spafford Welcomes The Disco Biscuits’ Aron Magner For Mad World Cover At Hulaween [Video]Second set included a dirty “Ain’t That Wrong,” with another special guest Nick Gerlach on saxophone. Gerlach stuck around for a funky rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City”. The song presented the opportunity for a guitar, sax, and keys battle, which inevitably lit the room up. The set closed with an always beautiful “Beautiful Day” into “Let it Be,” delivered by keyboardist Red.Catch Spafford in a city near you!You can listen to fan-recorded audio from the show below from teamikoiko:Check out the full gallery below from photographer Bill McAlaine.Setlist: Spafford | The Ogden Theatre | Denver, CO | 11/9/11I: The Postman, My Road (My Road), Eternity, Diana, In the Eyes of Thieves, Spell Yourself*II: Ain’t That Wrong^, Living for the City^$, Weasel, Aeroplane% > Salamander Song, Beautiful Day > Piano Outro! > Let It [email protected]! > Beautiful Day!E: Plans*With Don Cheek (Written by Don Cheek)^Nick Gerlach on Sax$Stevie Wonder%RHCPSpafford | The Ogden Theatre | Denver, CO | 11/9/11 | Photos by Bill McAlainelast_img read more