Positive profit for Irish group

first_imgThe Irish Jacob Fruitfield Group has reported profit of E4.4 million and sales of E42m in its first five months, writes Ann Marie Foley.That is according to results just released, for the months since the acquisition of W&R Jacob’s (Irish Biscuits) business from Danone, in August 2004, to December 2004. However, the company warned that this period marked the pre-Christmas high season and would not correctly reflect the full year’s trading.Chief executive Michael Carey warned the imminent repeal of the Groceries Order, expected in April, which bans below-cost selling, will intensify competition in the Irish retail market.The company is undertaking a E2m advertising campaign in 2006 and a Jacob’s Bis-cuits advertisement is already on television.The company sells products, including confectionery and biscuits, under brands such as Jacob’s, Bewleys Fruitfield and Chef.last_img read more

Cookies for everyone

first_imgForget sitting down for tea and biscuits, it seems everyone wants a cookie-on-the-go these days. According to TNS, the freshly baked cookie market was worth a healthy £26.9m in the 52 weeks to April 23, 2006 – up 4.8% year-on-year. Influenced by the coffee shop sector, consumers are seeking individual treats in large formats and innovative flavours.Something for everyoneThe cookie market is one that every baker can profit from. There is a bewildering array of mixes, freeze/thaw options, frozen bake-off ‘pucks’ and pre-packaged cookies on offer. Then there are chocolate chips, fruit and nut pieces and other inclusions, coatings and toppings to help deliver the perfect chewy, crispy or luxury bite. There are also licenced cookies, such as BakeMark’s Nestlé range, comprising Toffee Crisp, Milkybar, Rolo and Smarties varieties. The association of a cookie with a more familiar chocolate product appeals, says BakeMark, “to young and old alike”.The market is heavily influenced by what is on sale in the US, so portion size is a prime consideration. But, paradoxically, ‘healthy’ cookie formats are also in demand, with a number of suppliers offering oat and fruit varieties. According to McDougalls (part of RHM), the inclusion of oats in a cookie mix make it a healthy choice, as oats release energy slowly and offer a good source of soluble fibre, which may help reduce cholesterol.Most suppliers agree that investment in premium cookie ranges is money well spent. Dawn Foods has launched the Adore premium range, based on consumer and trade market research. The individually wrapped products comprise muffins, brownies, cakes and cookies. Simon Richardson, sales and marketing director at Rich Products, says: “Consumers are willing to pay more for products they perceive to be a luxury and this is good news for the industry.” The right choiceHe points out that bakers should also consider the profile of their customers – firms near offices or schools should stock individually wrapped thaw-and-serve products, for instance – as well as the importance of strong displays. “Cookies have a broad base of regular and occasional customers,” he says, “all with varying palates. By offering a choice of quality products, carefully selected with the customer in mind, bakers can really maximise the opportunity for profit that this growing sector holds.”last_img read more

International activity

Israel faces a bread crisis, as bakeries have stopped producing government-subsidised, price-controlled bread.Unless the government allows them to put up the price of the subsidised bread, bakers will not be able to afford to make it because of the price hikes in worldwide wheat.Last week, the government refused to raise bread prices, and so bakery owners halted price-controlled bread production, which accounts for about a fifth of the bread made in Israel. This comes at a time when mills have raised flour prices by 35-40%.Israeli media reports said that the bakeries were still continuing to produce more expensive varieties of bread, which are not price-controlled.Owners were demanding that the government put up the price of price-controlled bread by 12.5%, although experts say that it would take 30% to offset the increases. The government said it understood why the protests were taking place but urged bakers to keep producing subsidised bread because it was harming the poor and those with larger families.A committee, including the representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment, gathered to discuss the possibility of compensating those families who were worst hit.The Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment, Eliyahu Yishai, is to meet with representatives of the major bakeries in an effort to persuade them to resume baking the price-controlled breads, including white, dark and challah. read more

Alimec unveils pizza line

first_imgItalian machinery company Alimec recently opened its factory doors to show pizza manufacturers an in-house demonstration of its new Pizza Topping and Make-Up line.The 1,200mm line has been designed for four rows across of 250mm and 275mm pizzas and has the capacity to run at 60 rows per minute using the ’waterfall’ principle or 25 rows per minute with the targeted application of toppings.On exit from the oven, the pizzas are elevated to a six-minute ambient spiral cooler before going through two tomato sauce applicators, a herb cream sauce metering system, two high-speed slicers and two dispensers for cheese, ham, or vegetables, with the option for targeted application border-free or waterfall application. The line also features an oregano dispenser followed by a water spraying unit prior to entry to a Frigoskandia spiral freezer.[http://www.alimec.com]last_img read more

In Short

first_img== Bakery rise forecast ==A new report from Datamonitor has predicted that the UK bakery and cereals market will grow by 1.7% by 2010, to reach £8.15bn. Bread & rolls was the biggest category in 2007, it reported, at 37.4% of the market, followed by: cookies/sweet biscuits, 19.1%; breakfast cereals, 17.6%; cakes & pastries, 14.4%; morning goods, 7%; and crackers/savoury biscuits, 4.5%.== Sugar footprint ==British Sugar, with its sister company Silver Spoon, is the first sugar manufacturer to certify its carbon footprint using the new PAS 2050 method. This new independent standard enables greater cost savings and the opportunity to help the fight against climate change.== McVitie’s fat reduced ==United Biscuits (UBUK) has announced a reduction in saturated fat content on three of its McVitie’s brands. From November 2008, McVitie’s Digestives, McVitie’s HobNobs and McVitie’s Rich Tea will contain 50% less saturated fat. The reduction will be promoted to consumers in January via a TV campaign and PR.== The panda returns ==Fox’s has brought back its ’biggest fan’ advertising campaign – Vinnie the Panda. Following the success of the first stint of TV advertising, which resulted a sales rise of over £4.3m, a further £2m is being spent on the Vinnie campaign.== POS winner ==Ingredients manufacturer Zeelandia has revealed the winner of its national contest to produce point-of-sale (POS) material for bakery retailers’ windows. Steven Pellow from Pellow’s Family Craft Bakers in Penzance, Cornwall, devised the winning slogan, which was printed on POS posters ordered through Zeelandia’s website.last_img read more

Charities back CASH in latest anti-salt campaign

first_imgPressure on plant bakers to cut salt levels in their products is set to intensify next week, as charities join the campaign highligh-ting links between salt intake and health problems, including stomach cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease and obesity.Lobby group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has long publicised the increased risks of high blood pressure and stroke from a high-salt diet, with bread a regular target for criticism. But during Salt Awareness Week (February 1-7) the group plans to widen its focus to other headline-grabbing ailments linked to salt. For the first time, 10 leading charities including Cancer Research, the National Obesity Forum, Asthma UK, Diabetes UK and the National Osteoporosis Society are backing the campaign, along with previous supporters The British Heart Foundation and the Blood Pressure Association.”By working with so many high-profile charities, we hope to raise awareness about the dangers of eating too much salt. This will put added pressure on manufacturers to cut sodium levels,” said Katharine Jenner, nutritionist and CASH campaign manager. “Bread is still the largest contributor of salt to people’s diets and while some firms have taken huge steps to reduce salt levels, others lag behind. Unfortunately, this tends to be the major brands.”Gordon Polson, director of the Federation of Bakers, responded: “Plant bakers have met the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) 2010 salt targets and are looking to reduce salt further. CASH is choosing to ignore research, which has been accepted by the FSA, that reducing salt levels further is technically very challenging for premium breads.”As part of National Salt Awareness Week, CASH is organising a lunchtime reception at the House of Commons on February 3, with speeches from Minister for Public Health Gillian Merron and Tim Smith, chief executive of the Food Standards Agency. CASH has also developed free posters and information leaflets for dietitians, nurses, health centres, gyms and schools.last_img read more

Let’s make whoopie

first_imgWhoopie pies or whoopie cakes have now migrated from the US to the UK. A well-known London store apparently cannot make enough of them.Where the original idea for whoopie cakes comes from remains a mystery, but it appears to be a toss-up between New England and a Pennsylvania Amish tradition. One thing we do know is they have been baked for many years. One story goes that the Amish made these cakes from left-over batter as treats for the children. When the children discovered them in their lunch bags, they would shout, “Whoopee!” This may not be true, but it certainly sounds plausible.Whoopie cakes were originally prepared from two small sponge drops that were chocolate-flavoured. These were filled with marshmallow and shortening, blended together to form a white cream filling. At Unifine it was felt that this concept not only fitted the company’s products, but also the hand-held snack culture that has developed here in the UK.Unifine has created eight versions, which were launched at the Baking Industry Exhibition in Birmingham earlier this year. The one below has been developed especially for this British Baker article. It’s a blend of chocolate sponge drop bases filled with raspberry mousse and delicious raspberry fruit compôte.Fresh Raspberry Whoopie CakeMethod1. Pipe chocolate cake batter onto a silicone mat or paper2. Bake for 8 -10 minutes at 190ºC, allow to cool, then turn half of them over ready for filling3. Pipe a border of raspberry mousse around the edge of the upturned bases and then fill the centre with raspberry compôte4. Place the tops on and drizzle with chocolate icing and decorate with fresh raspberries.5. Refrigerate well to allow the mousse to set. Then enjoy!last_img read more

President Trump gives governors plan to reopen economy, Gov. Holcomb looking at early May

first_img WhatsApp Facebook President Trump gives governors plan to reopen economy, Gov. Holcomb looking at early May Google+ IndianaLocalNews Previous articleSisters of The Holy Cross get needed medical help amid pandemicNext articleWinter Weather Advisory for listening area in effect Friday morning Associated PressNews from the Associated Press and its network of reporters and publications. By Associated Press – April 16, 2020 2 429 Twitter Google+ Facebook Pinterest Pinterest President Donald Trump speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing in the Rose Garden of the White House, Sunday, March 29, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has given governors a road map for recovering from the economic pain of the coronavirus pandemic, laying out a phased approach to restoring normal activity.The new guidelines are aimed at easing restrictions in areas with low transmission of the coronavirus, while holding the line in harder-hit locations.They make clear that the return to normalcy will be a far longer process than Trump initially envisioned.Federal officials warn that some social distancing measures may need to remain in place through the end of the year to prevent a new outbreak.Seven Midwestern governors announced, Thursday, that they will coordinate on reopening their state economies, after similar pacts were made earlier this week in the Northeast and on the West Coast.That announcement covers Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Kentucky. The governors say they will work with experts and take a “fact-based, data-driven approach to reopening our economy in a way that protects families from the spread of COVID-19.”During his daily coronavirus update, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said he was looking at “early May” for a gradual reopening of the Indiana economy. Holcomb said he was not targeting an exact date. Holcomb also said the ‘re-opening” would take place in stages, rather than all at once.All together, the 17 states covered by the three pacts are home to nearly half of the country’s population. WhatsApp Twitterlast_img read more

Elkhart County has taken its first step in “trashing” Solid Waste Management District

first_imgIndianaLocalNews By Carl Stutsman – June 10, 2020 0 505 Pinterest Previous articleSt. Joseph School’s announce budget cutsNext articleSome 4H events will still happen at Elkhart County Fairgrounds Carl Stutsman Twitter Facebook WhatsApp WhatsApp Google+ Twitter Elkhart County has taken its first step in “trashing” Solid Waste Management District Google+ “Landfill” by [email protected], CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)Public Domain Dedication That sounds like more than it is, individuals that take their trash to the dump will likely never even notice a difference. However, for the people that run the Elkhart County Landfill, it will remove a level of bureaucracy and officially make the decision making process part of regular county government. The County Commissioner’s decided to take the first step in the process early this weekLandfill Director John Bowers tells The Elkhart Truth they considered the idea once before but have decided now is the time to dissolve the district. Indiana counties have had the option to opt out of their solid waste districts since 2016; Elkhart County would be only the second to do it.Read more here with The Elkhart Truth Pinterest Facebooklast_img read more

Only pro baseball in Indiana this summer likely to be in South Bend

first_imgCoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSports Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp Only pro baseball in Indiana this summer likely to be in South Bend Google+ Google+ WhatsApp (Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC) South Bend will host part of the Chicago Cubs’ training camp as Major League Baseball starts its path to reopening. Major league teams are dividing summer training camp between their home fields and a second location for players who won’t be on the Opening Day roster. The Cubs are sending 11 players to get in shape at their single-A park in South Bend.RELATED: South Bend Cubs to host movie night, fireworks July 10thWith just 97 miles separating Wrigley Field and South Bend’s Four Winds Field, South Bend was a more logical option for the Cubs than its higher-level minor-league parks in Iowa and Tennessee. South Bend Cubs president Joe Hart says the park is also well equipped to handle training camp, with apartments adjoining the outfield and a 17-thousand-square-foot indoor batting practice facility.39 players will be training in Chicago. Teams are allowed 30 players on their Opening Day roster, five more than usual. They’ll have to cut two players after two weeks, and two more at the four-week mark, bringing an eventual total of 13 more players to South Bend to await a potential callup.Hart says practices will be closed to the public, but he’s hoping intrasquad games can be opened when the number of players in South Bend grows.Teams are allowed a pool of 60 players eligible for callup, including a three-player taxi squad which will travel with the team on road trips in case of a sudden injury or illness. The Cubs have left 10 of those slots open for now, but could assign more players to South Bend later.The minor-league seasons are expected to be canceled. That will leave Victory Field in Indianapolis and Parkview Field in Fort Wayne idle. The Indianapolis Indians’ parent club, the Pittsburgh Pirates, will hold their secondary training camp in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The Fort Wayne TinCaps’ parent San Diego Padres haven’t announced where their alternate camp will be but have said it will be within San Diego.The South Bend contingent includes three players who made brief appearances with the major-league club last year: pitcher Adbert Alzolay, outfielder Mark Zagunis and infielder Robel Garcia. Four others are returning to South Bend after playing there in 2018 or 2019. Facebook Twitter Twitter Pinterest By Network Indiana – June 30, 2020 0 296 Previous articleRegulators: Utilities can’t charge customers for losses from pandemicNext articleWoman, 29, charged in connection with deadly chain reaction crash in South Bend Network Indianalast_img read more