Handyman jailed for 20 years for raping schoolgirl

first_imgA handyman was on Monday jailed for 20 years after a jury found him guilty of rape.Jailed: Ramgolam TyroneJustice Brassington Reynolds handed down the sentence on 44-year-old Ramgolam Tyrone of Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). The jury found him guilty of raping the grade four student in April this year; however, the sentencing was deferred to Monday to facilitate a probation report.In presenting the report on Monday, Probation and Welfare Officer attached to the Social Services Ministry, Judith Vankennie, told the court that Tyrone lost his father when he was very young and dropped out of school after his father’s death.Tyrone claimed that his relatives wanted him out of the house and they made up the allegations against him.According to the probation report, he claimed that he only drinks on weekends. The probation officer stated that residents in his neighbourhood said he was not a troublemaker.The probation officer said that after the incident, the victim was always fearful when visitors went to their house and she stayed upstairs.Speaking about Tyrone, the victim said she does not want to see him anymore.The probation officer told the court that the victim’s mother had reported the incident when the child reported it to her.The rapist said he and the victim shared a loving relationship and they played together.However, the victim said she did have a good relationship with him until the incident.State Prosecutor Seeta Bishundial said Tyrone was under relatives’ roof when he violated the young girl and noted that he was bold enough to maintain his innocence despite being found guilty by a jury. According to the Prosecutor, he robbed the girl of her childhood and acted like a criminal. She asked the court to send a strong message to those who might be like-minded.Before the sentence was passed, Tyrone said, “I am sorry”.In passing sentence, Justice Reynolds said he noted the manner in which the offence was committed and the fact that the rapist maintained his innocence up until he was about to be sentenced even after being found guilty.Tyrone had two previous brushes with the law; however, he was a school dropout and could be a victim of his own domestic circumstances, the trial Judge said.“But you are a big man and have your own sense. I hope you benefit from counselling and hope you reflect on your actions while in prison.”last_img read more