MILabs announces innovative PET imaging features in its new VECTor6 system

first_imgJun 26 2018The new VECTor6 imaging system is packed with exclusive preclinical PET imaging features including 0.6 mm 18F resolution,  the elimination of positron-range blurring for e.g. 124I, simultaneous multi-isotope PET and PET/SPECT tomography, and α- and β-radiotherapy imaging. Related StoriesRWTH Aachen chooses MILabs’ hybrid OI/CT system to enhance molecular imaging researchMILabs’ ultra-high resolution U-CT system installed at The Hebrew University of JerusalemUT Dallas adds MILabs Hybrid OI/CT system to its innovative medical imaging solutionsAt the 2018 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), June 23-26, MILabs announced innovative new PET features incorporated in its 4x4D omni-tomography design which includes PET, SPECT, Optical and, X-ray CT imaging modalities.“For more than a decade, our intention has been to create a multimodality imaging system that can image multiple disease tracers simultaneously at the sub-mm resolution level required to translate research from humanized mouse models to the clinic” said Prof. Frederik Beekman, MILabs’ CEO and Founder. “By magnifying small-animal images and collimating true tracer photon events, we have succeeded at improving detection sensitivity and resolution so that minute quantities of both short- and long-lived PET tracers can be imaged within the sub-mm range. We believe that VECTor6  marks a new era for preclinical PET systems as it also offers an expanded range of user-applications,  including simultaneous sub-mm imaging of multiple PET, multiple PET/SPECT and virtually all radiotherapy isotopes”.MILabs B.V. provides high-end molecular imaging solutions for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. These systems contribute worldwide to the development of new diagnostic solutions and therapies for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases. Source: read more