Latest Pokémon X and Y trailer shows off Pokémon grooming

first_imgThe new latest and greatest Pokémon duo — X and Y — is only just one month away. The series isn’t known for making major leaps in terms of just about everything involved in the game — graphics, gameplay, online features, and so on. It’s usually a slow burn. This time around, though, X and Y are making the jump to a significant graphical overhaul, as well as introducing new mega evolutions, customizable Pokémon, and more distinguishable genders.The new trailer shows off all the latest goodies, and focuses more on new options regarding the pocket monsters themselves, rather than, for example, new environments.We all knew about the new mega evolutions, and trailer shows off Mega Mewtwo, looking even more menacing than he already does.In the series, Pokémon genders are barely distinguishable; for instance, they only sometimes have a different color. As shown in the trailer, different genders of the same Pokémon look extremely different — from color schemes, to lengths of hair, to facial expressions. The trailer also shows off how we can now groom some Pokémon, with one called Furfrou — which is basically a fancy poodle you’d see at a dog show. This is reminiscent of the fashion show in older games, such as Diamond and Pearl, but now it’s not just limited to a specific mini-game.Pokémon X and Y are shaping up to be standout entries in a series with many, many entries. The pair will release on October 12 of this year, alongside the new Nintendo 2DS.last_img read more