Retailers cut PS Vita 3G price by 20 percent in Japan

first_imgSales of the PS Vita following a healthy launch week have been worrying for Sony and retailers alike. Week one, Sony shifted 324,859 units. Week two, that dropped to just 72,479 units, which is actually less than the PSP sold during the same period.As you’d expect, sales of the more expensive 3G edition of the Vita have been significantly lower than the cheaper Wi-Fi-only model. But because the Vita isn’t flying off the shelves, several Japanese retailers are already starting to discount the price of the 3G model. It’s no small discount, either. Where as the official price of the PS Vita 3G is 29,980 yen, you can now pick one up for just 24,999 yen as the advert below shows. That’s 17% knocked off the price after just three weeks on sale, and apparently the discounts go as high as 20% if you shop around. It also means the 3G model is only an extra 1,000 yen ($13) or so more than the Wi-Fi model.Although a 20% discount may make the Vita 3G tempting, there’s another charge you need to consider as a data plan will be required. If you can afford that, or at least see the discounted hardware as a way of making a data plan affordable, it’s worth the investment.It’s unlikely lower pricing in Japan will have any impact on the launch price of the Vita in Western markets. We should still expect to pay $249.99 for the Wi-Fi model and $299.99 for the 3G. Saying that, Sony may need to have a rethink considering a 3DS now costs $180 and an iPod touch can be picked up for $199.More at Play Front (translated) and Gamesradarlast_img read more