MINURSO Morocco Convenes Meeting With GCC Countries at the United Nations

United Nations – Morocco has called for a meeting with Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates) at level of Ambassadors on Monday morning, a source from inside the United Nations told Morocco World News. The meeting comes to discuss the latest developments concerning the draft resolution that will be submitted to the Security Council for consideration on Tuesday.The same sources told Morocco World News that the United States, the penholder of resolutions on the Western Sahara has submitted the draft resolution it prepared over the weekend to the Group of Friends of the Western Sahara without informing Morocco of its content. In addition to the United States, the Group of Friend of Western Sahara includes France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Spain.In the past, the US had by practice previously consulted with Morocco before submitting the draft resolution to the other members of the Security Council.An UN expert who has been following negotiations on the draft resolution told MWN the US move might signal they text it prepared might include provisions that are not in favor of Morocco, such as the call for the return of the civilian component of the UN mission in the Sahara, MINURSO.The same said Morocco’s decision to request a meeting with GCC countries responds to the need to mobilize these countries and urge them to put on pressure on the influential members of the Security Council to avoid the adoption of any resolution that might go against Morocco’s interests.During the first Morocco-GCC summit last Wednesday, the six members of this regional block expressed their full support for Morocco’s sovereignty on the Western Sahara.“We stress our support to all political and security causes that are important for your brotherly country, mainly the Western Sahara,” King Salman of Saudi Arabia said during the opening speech of the Morocco-GCC summit. read more

Bridge Collapses on a Car on A3 Highway in Casablanca

Rabat – A part of a bridge has collapsed on a car killing a woman and badly injuring her daughter.The bridge collapsed on the A3 highway in Casablanca near the Derb Sultan neighborhood on the way to Rabat, on Friday, October 19.The daughter, who was driving, was transported, in a state of shock, to Ibn Rochd Hospital while the mother was transported to the morgue. The most recent rain in Casablanca may have detached a large stone section of the bridge.Police in Casablanca have launched an investigation to determine the responsible persons for the bridge’s failure.Since Friday, drivers on the A3 in Casablanca have expressed their anger over the traffic jam caused by the repair of the bridge.Drivers have complained that there are no signs to inform them of the work in progress.“We don’t know what’s going on, there are no signs, there is nothing,” stated a motorist to 2M television channel. read more