Benetech conveyor system maintenance provides higher performance with less maintaining

first_imgBenetech, is focusing further on conveyor maintenance solutions. Without proper inspection and maintenance, a conveyor system with small problems can develop much bigger ones, leading to lost production and revenue. Curative repair costs also can double or even triple the investment in efficient preventive measures.Benetech’s state-of-the-art conveyor maintenance and repair include audits/inspections, adjustments, installation of equipment and replacement of parts. Working with Benetech to identify potential setbacks early and fix them results in more-steady production with less spillage, pluggage and carryback; less wear and airborne dust; improved material flow; and greater regulatory compliance for avoiding citations and fees. It helps bulk material handlers prevent fire and explosion hazards as well.Benetech conveyor belt maintenance further helps extend maintenance intervals while enhancing production. With Benetech, bulk material handlers can upgrade older, labour-intensive equipment and systems to advanced solutions such as:Engineered transfer systems that control material flow and lessen impact against belts, chute walls, stringers and idlersInspection doors that allow personnel to safely and easily access all areas to ensure proper conditions and functioningMaterial flow enhancers that restrict build-up and pluggageProper impact beds and trackers that keep the conveyor belt centered and protectedBelt cleaners that prevent spillage and carryback.“Our upgrades boost bulk material handlers’ capabilities and decrease the need for frequent conveyor inspections and maintenance,” said Benetech Vice President Paul Moran. “Our components, technologies and processes help ensure companies move more material for longer periods with fewer delays through a safer, fully operative system. This supports premium service to their customers.”Benetech provides complete, performance-based solutions for dust mitigation and bulk material–handling systems. Its products, services and technologies reduce dust, prevent spillage, improve material flow and reinforce compliance.last_img read more