Long weekend gas prices

Good news for those planning on taking a road trip this Canada Day long weekend. Petroleum analysts say there won’t be much of a hike on prices at the pump.However gas is already $0.25 per litre more than it was at this time last year.A sunny long weekend means many will be looking to hit the road, but don’t wait until the end of the work week to fill up.According to petroleum analyst Dan McTeague there’s a strategic way to fill up, “My best advice would be for motorists not to buy gas on a Friday. That tends to be the time when we see gas stations restore their 10 to 12 cent retail margins. So fill up on Thursday, or Saturday/Sunday.”McTeauge also says, “It’s the 10 to 12 cents of flexibility that retailers have that might jump to the top end. Something that usually happens on a Friday before a long weekend. Another tip and fill up in the evening.”As a rule of thumb it has always been a case of minimum 2 cents a litre drop after 6 p.m. with many stations dropping 6 or 7 cents a litre.CAA says the roads will be busy this weekend, with those looking for a mini vacation.“Ontario is the number one destination for road trips, the maritimes are also very popular and New York state, so staying close to home.”Representatives at CAA say the high gas prices this summer don’t seem to be stopping many from going on road trips, but drivers are looking for ways to be more fuel efficient.Its also important do to things like check your air tire pressure, not use too much air conditioning.If you are really want to be a stickler about saving gas some of the most common hacks found on the internet include parking in the shade. Apparently gas evaporates much faster in the sun, even if your gas cap is tightly screwed on.Ditch the heels, platforms make it difficult to tell how hard you’re pressing on the gas pedal.And if you really want to save as many drop as you can, plan a trip with only right turns. That way you wont be idling at stop lights. read more